In faccia ho la luce che sembra un effetto che si usava nel 2010.
(Siamo venute male non siamo Valentina Ferragni ne abbiamo chi ci scatta le foto fighe come vale)
qui c'è la mia compagna di sventure di ogni tipo e di chiagnatorio. e direi l'unica persona che da qualche anno è sempre presente e l'unica a cui penso quando succedono fatti strani e penso ‘Marò questo glielo devo proprio raccontare’
una parte del mio cuoricino è qui 💕
wewe io vado.

Whiskey a go go, here I come!

Going to a show at the Whiskey in Hollywood tonight :] Last time i went i saw veil of maya and during my favorite song, got donkey kicked in the face xD shit was crazy. This time I’m ready! Last time I was a feeble child that just wanted to push some people around haha now I’m ready to throw punches n shit. k bye<3 hopefully I come back in one piece :D

If Angeal didn’t want to use the Buster sword because it would get dirty, why carry it at all? Coulda just hung it up on the wall as a memory of Dad-who-raised-him. But Angeal went so far as to carry a regular sword for actual use and still walk around with a piece of railroad on his back. Was it secret weight training? Like he knew he could never be ‘prettiest’ with Seph and Gen fighing over that, so he decided to bulk up and reel in the beefcake crown instead. No complaints, Hewley. Sound tactical maneuver. SOLDIER had something for everyone to ogle.

Fandom Drama

Im not a BLEACH anime/manga fan at all but lately my blog has been bombarded with people complaining and going gaga overt a fanfic or the real manga pertaining about 686?? about main characters cheating on each other and it has gone crazy, beserk, like people fighing one another.  Is it really in the manga s that these characters cheated? or just a fanfic? Please enlighten me.

Sorry, maybe I should just mind my own FANDOM. TEHEE!

Hopefully Rurouni Kenshin fans will never come to this.


Vacche e che FIGHE.. pregne sarebbero ancora più da scopare e sfoggiare in giro.. che goduria quando hai tra le mani e sul cazzo delle bellezze così e lasci esplodere il cazzo dentro di loro…