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if hanzo and genji were to fight together and one of them got in a bad situation (like life or death) would they try and help each other out of it? i can see hanzo doing that but im not too sure about genji

Hanzo would fight tooth and nail for Genji. As for Genji….as much as he behaves like he’d throw Hanzo to the wolves first chance he got, in a life or death situation, he’d probably fall back on old instincts, and that’d mean having Hanzo’s back. He’d be snide and awful about it, but he’d do it all the same. Some things you just can’t shake

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completely random but whats your take of Keith and this war? Keith looked pained when he told Pidge "everyone in the universe has family" but what is Keith fighting for exactly? he's putting his life on line for what? being alone in a shack in the middle of nowhere? I think Keith would be a great leader because of his sense of justice. and yeah he is a hothead, but in season2 he was mostly a hothead because he desperately wanted to find out about his family? wouldn't the others do the same lol

This just made me so beyond emo. I love it. But those are really good questions, and hopefully we’ll get even more background come season 3, because so much was left unanswered. I think he looked pained because he doesn’t have a family to fight for except for the family he made because of Voltron – the other paladins, Allura, and Coran. I think part of why he’s such a hothead is because he believes there’s nothing for him to lose, and that just makes me so, so sad. But season 2 definitely showed us that he realizes who he is, and that means that he’s an integral part of Voltron and saving the universe. He knows he matters, and that’s part of where he grew maturity-wise this past season. I love him so much I’ll die rn



Witches live their lives & make their magic from the understanding that, as humans, we are part of nature - not separate from it. This means we don’t fight our primal instincts or anybody else’s for that matter. We don’t fight life’s cycles & seasons. We let things + people be what they are. We work with nature + the natural flow & timing of things. We also fully engage in the true wildness that is our spirit. We embrace the fact that under all our education + sophistication we are all, at our core, wild animals living in the wild world that is our Mother Earth. 🙏💯💃🌍✌️🌛🌝 🌜⚝💖 #ModernWitchesManifesto only available for FREE DOWNLOAD in the LINK in the BIO until Women’s Day: March 8th when I’ll be releasing an extended (twice as much content!) version with all original art for sale. 🔮⛦🕯📕

Seeing someone who has a gift of her caliber, and also to put her whole life’s work into fighting and saving animals and fighting for animals’ rights and trying to pass bills and laws — that is the true essence of being a good person and doing something worthwhile. You can make a bunch of movies, but at the end of the day, if you’re saving a bunch of lives, that’s obviously a bit more important.

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Best friend Keith headcanon please!

here you go!
  • Keith would definitely be encouraging as a best friend. He would support you in all the things you want to do or pursue, though he wouldn’t forget to remind you that there are also some things you should be watching out for.
  • Whenever you tell him that you’re beginning to like another person, Keith would immediately be suspicious and wary. He would ask you a lot of questions about that certain someone, asking what they look like or what they seem like. He would even go as far as following them and trying to observe them for a few days, trying to make certain that the person you like is perfect enough for you.
  • He’s always ready to fight every single person who has ever hurt you in your entire life. Did someone make you cry? Did someone break your heart? Did someone make fun of you a while ago? Just tell him the name of these persons and he’ll make certain that they would learn their lessons.
  • Whenever you tell him that you have something planned, he would immediately know that you’re up to something mischievous. This usually leads to him shaking his head and attempting to stop you—though most of the time, he’s always failing to do just that—or with him reluctantly going with you. As much as he doesn’t want to tag along, he has to. After all, who’s going to be the one to look out for you if not him?
  • He would also be super protective of you, always looking out for you. He thinks of you as a part of his family—a sibling he’s never had—someone he knows that he would always love and care for.

TLDR: Keith is an absolute best friend material. Aside from the fact that he’s caring, supportive, and protective, he’s also good at wiping away your tears. There are, of course, moments where he could be a little harsh with you—but worry not! That’s just his way of showing how much he loves you.

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Hahaha, you call yourself a ""terf fighter"" and the single moment you cant find a way to keep the debate you block them, and even block those who never interact with you. The only thing you should fight is your ridiculous and pathetic life 😉😉



- Mod Ford.

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Hi, what do you think of season 2 of Supergirl so far?

Hey anon!

I’m not enjoying it, tbh. There’s moments, of course, Sanvers getting together, J'onn and M'gann and the alien bar as a whole, Lena and her (so far) defying the Luthor stereotype of evil and anti alien.

But I don’t know what the plot of this season is. S1 was basically: becoming Supergirl. Kara balancing her work and life with saving the day, and fighting the main villains of Max Lord and the Fort Rozz aliens.

S2? The main villain is CADMUS, ofc, Lillian and Corben and Metallo and so on, but if the overarching theme/plot was ‘fighting CADMUS’, I would have needed them to tie it together better.

If it was Kara tying her two identities together, I would need them to actually show Kara the reporter + Supergirl the hero and how they blend and merge and separate and how one affects the other and helps or hurts Kara’s efforts in the other.

And if they were just doing serials (not sure if that’s the right word, but what I mean is ‘one off episodes’), each individual episode would need to be able to stand on its own, but they all feel pretty weak.

The pacing is WAY off sometimes to the point where it throws me out of the immersion entirely (see 2x03, Welcome to Earth, the plumeria scene at LCorp).

And for the plot points- they have a BUNCH of interesting little things scattered everywhere, but they jump from one to the next to the next to the next without giving any of them time to actually develop or gain depth.

Easy example- Kara as a reporter. She’s a reporter when it’s convenient to the plot. And. That’s it? The thing about the last season was, even when it wasn’t convenient, Kara would drop Supergirl for CatCo and vice versa to try to balance out her efforts for both. To keep her identity intact, to…'stay human’. Where is that for Reporter!Kara, her going off to do an article about, oh, I don’t know, the pelicans? and coming back with THAT story plus one about Supergirl 'randomly’ showing up to save the day nearby, and then you’ve tied her life together, kept Kara Danvers relevant AND thrown in some likely identity hijinks. Kara gets to worry if her new boss realizes Supergirl shows up all the time for her or if he just seems not to notice or care (until one day he tells her to let someone else do the Supergirl stories because it’s not ethical to use yourself as a source).

I want to hope that it gets better but I need Kara- more than Winn or James/Guardian or even Sanvers- to become the focus again, and I need them to whole-ass one thing, instead of half-assing every mildly interesting idea that comes to mind in the writer’s room. If nothing else? Tie it all together, back to Kara again.

After all- they’re stronger together.


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Maybe imagine comforting Malcolm after Archer yells at him and Major Hayes for beating each other up in the Harbinger episode? 

Requested by Anon~

“I don’t think I’ve ever been reprimanded like that before.” Malcolm mumbled out, his eyes focused on the floor of his quarters. “What if Captain Archer puts this on my permanent record?”

You shot Malcolm a sympathetic glance. While he should have known better than to get in a fight with Hayes, you really did feel bad for him. “I don’t think he will.”

“How can you be so sure?” Malcolm challenged, his eyes rising to meet yours. The bruises on his face made you wince. “What I did was completely inexcusable.”

“Maybe it was.” You countered, allowing your voice to harden. “But I also know that the Captain trusts you with his life, and I don’t think a fight with Major Hayes will change that.”

Reason for being Favorite

So Long story here…

I got asked a few days ago as to why the Imperial Fists are my favorite legion (for context I’m calling them a legion because of the Last Wall protocol).

After talking in depth on the characters who stood out to me the most such as; Koorland, Lysander, Thane, Dorn, Sigismund, Kantor and plenty others, I further explained the philosophy that they have is incredible to me.

The sheer stubbornness and drive to dig in to fight whatever comes at them is honestly something I do already in real life. I’m sure most people have the idea that in itself that philosophy is quite flawed, in the positions I’ve been put in, it works.

I’m extremely; stubborn, moral, stoic in my cause, very zealous in my own right and, adamant about having an ideal cognitive structure to making the best decisions possible.

However unfortunately I have met some of the worst possible human beings.
I don’t understand how individuals get their jollies off inflicting both physical and mental on one another…

This whole racism shit has me wanting to power fist these fools with a biology book. We are just amalgamations of one another with different skull types and our ancestors’ pigmentation came from the area of which they came from. Even then I find it funny we forget the actual bedrock of human life started in Mesopotamia (middle east).

I’ve gotten into quite a few fights and I was always known to stand my ground and take some serious punishment.
I’ve dated toxic, like Nurgle just shat out chipotle toxic level significant others.
Rather then turn around and lay a verbal smack down that would be equivalent to an Exterminatus to these people, I kept quiet. I realized given the position i was in, i didn’t feel like stooping to that level. I’m glad I didn’t. I set myself a “Codex” on how to be a decent person early in my life. I follow it dearly.

There are a plethora of other shit thats happened to me, like having some kid say he wanted to bring a gun into highschool and shoot me. (Fun times)

Never once did I compromise the person I wanted to be. Behind all of this I was reading Warhammer 40k lore like nuts.
I came across an interesting quote though:

“Pain is…a lesson that the universe teaches us. Pain is the preserver from injury. Pain perpetuates our lives. It is the healing, purifying scalpel of our souls. Pain is the wine of communion with heroes. It is the quicksilver panacea for weakness - the quintessence of a dedicated existence. Pain is the philosophic vitriol which transmutes mere moral into immortal. It is the Sublime, the golden astral fire!” - Imperial Fists Chaplain.

The Imperial Fists don’t get the actual credit they deserve, they get the shit literally beat out of them and Dorn felt blamed for The Emperor’s death.
Along with going extinct at one point and having incredible successor chapters. I felt I could connect the most with them especially with all the pain I endured and the Unrealistic Stubbornness I portray… did I also forget to mention I fortify my position regularly?

That being said, thats why they are my favorite; they can endure and so shall I.
My head maybe bloodied, but it will remain unbowed.