Happy 10 year anniversary KotOR 1!!! We had a huge livestream (over 7 hours!!!) in which I painted my Revan (Cathair the boy with red) and Exile (Aslaug the girl with blue), Derc who is a Revan that belongs to jediamanda as well as my tOR Imperial Agent, Emhair and my SW OC Sigrid. Also, Mission Vao, Greaser Bastila Shan, Visas Marr, Mical aka Disciple, Chantique, Jarael, Mira, Juhani, Carth, and Alek (aka Malak).

Carth got himself some shades for the occassion. I like big butts I cannot lie. You other pilots can’t deny. When a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waste and a points a blaster in your face! You get stung!

Huge thank you to everyone for joining and making the day wonderful! I had such an awesome time talking with you guys and painting! I hope to do this again sometime.

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Getting back to my first love, character concepts. Ydriss Ibrisis, my Yuan-ti Pureblood swashbuckler. I wanted to get a wide range of facial expressions but me being me I think I made blank, cocky, cocky, and the classic “what did you say ‘bout my momma?!” face.

The last one was the only one I wanted to go over and smooth up.

Shameless use of self as a reference.

I finally got a PayPal, so soon I will be open for commissions. I just wanted to do something for me before getting started on commissions.

My part of my the art trade with a pretty cool gal!

She asked me to do a portrait for her. I was originally super nervous, because drawing people you know!!!!!, but I am pretty satisfied with how it turned. I wanted to give it a colorful background to contrast the portrait.

for some reason the background reminded me of Doctor Who…

I’ll show you why Mages are feared!!

I. Regret. Nothing. About. This.
First painting with my new tablet.

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My friend’s battlemage, Geta. I wasn’t seeing a lot of concept art or art of battlemages (or maybe I was too lazy to really look) so I decided to change that. And Geta has become a character that I really enjoy reading. He’s got that attitude where he is saying something the reader finds funny but he doesn’t realize what he is saying is funny.

I know I’m gonna get asked about the colors, so here we go: I always do those “supernova” eyes when a character using some sort of power. I picked orange-yellow because, get ready for some grade A logic, the battlemage icon is orange-yellow. The blue, I always thought that when a mage was exerting him/herself there would just a tempest around them, effecting any enemies close to them.

c: Quick preview from my very first freelancing project! Character concepts of the main characters from a noir Superhero series by Alli Wilnot!

Left to right: Nick, Jude, and Diane.

Forgive me my sins <br> Baby, I tried.

My KotOR babies from today!!!! The girl is my Exile, Aslaug who is actually a Grey Knight. The boy, is my Cathair (Ka-THEER it means Man of Battle) who is my Darth Revan.

The two were deeply in love before the Mando War, once the war broke out Cathair went down the path of darkness. And because she loved him so much, Aslaug tried to follow him. However by the end of the war, Aslaug couldn’t handle it anymore and she was forced to leave him. Cathair never fully recovered, Aslaug however did.


If you think I am going to sit idly by and watch as you burn this world down, you’re wrong.

Elodia Santos (2/23/13) then and now (7/17/13).

I needed a break from the painting I was working on, and I found the original file. I remember being so proud of it and loving it to bits. So I decided to do an over-painting. I am happy that I can see some major improvement with this one.


Mass Effect (asked by Jediamanda)

Hand’s down, Jack (Subject Zero) is my favorite character. c:

I remember when I first saw her character, I was excited. I liked her visually, but as the story developed I began to like her less for her looks and more for her character.I won’t say why, because I don’t want to ruin anything about her character, but needless to say during her ME 2 personal quest, I finished it and wanted to punch something I was so infused with anger.

Dragon Age (asked by indicktrinate)

I like everyone, especially Jowan, Sebastian Vael, Varric, and Tamlen makes me ugly sob but Tallis will always hold a special spot in my heart! I wish we had more of her and her dancing in-game

Tallis c: