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Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


Meet the Cat Cosplay Kitties!

Our Cat’s are named Nak, and Fawkes. You all have a lot of questions about them so we’re making a new introduction post!

Nak has been working events for over 7 years now! She has dressed up for all sorts of things from Pirates and RenFaires to Sports rallies. She just was a guest at Emerald City Comicon to sign her Comic book covers for @valiantentertainment.

She is turning 15 next month but our Vet is ecstatic with how healthy and spry she is! She rides around on my shoulders quite a bit and has a habit of drooling when she purrs. She is also one of the softest cats you might ever pet.

Next is Fawkes (We adopted him on the Fifth of November)

He has a little disorder where his balance is a little off and he stomps everywhere he walks as a result. He also has trouble stopping when running at top speed >.< . He’s 6 now. And while Nak is the event Cat. Fawkes is by far the most trainable cat I’ve ever owned. He comes and sits on command. Also we’re working on Up and Down. He’s by and far the more enthusiastic of the two about the pictures. But that’s because photo shoots equal treats and playtime.

He also is amazing at holding poses longer than Nak.

Any time you see either of the cats with an open mouth. It’s because they are chewing a treat, and I’m trying to get a certain expression with the lips/mouth. But it’s also how I end up with the silly derpy pictures while I’m snapping tons of shots.

How we’ve worked with them is to positively reinforce the activities we do with them. Treats, playtime, special dinners, and no negativity. You can’t just jump into this. If you wanted to do costumes you should start small and loose and comfortable and work slowly towards a goal, and LISTEN to the feedback you get from your pet. They are your partner.

Just remember for every 1 photo you all see I’ve deleted around 15-30 more to try and get these shots just right and in the best focus. I’ve been getting better.

Oh and while we’re at it. I’m “Freyu” the Artist/Feline wrangler (Who used to sword fight at Faires)

And with the help of my Wife we’ve turned this into a fun little side job in order to help bring smiles and brighten all of your days! From our family to yours, stay positive! and Brighten as many days as you can, when you can!


lasagna cat is back, and folks, let me tell you, it’s good

  • so the first meeting Marius brings Cosette along to 
  • (obviously everyone loves her bc she’s a ray of sunshine)
  • only Enjolras and Grantaire don’t come to say hi bc they’re red faced and screaming at each other
  • R is stood on a chair in order to maintain eye contact 
  • poor Cosette,, so small… so confused.,..,
  • “oh man it’s so sad you don’t all get along, they must really hate each other to be shouting like that!!”
  • Courf kind of just squints at her for a while then says
  • “well they’ve been married for three years so”
So i was looking at the Wikipedia page for Serket

and “ As the protector against venom and snakebite, Serqet often was said to protect the deities from Apep, the great snake-demon of evil, “

so Serket is suppose to protect everyone from a great evil snake demon

but i also go to Apeps page and find

So Ra a god that normally takes the form of a human/bird hybrid

became a cat to fight the great evil snake demon

last ones a bit of a stretch but Ra was also assisted in fighting Apep by Set

Whos child was Anubis, who was the one that ushered souls into the afterlife, being the closest equivalent to the concept of a girm reaper

mother, fucking, hussie