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On the nature of Chaos in 40k

Games Workshop has stopped talking about this so much, but it’s important to realize that Chaos is not, per se, evil.  The powers of Chaos in the 40K universe derive their power and nature from the essence of life itself, and especially sapient life.  If they are evil, it is because life is, because we are.  We notice, and fight against, the parts that are inimical to what we desire to be, but Chaos is a mirror.

Sapient life cannot destroy Chaos, for it is born of sapient life.  Chaos cannot destroy everything outside itself, either, because we are that upon which it feeds, that which provides it with its very nature.

The Chaos Gods are not only the Gods of the bad parts.

Khorne is the god of War, and bloodshed; but he is also the god of struggle, of heroism, of sacrifice in both good and bad.  He is the god of striving to better oneself through physical feats.  He is the god of proving oneself, and one’s kind.

The very act of fighting Khorne is worship to him.

Nurgle is the god of disease and decay, but he is also the god of life, of fertility, of renewal, of rebirth, of evolution in a sense (shared with Tzeentch).  All growing things.  Of the natural cycles.  Of reproduction.

Merely being life is worship to him.

Tzeentch is the god of change.  The good ones and the bad ones.  He’s the dice of randomness that allows new and surprising things.  He is the god of learning, of knowledge.  Of ideas.  Of intellect.  His domain is the sweeping away of the old to welcome in the new.  His very nature ensures that nothing lasts, neither bad nor good.

Striving to change the universe is worship to him.

Slaanesh is the god of excess, of lust, of pleasure in all things.  Sexual desire is his, but so is romantic love.  His domain encompasses art, beauty, sensuality, delight.  The urge to make life more than purely functional is part of his world.  Craftsmen, artists, musicians work within his realm.

Enjoying life is worship to him.

It’s also worth remembering that part of why Chaos fights the Imperium is because the Emperor is encroaching upon their domain, upon the Warp.  The Emperor is, fundamentally, becoming a being of the Warp.  A Chaos God.  When his body finally ceases physical life he will reside entirely there; it will be his apotheosis in a quite literal sense.

What is he the god of?

I would suggest Faith.

da4 titled “uprising” where you can only play as an elven slave (very much like da2 where you could only play as a human) that chronicles the uprising and subsequent rebellion of tevinter slaves following the events of dai

fenris and isabela are your commander and your spymaster. they’re powerful assets, finding slavers and eradicating the problem at the root. maevaris tilani is what you may call an ambassador, if she can be counted so: she is a magister who still smiles in court and nods at the altus and the magisteres, but sneaks you information whenever she can, helps you conduct business, contacts smugglers.

(a few more ideas under the cut cause HEY this thing got away from me haha what a surprise)

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