fight against sexism

  • other celebs: tweet and participate in the womens march, talk about equality, fight against racism, homophobia and sexism online, call out problematic behaviour and just in general use their platform to educate
  • media: who? i dont know them
  • taylor swift: i love women

I want to see a female Doctor Who. I want to see someone with 900 years of experience of presenting as a white man, suddenly having to navigate the world as a woman. I want The Doctor to walk into an emergency situation and start taking control as always, and being dismissed out of hand, and being totally thrown by it. I want the Doctor to realise that even with psychic paper people are going to be suspicious and questioning of their expertise. I want to see The Doctor being mistaken for their assistant. I want to watch The Doctor, as they realise that people didn’t just listen to them because they were clever, or right, but because they presented as a man. And come to terms with that, and fight back against the institutionalised sexism, whilst also fighting aliens I guess? 

So yeah, I was watching some first season New-Who today and just thinking “I wonder how this scene would have played out if The Doctor were a woman.” and yeah. Food for Thought.
How Democrats Go Forward – Senator Bernie Sanders
We need to seriously rethink who we are as Democrats and how we best go forward.
By Bernie Sanders

It should be clear to every Democrat by now that when we’ve lost the presidency, the Senate, the House, and two-thirds of state legislatures, we need to seriously rethink who we are and how we best go forward.

The Democratic Party is the party of diversity. We have proudly led the fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and for the rights of immigrants. Especially under a Trump administration, we are not turning back. We are going forward. There can be no compromise on bigotry.

Our job is to expand diversity. We want more women, more African-Americans, more Latinos, and individuals of all ages, colors and creed to be involved in the political process. But to think of diversity purely in racial and gender terms is not sufficient.

Yes, we need more candidates of diversity, but we also need candidates — no matter what race or gender — to be fighters for the working class and stand up to the corporate powers who have so much power over our economic lives. We need all of our candidates to have the courage to stand up to the Koch Brothers, Wall Street, drug companies, insurance companies, oil companies, and fight for working families — not just the top one percent.

Our rights and economic lives are intertwined. Now, more than ever, we need a Democratic Party that is committed to fulfilling, not eviscerating, Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of racial, social, and economic justice for all.

Born ’96 – ’03: Uranus in Aquarius Generation

Aquarius is the sign ruled and naturally associated with Uranus and this is why people born under this zodiac sign are known as rebels and innovators. Aquarius is the water bearer, which means that they have what the people need, a sort of metaphorical water. This is a very humanitarian sign. Rebellion and innovation is important for a forward-movement – this, by the way, is why the glyph for the zodiac sign Aquarius are two waves – water that is moving forward (is this fascinating or what!?)

This generation is the one fighting for social justice and equality, which is evident with all these young people on tumblr declaring their feminism, which makes me so proud and hopeful about our future! All these people who, thanks to the internet, are being exposed to the fight against sexism and racism are what makes up the Uranus in Aquarius generation! You go!



About girls who build bombs during WWII???

And all the girls are awesome and beautiful and badass and straight up Rosie the Riveter and fight against sexism?? And the guys are shitbags but also their faces are so nice to look at?????

Also I’m pretty sure 2 of them are lesbians???? THERE IS SO MUCH HOMOEROTICISM IN JUST THE PILOT???!


I have a proposal

How about we get some canon Chaorian and then I can marry Nesryn instead because I loVE HER (tho tbh I have literally no problem with her and Chaol I just read that scene where he goes to her house bc he’s pissed at Aelin ((also me too bb but that’s a wholeeeee other post)) and my hearttttt) but anyway back to how I’m going to marry Nesryn Faliq like honestly already she has
- saved Dorian
- killed a bunch of Valgs
- is the best archer in the history of ever
- does not put up with Aelin or Chaol’s bs
- but still is super sweet and willing to talk Chaol through his issues
- fucking roasted both Brullo and Ress
- fights against racism
- and sexism
- is super badass
- please marry me

Many bisexuals wish to “do away with labels,” to surpass the binary opposition and the compartmentalization that requires us to subsume our overall commitment to our diverse and flexible affiliations under the name “bi-sexual”.  However, while we live under today’s culture of hierarchical oppression, we must fight against sexism and heterosexism before we can simply walk away from the boxes they put us in.  Before we can reject the “primary colors,” we need to explore how the color palette came to be arranged the way it did.  We must do the best we can to create beautiful and visionary works of art with the colors available.  We must take the power of claiming and changing our identity-label before we will be truly able to chuck it.
—  Kathleen Bennet, “Feminist Bisexuality: A Both/And Option For An Either/Or World”, 1992. 
tv shows: a study on how we are being treated for them and why do not watch them
  • f/f couple: *have a lot of chemistry on scene*
  • lesbian fandom: they are beautiful together, can we keep them?
  • the writers: nooo! *throw queerbait and males pairings*
  • f/f couple: *together just 5 minutes*
  • the writers: ok, that's enough, let's go kill one of them!
  • lesbian fandom: whyyy? no. please! just let us have one! just one beautiful happy couple!
  • the writers: KIIIIILLLLL!!! *killing*
  • lesbian fandom: *fight against homophobia and sexism everyday* *lay down* i can't do it anymore, i just... WE CAN'T BE HAPPY NOT EVEN ON TV SHOWS!
Back to the Barn: Analysis

   I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Pearls representing the struggles of racism, and I totally agree that they do. That’s what I got from the episode as well. But I also noticed something I haven’t seen much talk over and that’s that Pearls also represent something else: sexism.

 Pearls are expected to be fragile/dainty things that aren’t supposed to explore physically demanding pursuits, or pursuits in higher knowledge like math or science.

  • They’re expected to look pretty and act as accessories.
  • They’re treated like objects.
  • They’re job is in things like housework or servant work.
  • Society expects them to be frivolous and only care about what they can be for others, but also condemns them for it.

 This is an exact parallel of sexism against women in society and prejudice against defying gender roles.

 Also if you look at Pearls pilot and in production designs, before her finalized design she was always designed similarly to someone who defies gender roles. ( Even though she is a gem and has no gender. The show doesn’t give the gems genders while still giving them traits to represent points it’s making a statement on.  ^u^ )

 This probably means that she was intended to represent against sexism early on. Rebecca Sugar said that Pearls design was changed later on before production, and it was for a very specific reason. The reason perhaps being that she was altered to more fit her backstory and challenges in what would become her finally decided story. Perhaps they decided that they would rather not shy away from making her look dainty and effeminate and go the route of making her defiant of her roles by her pursuits. Highlighting that you can still be feminine and do all of these things society tells females that they can’t?

Closing thoughts: Todays episode was awesome and so is Pearl.

No matter what fandom we enter, no matter what genre we love, no matter how much we stay in our lane…we, as Black women, are constantly going to battle over characters that look and represent us in many ways. We are constantly having to fight against the racism, sexism, anti-blackness and the hatred that Black female characters receive in every fandom. I have seen so many irrelevant posts, comments, gifs about their disdain for a character or a ship (that always feature a Black woman) make their way into our tags…only for those who original posted or comment agreeing with the disrespectfulness of the post to act naive and ignorant when called out. Leave us alone! We don’t bother no one yet we’re constantly attacked, and our characters are constantly dehumanized because they dare to be more than just the sassy black friend to your favorite female character. Because they dare to be more than just the warrior and killing machine to your favorite characters. Because they dare to be a three-dimensional character who’s development is not to sure the purpose of your favorite characters. Y’all hate the fact that there are starting to be so many black women characters that aren’t falling into y’all Black Women troupes, and that pisses you off. Y’all mad because we’re doing away with being the ones that have to over empathize, to be the nurtures, the protectors, the fighters, the comic relief, the rescuers, etc…to your favorite characters.

I’m so tired of fighting against the Black Woman’s Burden. The burden of fighting everyone’s battle, while we are left to fight our own by ourselves. I have seen so many ladies like Tara Thornton, Michonne, Abbie Mills, Bonnie etc..constantly fighting the battles for your favorites and the moment they stop and start fighting for themselves only…the hate intensifies. I mean how many times was Michonne hated because she wouldn’t open her mouth to speak?…despite people not know her or her traumas. How many times have she fought and gave her all without questioning to people who treated her like crap as soon as she enter what was supposed to be safe havens according to Andrea? Yet she still received hate like no other, and now people are in our tags preaching to us about hate and how to act when it comes to characters who haven’t even made an appearance…sound familiar? Tara Thornton did everything for her best friend despite what was going on in her personal life. Yet she was hated on for daring to challenge your favorite? Because she didn’t bow down to your favorite characters and challenged their idiocy. Lets not forget that Tara was one of the most…if not the most traumatized character on the show. So how dare she wear her scares and wounds on the inside. How dare she not be quiet about her pain, because that’s what a lot of y’all like…right? For Black Women to never remind y’all that we’re human unless it’s important to your cause.

So stop lying to yourselves with the…it’s an innocent comment or suggestion when you come into our tags or ships. So stop asking us “can we call get alone” and to “stop the hate” when we never asked to be excluded from said solidarity, and it’s not use trying to strip away anyone’s humanity. Stop telling us that you don’t see race or color because you see it. You see it every time you say comments of I can’t see this, insert black woman, with the white male lead because they just don’t LOOK right together. I can’t see them in a relationship because she’s more like a brother to him…forgetting that you just stripped her of her sexual orientation because in order for you to see her as a woman. You will then have to see her as someone who can be considered attractive, and therefore so can a straight white male..who so happened to be a fictional character and one of, if not, the lead of the show. Not to mention that y’all wouldn’t mind pairing this, insert black woman, with any black male character on the show whether it makes sense or not..anything to get her away from your favorites huh?

Its like y’all hate that we, as Black women, would want it all. Yes, we do want to be vulnerable and strong at the same time. Yes, we do want to be the princess (who get rescued by the Prince), and a Queen at the same time. Yes, we do want to be badass and delicate at the same time. Yes, we do want to be independent and loved at the same time. Yes, we do want to be in a healthy relationship without losing our individuality at the same time. Yes, we want to be loved, cared for, respected, important, valued, and humanized at the same time. Why do we have to choose if y’all don’t have to choose?

So if y’all have a problem with a Black Woman wanting to be humanized, and not used to farther development your favorite characters. If y’all have a problem with Black Woman wanting to be more than a purpose for your favorite character to have a sassy Black friend, or the black killing machine who’s purposed is to always jump in the way and risk her life to save your favorite then stay out of our tags. If y’all don’t want receive any type of love and affection from anyone outside of your narrow view of thinking…then stay out of our tags. Were not your desexualized badass killing machines who all of a sudden don’t want any time of love and affection, but will happily give ours away. Stop leeching off of us. Stop draining us. Stop demanding that we take the pain without any kind of reaction. Stop stripping us of our humanity, and then sugar coding it as something different because that’s really the only way y’all can see us. As someone who’s sole purpose on these shows is to give servitude to your favorites without receiving the same in return. Y’all want us to cry for y’all, fight for y’all, play with y’all, love y’all, dance for y’all, teach y’all, protect y’all, rescue y’all, care for y’all, etc…and then when it’s time for the same in return. Were denied that access because, let’s face it, y’all don’t see us as anything else but to play servitude to your favorites because it’s so natural to y’all. The natural order to things.

If you can’t respect us, then leave us alone. Stay out of our tags. Stay in your lane, and stop swerving into ours with your ignorance and hidden racism so you can dehumanized our Black women characters. Leave us alone!

My art is dedicated to all the cyberpunks who fight against sexism and for having our individuality and freedom. against prejudice!!!  everyday of my life.  To everyone who’s feeling depressed or lonely and loves music as much as i do, Please Take a guitar or a pencil!! And You’ll be fine