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This Sims4 video has made me believe that Phil is the “hip” dad who is always trying so hard to make jokes/puns and Dan is that nagging mum who secretly-but-not-so-secretly adores dad’s references and jokes, no matter how lame they are.


Selina straight glammed up to kill a boi. 😂😂 One of my favorite scenes from Season 3. Emotionally/physically exhausting, but worth it. With my talented peeps David Mazouz & Sean Pertwee. 🙌🏽

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125 could've been done in 3 pages, making it an entire chapter with minimum plot progress makes it boring and excessive.

Yeah totally anon, I mean who cares about characters or themes or any of that nonsense? Nevermind that this chapter represented with exquisite beauty and symbolic resonance the long-awaited emotional salvation of the main character. Nevermind that it depicted the fruition of a relationship crucial to the manga’s thematic core that has spanned two series. No, the ruler by which we should measure great literature is how quickly we can shove it down our throats. War and Peace? More like SNORE and Peace. Give me a page-long entry on Wattpad any day! In fact, I don’t like reading at all. Just give me a checklist with all the important events on it that I can read on my coffee break, since I apparently have zero emotional connection to anything I read. It’s a pretty good principal to apply to life in general, it’s the same reason why a Happy Meal is infinitely superior to Italian Gourmet.



「The Powerful Characters」(From Tv Shows)

「Harold Finch」
“I’m going to kill you.
But I need to decide how far I’m willing to go…
how many of my own rules I’m willing to break
to get it done.”
“The streets aren’t made for everybody,
that’s why they made sidewalks.”
「Raymond Reddington」
“There is nothing that can take pain away,
but eventually you will find a way to live with it .”
「Frank Underwood&Claire Underwood」
“We don’t submit to terror, we make the terror”
「Diane Lockhart」
“You can slice an opponent to shreds,
smiling the whole time,
and they come back thanking you”
「Bobby Axelrod」
“Well then, it’s a good thing I’m a rich fucking man.”
「Annalise Keating」
“You call it crazy,I call it winning.”

Thank goodness for Rian Craig Johnson

I mean tbh can u imagine Kylo and Rey having a carbon copy HanLeia love story?

Kylo: I’m torn apart and I killed my father but now everything sucks ten times worse.
Rey: I don’t like nice men but I think you’re a sexy scoundrel with a heart of gold. Everyone knows we’re into eachother but I’m gonna kiss Luke to make you jealous! Also kiss me in the engine room whilst I repair your garbage ship.
Kylo: I love you
Rey: I know.

Me in the theatre: Wait, what?

Now I’ve praised Berserk 2017 for its vast improvements over the previous season. But this single episode in particular had unfathomably atrocious animation. An all-time series low even. Clearly they must’ve blown their entire budget on the previous four episodes, which were all freaking amazing.

Just what could they possibly be saving the rest of their money f-
*Ash Crow starts playing in the background*

Happy 51st birthday to the most influential woman I’ve ever known. Helena has been a role model for me for many years now, she’s an amazing person inside and out. If it wasn’t for her, I’d have never met my girlfriend of nearly four years @murderous-absolution ! She brought us together through solely being a fan of hers. I’ve watched her movies countless times and I always remember why I first fell in love with her. What a woman. Happy birthday HBC, hope you have a cracking day! ❤️


Rolleigns Day 3 - Families Spending time together

Joelle Panel 1: Yay! I love my family! :D

Joelle Panel 3: AGAIN? We eat on this table DAMNIT. D:<