Oh lordy.

So I went to my burlesque meeting today and found out that our show this Friday is 18+ so I can perform! I also found out that they expect me to perform. Fuck. I don’t have a solo ready. So I reached into my drag book and pulled out a number. I have been rehearsing it for 4 hours now and I think I’ve got it. I still need to go thrifting tomorrow for a vest and a white button down. But besides that I’ve got it. It’ll probably be shitty cus I haven’t had time to polish it or write actual choreo, but it’ll be entertaining to say the least. I am debating if I want to go down to pasties or not… If I do, I don’t know what underwear to wear with it… If I wear a corset as my bottom layer then I can wear undies/shorts and fishnets. If I go down to pasties I’ll just be wearing underwear on the bottom. What do y'all think? Pasties or a corset?