the dudes who help me out

I want to tell u all about two guys and wat they help me out with. These are both dudes who contacted me on tumblr an we just started chattin….eventually we got to where we are now. there happy an im happy… an its pretty awsum.

First theres @callipygianguy. He’s my bro an ever since he found out that I locked my cock up he figgured that im ready to explore my sub side. Damn is he rite.

He started out slow feelin out wat got me horny. eventually he got me to just start listenin to my cock all the time…lettin it steer me in the rite direction. we found out there are sum things that turn me on. like doin what sum other dude tells me.

So he started tellin me to do stuff. Like he decided i need to go to the gym 6 times a week…now i do that. An he picks out exactly wat exercises i do while im there.

After we did that for a while he started picking out my clothes. today im wearing a green henley an brown chinos with my black UA boxerjock cause he told me to. ill workout wearing my blue baller shorts an my long sleeve compression shirt cuz he told me to

I like how i dont have to think about any of this stuff anymore…its so much easier to do then to think.

I also need to tell u about @arandomtist. A few tists got in touch with me an now im exclusive wit this guy. Hes a great tist an he helps me learn how to focus for work an how to focus for the gym.

everyday wen i go to the gym i go into beast mode cuz he put sumthing in my head… i mean i asked him to an its excellent. i push so much harder now that i got beast mode.

he also plays games with me. Sometimes he puts me in trance an wen i come out i get to be someone else for a while. its kinda roleplay but it feels more real yknow?

@arandomtist isnt my bro tho…hes my boss. Hes gotta be becuz hes got so much power over me. I think it makes him happy wen I call him boss so i make sure to do it lots.

between those 2 guys plus my boyfriend…i got lots of people helping me out an making sure i dont have to make any decisions.

its a great life.