Sherlock 4 Note Motifs
  • Sherlock 4 Note Motifs

What’s That You Hear? Johnlock?

Here are some four-note motifs from each Sherlock series. They all have similar contours. (In music, the contour is the direction and shape that the notes move in.) 

  1. War (John Watson’s Theme) (S1)
  2. The Woman (S2)
  3. SHERlocked (S2)
  4. One More Miracle (S2)
  5. To Battle (S3)
  6. The Problems of Your Future (S3)

So what’s it mean that the music that stands in for John, Irene, Irene’s infatuation with Sherlock, John’s grief at Sherlock’s grave site, Sherlock’s sadness as he dons his suit for the wedding and John’s promise to “Mary Watson” are all related? Similar but different? 

I made a great case for Johnlock out of the first three. (“How to Ship Johnlock without Really Trying.”)

Feel free to make of the rest what you will. If I were you I’d start with “To Battle” because hello!!!!! Let me repeat. John’s grief at Sherlock’s grave site is paralleled to Sherlock’s dismay at John’s nuptials. That’s pretty freaking Johnlocky. And isn’t it curious how rushed the four notes from “The Problems of Your Future” are? I’m just sayin’…

I feel this so much on a daily basis that tiresome feigns in description.  Time and events do pass, yet You made the pain fade and I love you for that.  There are a select few who even know the tip of the iceberg going on with me and I truly appreciate you all.  Sorry if I overstepped any bounds at all.  Love you in my own weird way. Can’t give up and can’t figgure out how to step ahead either.
—  Just Joe
That Beautiful Time of Year

So it’s wrestlemania season. Normaly I’d be all hyped up by now.
But I’ve found this years build up to be slightly underwhelming to put it mildly.

But I figgured that I would get my predictions up any way so lets look at the matches first.


  1. Fatal 4-way Tag Team Match For The Tag Team Titles
    Tyson Kidd & Cesaro
    The New Day
    The Usos
    Los Matadores
  2. André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
    The Miz
    Curtis Axel
    Adam Rose
    Zack Ryder
    Jack Swagger
    Titus O’neil
    Darren Young
    Big Show
    Erik Rowan
    Damien Mizdow
    Mark Henry
    Hideo Itami
  3. Singles Match
    Seth Rollins
    Randy Orton
  4. Us Titel Match
    John Cena
  5. Singels match
    Bray Wyatt
    The Undertaker
  6. Divas Tag Team Matc
    Aj Lee & Paige
    The Bella Twins
  7. Ladder Match For the Intercontinental Championship
    Bad News Barret
    Luke Harper
    Dean Ambrose
    Dolph Ziggler
    Daniel Bryan
  8. Singles Match
    Tripple H
  9. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Brock Lesnar
    Roman Reigns


So those are the matches that I remember, there might be more but now it’s prediction time.

First off, the tag title match should not be on the pre-show in my opinion.
But I guess WWE thinks otherwise.
Apart from every team having a third person standing ringside this should be a pretty good match based solely on the fact that most of the contenders in the match are good wrestlers.
The tag team division is so dead right now so I don’t see a title change in this match. Also I think that  Cesaro & Kidd is currently the most entertaining team so they are my pick for this match.

Then it’s also rumored that the “Andé The Giant “get as many people on the mania card ass possible” memorial battle royal” has been moved to the pre-show because of shortage on time.
I don’t really mind this match being on the pre-show as I think that this should be the entire pre-show.
I’m mostly exited about seeing Hideo Itami getting his wrestlemania debut. he probably won’t win though. I can see Mizdow eliminating The Miz. And my pick for the winner would be Ryback.

  Orton vs. Rollins… This match is… weird.
When Orton came back I was exited for this match but then WWE butcherd all hype by having him get back with the authority for 2 weeks before turning on them. I’d much rather have had him just RKO Rollins his first night back and then fuck up all of Rollins matches by coming to the ring and trying to attack him until Seth made the challange for Mainia. But maybe that’s just me.
Also I find it hard to guess who’s going to win this match because I can see it going either way. Orton getting his revenge, or Rollins defeating the present to take his place at the top of the mountain. But right now my gut is saying that Seth Rollins will win so that’s who I’m going with.

  Rusev vs. Cena
I actually kinda like this match even if it’s a grand shame for every man over 12 to be even a smidgen of exited over a John Cena match.
But this has the possibility to be a good back and forth match making Rusev look strong even in his first defeat. Also Cena as US champ give  the belt some much needed credibility. Rusev has made a good job of getting it to mean something again and putting it on a main event superstar will get it even bigger which is needed now since they merged the two main titles.
However if they give Cena a squash match against Rusev where he just goes out and look like super Cena for 20 minutes then it will be confirmed that Vince has lost his touch. So my pick is Cena and for once it’s not even reluctantly that I say that.

  Undertaker Vs. Wyatt
This match feel like a passing of the torch. If Taker wins I will be about as surprised as I was when he lost last year. He has absolutely nothing to gain from a win but in defeat he makes Wyatt a superstar. Also I think it will be a good chance to see if Wyatt can carry a match because Taker is getting up there in the years and he can’t go like he used to. So the short and the long of it is I think it’s going to be a great match with two awesome entrances and Bray Wyatt winning in the end.

The divas tag match aka. the toilet/snack/beer break.
I like that the Bellas seem to be putting more work in to improve their wrestling.
But I still don’t think that they are good enough to be in the only divas match at mania. I would much rather have see a title match between AJ and Paige with AJ as the champ.
A few years back I saw Paige when she was working an indie promotion in Sweden and that girl can GO. She is without a doubt a much better WRESTLER than most of the guys on the rooster. She is to Female wrestling what Daniel Bryan was to indies wrestling.
But anyways that’s not the match we’re getting so dreaming won’t do me any good.
I see this match being basic as fuck and the crowd being dead for it.
I hope AJ & Paige win so that’s who I’m going with as my prediction.

  The IC ladder match…
My only question is what the fuck is R-Truth doing in this match?
The six others I have no complaints about.
Should be a good and exiting match and I actually think that Daniel Bryan is going to win and that’s not just the fanboy in me speaking.

Triple H Vs. Sting
I don’t know how much work Sting has been putting in lately but if he’s at the level he was back in TNA then HHH’s shoulders will hurt by the end of the match from carrying Sting. But there are few better than HHH at carrying matches so I’m not too worried. So depending on how much work Sting has done in preparation for this, this match will either be good or great.
I see Sting winning and putting an end to the Authority angle (which has been stale since like summerslam). Also I don’t see Sting losing his first and possibly only match in a WWE ring.


My worry levels sank a bit when they announced that Lesner had re-signed with WWE because atleast that means it won’t get the same reaction as Lesnar - Goldberg… Which was none.
I personally like Roman Reigns but I feel like they should have changed the storyline slightly based on the reactions he’s been getting. They should have let him be a total badass dominating people left and right instead of giving him looneytoons promos. I still think that Reigns will win because, who else is there to beat a heel Brock Lesnar? But my best scenario outcome would be a double turn and give Reigns a heel run with the title before he can take over Cenas top babyface spot on the rooster.

So there they are. My predictions for this years Wrestlemania.

As of right now I’m not all to psyked for it but Mania is usually a good show so I’ll hopefully still enjoy it.