bryke: *has eight year old katara witness the remains of her murdered mother*

bryke: *has zuko physically and emotionally abused and manipulated by his tyrannical father for the length of the series*

bryke: *genocide of air nomads*

bryke: *monk gyatso’s decayed body surrounded by the decayed corpses of the fire nation soldiers he killed with his last fighting breath*

bryke: *koh the face stealer?? ??  ??*

bryke: *that devil shit that go down in the eyes when amon takin away that bending*

bryke: *lets have tarrlok kill both himself and his brother*

bryke: *has ravaas spirit ripped from korras body in the most intrusive fashion possible*

bryke: *lets chain korra up and have a band of terrorists force feed her poison too*

bryke: *also lets have her be haunted and abused by a dark hallucination of herself*

bryke: *death by electrocution, energy rays, explosions*

bryke: lmao how yall ship zutara ???? that shit too dark and edgy for a kids show !! go to church the fuck

Ho tanti difetti, ma li porto benissimo.
E sono stata zitta.
Mentre tutto dentro di me faceva a botte,
andava in frantumi, esplodeva,
fremeva per uscire..
io, semplicemente,
sono stata zitta.
—  Susanna Casciani
Ho un debole per le persone che avrebbero il diritto di spaccare tutto, ed invece accarezzano.
—  ilmaredentrolatempesta.