fight against cancer

🌿fruit & medicinal properties🌿

-help calm nervous system
-cancer preventing compounds
-reduces inflammation
-reduces risk for gout
-supports healthy sleep
-arthritis pain relief
-reduces belly fat
-reduces muscle pain
-lowers risk of stroke

-helps maintain healthy skin & vision
-helps maintain healthy bones & teeth
-anti aging properties
-improves digestion
-packed with vital nutrients
-good source of fiber

-cardiovascular health
-maintains bones
-significant source of vitamins
-combats free radicals
-reduces body fat
-anti inflammitory
-diuretic & kidney support
-alkaline forming
-improves sight

-potentially fight against cancer
-anti aging properties
-prevent heart disease, reduces risk of stroke
-helps relieve constipation
-can help with allergies & asthma
-anti depression properties
-reduces blood pressure
-regulates blood sugar
-folic acid

-helps fight arthritis
-immune system support
-bone health
-vision health
-can reduce risk of macular degeneration (eye disease)
-anti inflammitory
-aids in digestion
-packed with vital nutrients

-increases bone mass
-more vitamin c than an orange
-packed with vital nutrients
-aids in digestion
-helps manage blood pressure
-protects DNA from damage
-supports weight loss
-prevents heart disease
-protects against macular degeneration

-relax blood vessels
-prevents/slows many types of cancer
-maintains heart health
-packed with nutrients
-aids in digestion
-weight loss
-can prevent alzheimers
-improves brain function
-protects body from radiation

-build immune system
-reduces risk of cancer
-prevents heart disease
-healthy teeth
-prevent alzheimers
-prevents larkinsons
-decreases risk of diabetes
-reduces cholesterol
-prevents gallstones
-reduces risk of hypertension

-help maintain skin & vision
-excellent source of vitamin B & C
-prevents stroke
-lowers blood pressure

-energy booster
-aids in digestion
-weight loss
-lowers blood pressure
-prevents asthma
-fights cancer
-treats diarrhea
-preserving memory

-protect heart
-lowers cholesterol
-packed with antioxidants
-reduce DNA damage
-maintains healthy cholesterol
-lower blood pressure
-improve brain function & memory

-protects against several forms of cancer
-lowers cholesterol
-clears skin
-improves eye health
-alkalizes entire body
-promotes healthy sex
-improves digestion
-helps fight heat stroke

-contain high amounts of potassium
-lowers risk of stroke
-fights cancer
-maintains healthy complexion
-prevents asthma
-increases iron absorption
-boosts immune system

-packed with nutrients
-great source of fiber
-treats diverticulosis (inflammation of the lining in large intestine)
-weight loss
-lowers blood pressure
-lowers cholesterol
-prevents diabetes
-promotes digestion

-prevents cancer
-manages blood pressure
-protects heart
-maintains healthy complexion
-reduces depression
-improves vision
-improves digestive system

-weight loss
-prevents stroke
-maintains blood pressure & heart health
-prevents cancer
-promotes digestion
-maintaining healthy skin
-prevents asthma

🌿if youre taking medication, please speak with your pharmacist or doctor before trying ANY natural remedies. grapefruit, for example, can really hurt you if youre taking anti depression medication. please be cautious.🌿
**this post is speaking specifically of the fruit, not of the plant itself


«You might have thought that Chris Evans and Chris Pratt just played superheroes in the movies, but you would have been wrong. These guys really are superheroes.»

Actress gives the shirt off her back - literally.
Grey’s Anatomy star boosts cancer sufferer’s spirits with meaningful gift
By: Kevin Toal 2007

We don’t often think of giving the shirt off your back - an expression used to describe the utmost generosity - in the literal sense. But that’s exactly what it took for a Grey’s Anatomy actress to give Lee Surrette a surprise she would never forget. Sitting in the living room of her Bedford home, Surrette proudly displayed the publicity photo Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie Torres on the hit series, sent to her. The gift came as a heartfelt display of support of Surrette’s fight against breast cancer. The picture is a direct result of her daughter Jenn’s desire to bolster Surrette’s spirits during an extremely difficult time. At first glance, the picture appears to be a standard publicity still. Written in thick black marker are hugs and kisses followed by the actress’ name. Yet, upon closer inspection, a second, smaller inscription reads “To Lee - you are my hero.” It was evidence that Ramirez took the time to personalize the picture - and her thoughtfulness did not end there, "I’d been looking through a magazine and saw an ad for Ford Cares,” Jenn explained. “It’s a promotion they do with a lot of popular shows. ER did it last year.” The ad showed Ramirez wearing a brown t-shirt emblazoned with a warrior symbol. Similar shirts were offered for sale as a part of the Warriors in Pink campaign to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. But, unlike the personally-altered shirt Ramirez was wearing, the ones for sale were of a standard unisex t-shirt design. Towards the end of September Jenn decided to order the shirt with the idea of making her own alterations. To help with the task of getting it as close to the actress’ style as possible, Jenn sent Ramirez an email. She also took the opportunity to request an autographed picture for her mother. In the email Jenn told Ramirez about the breast cancer and how she wanted to support Warriors in Pink. What happened next surprised both Jenn and her mother. Less than two weeks later, Surrette checked the mail and found a brown manila envelope. “I didn’t really think about it,” Surrette said. “Jenn is always getting things online in my name. I opened the envelope up and saw the picture and t-shirt. I asked Jenny if she knew about it and she said, ‘Yeah!’” Until then Jenn had kept the donation and the email to herself. Instead of sending alteration instructions, Ramirez sent the original. It was the one from the ad that had sparked Jenn’s interest. The timing, she said, was perfect as Surrette was in the early stages of recovery from surgery. In response, Jenn sent a snapshot of Lee and herself, with a warm email of appreciation. That same day, Ramirez sent a reply confirming the authenticity of the shirt and added her hopes for a successful fight. The act of compassion has one Ramirez a couple of loyal fans. Of the Grey’s Anatomy actress, Surrette said, half-jokingly, “Needless to say, in our family, she’s the favorite.”

Why Stephen Amell (Arrow) should win an oscar:


1. He’s the cutest dad and loves his child.

2. His genes are perfect! (cousin to the right)

3. He’s got a hallway of fanart.

4. He’s down to earth.

5. He’s hot

6. He’s a superhero.

7. He shares fan art and supports his fans.

8. He’s fighting against cancer

9. He’s got a sense of humor.

10. He’s got father-daughter matching clothes.

11. He just gets it!



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Maria was out in the cold on this December day passing out fliers and selling candy. She normally didn’t do things like this and just ran the charities her hospital had, however Christmas was coming soon so many people had taken the week off, thus she decided to do the person to person work. With a small basket of lolipops and a flier about the cause of medical development they’d be donating for the ginger walked about the street speaking to anyone she could. Though it was getting late and she hadn’t seen many people around due to the time of year and time of day so she was ecstatic when she saw another stranger to talk to. “Pardon me, sir!” She spoke as she rushed over to the stranger. “I’m selling lolipops to help fund medical developments to fight against breast cancer, any amount would be greatly appreciated and if you’d like every dollar earns you a lolipop!” She said before taking out a flier to hand to him with a wide smile.

anonymous asked:

keep fighting the good fight against that crabby cancer!! she boasts about being *soooooo* intelligent but like, logic? or reason?? basic tools to formulate an argument??? has she heard of those???? love, a libra who's damn proud of being an air sign

Waiting for all these air signs to like rise up against her tbh 😂

(5/5) “I used to be a really happy person. I really was. I was the person who would walk outside and say: ‘Isn’t everything beautiful? Isn’t life wonderful? Aren’t we so lucky?’ I don’t have that sense of joy anymore. I remember the Mother’s Day before Max was diagnosed. It was four years ago. We were in this same park. On the lawn over there. It was beautiful. All three of us were there. Irene and I were in love. And Max was lying on my feet and pretending to fly in the air. And he was laughing so hard and I remember feeling so happy and full of life. It was the last moment that I truly felt joy.”

Today is the last day of our fundraiser to aid Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in their fight against pediatric cancer. Over 70,000 people have donated and with over $2.6 million has been raised so far. Max’s tumor is the same tumor that Dr. Souweidane is working on curing. (See previous story). In fact, Max was supposed to be part of Dr. Souweidane’s first clinical trial but he passed away too soon. I promised Julie that all money raised during the telling of Max’s story would be given to Dr. Souwedaine and his colleagues to aid in their DIPG research. The gift will be given in Max’s honor. Even if it’s a small amount, please consider donating:

Benefits of Eating Fruit

  • Kiwis increase bone mass
  • Bananas help athletes remain focused and motivated.
  • Pineapples help fight arthritis
  • Oranges promote great skin and vision
  • Watermelon helps control heart rate
  • Apples build resistance against infections
  • Bluebetties protect your heart
  • Cherries help calm the nervous system
  • Grapes relax blood vessels
  • Blackberries assist int he production of white and red blood cells
  • Strawberries fight against cancer and aging
  • Mangos boost the body’s ability to fight against cancer.

I never knew how to write an obituary. One year has passed since one star left this Earth to return home, and I can’t still formulate the right words to show what an artist and icon like David Bowie has meant in my life.

I’m giving it my best shot:

David Robert Jones, 69 years old (today, 70 and 2 days).
January 8, 1947 - January 10, 2016.
Died after 18 months of fighting against liver cancer.
An artist, singer, songwriter, actor, vanguardist, and tendency maker which artistic career not only marked the beginning and end of an era, but changed the perspective and gave hope to generations beyond his time. Everything from controversial declarations about love, music and sexuality, until his eccentric, chameleonic, yet original transformations, David broke with stereotypes and barriers of any kind since day one.
Movies like The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976) and Labyrinth (1986), just as hits such as Space Oddity (1969), Under Pressure (1962), Heroes (1977), and Modern Love (1983) were part of a master piece that set him on the top of the world, and that culminated with what would be his farewell album: Blackstar (released on his birthday and 2 days before his death). His last public ovation, on December 7, 2015, and at the end his musical Lazarus, ended up the way his life did: with a standing, moved audience and a phrase that would have trascended time and space: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

David left a mark on the lives of many, including mine. He encouraged us to be ourselves, showing us that being different is extraordinary. He told us that breaking through stereotypes and prejudices is something we could do, even if society didn’t approve. He open our eyes to a world full of modern love, he showed us we could set it on fire if we wanted to and that we could be heroes, just for one day. There are no enough words to express how far has David changed my life, what he has taught me and what he has left me, even after his passing. Long life to a legend that came into my life 50 years late.

R.I.P. David Bowie (1947-2016).

(3/5) “There was a tumor in his brain. The doctor told us that he knew what it was. He said it was called DIPG and that he hadn’t found anything that worked. He said it would eventually kill him. And I started screaming. And I asked how long. And he told us a year. He told us that ‘doing nothing’ was an acceptable choice. And he said, ‘This will be harder on you than it is on Max.’ And I remember looking at Max. And he was so beautiful. All he had was that crossed eye. Our life had been beautiful and now everything sucked. I didn’t know what to do. So we went to the Lego store. He was obsessed with Legos. That night he got so many Legos.”

Today is the last day of our fundraiser to aid Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in their fight against pediatric cancer. Nearly 60,000 people have donated and we’ve raised over $2.2 million so far. Max’s tumor is the same tumor that Dr. Souweidane is working on curing. (See previous story). I promised Julie that all money raised during the telling of her story would be given to Dr. Souweidane and his colleagues to aid in the fight against DIPG. The gift will be given in Max’s honor. Even if it’s a small amount, please consider donating:

Memento Mori - Episode 87. For this poster, I focused on Scully and her fight against cancer. I used her x-ray from the episode as inspiration and made the tumor a focal point in a huge ‘X’, representing how her work and experiences on The X-Files led directly to her illness.

(7/7) “I’ve thought about what I would say if I could go back in time, and talk to myself before I got cancer. I’d say get ready to not be who you are right now. And get ready to deal with a lot of disappointments and pain. And just keep strong. And never give up. And don’t lock yourself in your room if you get sad or angry. Because nobody can help you if you’re in your room and the problem will get worse. And stop fighting with your brothers and sisters. Because you’re really going to need them soon and they are going to help you so much. And keep watching sports. Because those are really going to cheer you up.”

We’re just $200,000 away from our goal of $1,000,000 to help the team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in their fight against pediatric cancer. MSK helped save Avi’s life along with thousands of other children, and we’re trying to help empower them to save even more. We’re almost there. Please help push us over the top: