Imagine #20 || Request #4

prompt ~ onesecondus : Hey could you make an imagine where you and isaac have a crush on each other and you both flirt with someone else and you both get jealous and later he calls you not very nice names cause he’s jealous and you two fight about it but end up together?:)

I think I read an imagine like your request sometime ago but this will be different from what the author wrote, anyway sorry if it’s suckish T_T I got sick and got asthma sooo (asthma’s a btch btw) This imagine is somehow based on ep 16 of s3: Illuminated :) *yas neon parteeey lol*

I’ll try to make the next imagine better!


You heard Lydia scoff beside you, her eyes watching someone.

“What is it?” You asked, looking at the same direction she was and spotting Stiles dancing like crazy; a neon kiss mark prominent on his cheek.

“Awkwardly,” Your friend commented beside you, still watching Stiles having the time of his life.

“He’s having fun,” you said, leaning on the post you and Lydia were staying near at, seemingly not interested in joining the dance floor, smiling at Stiles’ crazy dance moves.

“Charming,” Lydia suddenly said after a moment of silence that engulfed the two of you, her eyes squinting through the flashing lights, seemingly displeased with what she saw.

“What is it?” you asked, trying to find what she was looking at but only to be blocked by a cute boy who flashed his pearly white teeth that was somehow enhanced by the flashing black light.

“Want to dance?” He said, his neon painted hand suddenly held yours, inviting you to the dance floor.

“Um, I-”

“Go ahead,” Lydia said with a smile that spelled out i-have-a-plan, encouraging the guy to pull you away from where you were peacefully minding your own business.

When there was no way out, you gave in and let the guy lead you towards the dance floor, but only to be redirected to where they were painting on the neon paint, but not missing the sight of Isaac dancing with Allison and other girls around him. Suddenly confused at the feeling of anger and jealousy you felt, you walked faster than the guy-you now leading the way while holding on to the cute guy’s hand tight so as to not lose him in the crowd of sweaty bodies, but missing the glare Isaac gave your way.

Now knowing about what Lydia was on about a while ago, you were going to ride along with her plan for you to get Isaac’s attention.

“Face or body?” The girl doing the paint job asked.

“Body,” you answered boldly, removing the shirt you had on and leaving you in your shorts and strapless black bra, suddenly overwhelmed with boost of confidence you were feeling right now. Out of the all the pack members, Lydia was the most knowledgeable about the gossips within the pack-meaning the crushes, the break-ups, etc- even though she doesn’t look like it.

Once the girl finished painting on your back, she then proceeded with your face, painting on tribal cursives and sharp points on one side of your face.

“You’re done,” the girl smiled, putting the brush down and letting the guy-later knowing his name was Daniel- turn you around, showing him the painted angel wings before he pulled you back to the direction of the dance floor.

Once you were there, he started dancing and gesturing you to do the same-his hand holding yours with a smile. He twirled you around occassionally, making you laugh a few times with the faces he made when he was lip-syncing to the DJ’s music.

“Hey, I’m just going to go look for-” After a few songs and a few blinding and flashing lights later, you noticed that the Daniel guy in front of you wasn’t the same guy who invited you to the dance floor, rather, it was a girl in front of you whose body was filled with the neon paint, some of it was already smudged off of her body from sweat.

Confused, you left the girl and went to look for Lydia and rest for a while but before you could even walk farther away, a hand held you arm and dragged you some place where there were less people. You were about to scream when you recognized who it was.

“What was that all about?” He asked quite mad, his eye brows meeting in the middle. You were thankful that the music where he took you to wasn’t too loud.

“What was what, Isaac?” You exclaimed, confused by the sudden outburst of anger he was showing.

“Don’t act like you don’t know, Y/N.” he replied. “Dancing with other guys there.”

“Well you were dancing with Allison and other girls there.” You replied back, your arms crossing in front of your chest.

“I don’t need your approval of who I can dance with, and I can see you flirting with them.” He said.

“Well Isaac I don’t really need your approval as well, and me, a flirt?” You were in disbelief at the words he just let go.

“I can’t believe you!” you growled. “If I dance with another guy, I’m a flirt but when you dance with another girl it’s normal.” You were so mad at how sexist he was right now.

At this point, whatever words he threw at you, you would throw it back, making the conversation go nowhere, until Isaac groaned-almost growling at you, frustratingly running his fingers through his curly hair.

“Why are you so mad, Isaac?” You asked, already getting fed up with why he was acting this way. Although your heart was skipping a beat seeing that your crush since childhood was in front of you, it was also because you were nervous that he might shift then and there and people might see him.

“Why are you mad about me dancing with other guys when you have Allison beside you,” you asked after he replied you with silence-you were hurt, but made you smile inside that your plan of getting his attention worked.

“I was only dancing with Allison to make you jealous.”

Bingo you smiled at this.

“Why are you smiling?” Isaac asked confused, seeing you flash him a smile with your neon painted lips.

“I guess we do think alike,” You said, remembering to thank Lydia later for helping you.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, while you were making me jealous with Allison, I was doing the same with the cute Daniel guy over there.” You said, gesturing to Daniel when you finally spotted him over at the drinks station talking to some girls.

“Do you have a thing for him now?” You heard him ask, his eyes slowly showing sadness.

“Do you have a thing for Allison?” You asked him with a question.

“No, I don’t, because I like you.” He replied, flashing his perfect teeth that glowed with the blacklights before leaning down and kissing you right on the lips and making it official.

“Oh, woops.” You giggled lightly, trying to wipe the smudged neon orange paint off his lips and his chin.