Silencer (Part 1)

@zugzwangcm-comment-account​: Can you write a fic where the reader was kidnapped as a teenager and been with the kidnapper for years. Then the team raid the house and arrest the kidnapper and hotch looks after the reader who is quite and doesnt talk, Hotch then eventually gets her to talk to him.

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The piercing clanking noise of metal echoes through the silent, empty room. Grey paint cracked and peeled from the eroding walls and murky water slowly, yet continuously, dripped from the ceiling where weeds emerged from the rotting holes. The door gradually opened, fresh air invading the stale, musty smell in the room. An all too familiar figure lured into the doorway.

“Get up,” the figure growled, hunched against the door frame. In obedience, the weak, muddy girl dragged herself up from the stuff, grubby carpet that was puddled in urine.

“Yes, sir.” Y/N whispered, fear knotted within her words despite the many years that the dominating man haunted her.

“Out. Now.” Her kidnapper grunted, plodding out of the way of the doorway. Confusion possessed her wide Y/E/C eyes.

“W-what?” Her voice evidently shook as her knees threatened to give away.

“Now!” His gravely voice bellowed, dark eyes burning into her pale skin. Y/N’s unstable figgure staggered towards him, struggling to keep her balance as her mind raced to the rare times he has let her out of the cramped room.

“Wrist,” the man ordered as Y/N held her bony wrist out for the old man to handcuff her to his thick leather belt.

“You are ready.” He gruffed as his large feet plodded against the coridoors wooden floor. Y/N limped, legs trembling as she tried to keep up.

“F-for what, sir?” She squeeked while the metal cuffs cut into her wrist, drawing blood from the on-going puncture.

“To help me. This way,” the broad man snarled as he pulled her through a narrow, wooden, chipped door. The metal irritated her wound further, tears prickling her sunken eyes.

As the door opened, a large table sat in the middle of the large room. The table blood-stained and worn with shackles placed on the edge. The rough, broad man grasped the handcuff on his belt, undoing it but quickly latching onto Y/N’s bloody, grazed wrist.

“I’m going to demonstrate first. Then you will prove yourself.” He demanded as he cuffed her to a metal pole embedded on the wall.

“Yes, sir.” Y/N wimpered, unaware of what the man was insinuating. The large man confidently stomped over to a large cupboard, placed in the far dark corner of the mysterious room. Placing his rugged hand on the handle, he quickly threw open the door. In effect, revealing a small, thin man physically trembling in a tattered hospital gown with blood scattered across the front. The controlling man yanked him from the cupboard, fighting against his flailing form as he fastened him to the table.

“Now sweetheart. First you make them obey you. If they misbehave, you punish them.” The kidnapper spat then pushed his face inches from the petrified man.

“See, you made a mistake.” The kidnapper dictated, unhurriedly dragging his face away and shuffled over to a small, illuminated fridge beside Y/N who stared over at the unable man. Suddenly, the powerful man began to cackle as he pulled a dicapitated head from the fridge causing Y/N to close her eyes rapidly, afraid to look at the bloody mess.

“This is what happened to the last person who disobeyed me.” Chuckled the overly large man.

“I wont, I swear!” The victim trembled as fear travelled through his veins.

“And who the fuck gave you permission to speak? Do fucking not disobey me.” The kidnapper taunted, throwing the disembodied head in anger as he rushed over to the strained man.

“I’m off to get the tools.” He said, the calmest he had been since he entered the torture room. His harsh, threatening eyed snapped over to Y/N’s tear-stained face before storming out of the room.

“Please,” the man whispered, “do anything.” Tears fell from his fearful eyes as he attempted to pull his limbs from the tight shackles.

“I-I don’t know how.” Y/N quivered, staring hopelessly at the pained victim. As she spoke, he cast his gaze over to her worried eyes. But as he pulled his gaze away the phone of the wall near Y/N gained his attention.

“The phone.” The man whispered, louder than before, a glimmer of hope shining in his brown eyes. Y/N looked over to the corner, acknowledging the phone that hung on the wall. Instantaneously, she leant over to the phone but the handcuffs restricted her, her fingers barely grazing the phone.

“I c-can’t reach,” Y/N cried, the metal pushing further into the open wound that grew on her wrist.

“Please,” the man continued to plead, his blood shot eyes glued onto her struggling figure. Y/N pulled on the cuffs, yelling out in pain while she stretched and her fingers scraped the phone. Her jagged breath grew harsh as she knocked the phone from its holder.

“Yes,” she whispered in achievement and quickly entered the emergency number with her trembling, dusty fingers.

“I-I did it.” Y/N whispered, fear interlaced in her words as she thought about her kidnappers reaction, but it was too late. Before she could do anything the man thrusted through the door, gun and knife in hand. The man’s fierce gape lingered on the man who instantly looked between the fearful girl and fearsome man. Due to the mans nervous reaction, the dominating form walked toward Y/N, immediately noticing the phone hanging from the wall.

“What the fuck?!” He yelled, dropping the weapons and holding Y/N to the wall by her thin throat. Her dry throat burned as she tried to escape his tight grip.

“How dare you go against me? I trusted you.” He roared, his face pressed closer to hers as she shook in fear.

“S-sorry,” Y/N gargled, spit running from her parted lips and her eyes rolling back while she tried to breathe through his tight constraint. However, his grip loosened as he looked back at the shackled man.

“You! What did you say to her?” He yelled, picking up the gun and hurrying over to him. Before the innocent man could even think of responding, the kidnapped pulled the trigger and blood painted the walls and floor around the table. Tears began drowning Y/N’s face as she fell to th floor, screaming in terror. Her head fell to her strained arm on the metal pole, sobbing as she avoided the angered mans harsh stare.

“FBI, don’t shoot. Drop the weapon and we wont shoot.”


Part 2

the dudes who help me out

I want to tell u all about two guys and wat they help me out with. These are both dudes who contacted me on tumblr an we just started chattin….eventually we got to where we are now. there happy an im happy… an its pretty awsum.

First theres @callipygianguy. He’s my bro an ever since he found out that I locked my cock up he figgured that im ready to explore my sub side. Damn is he rite.

He started out slow feelin out wat got me horny. eventually he got me to just start listenin to my cock all the time…lettin it steer me in the rite direction. we found out there are sum things that turn me on. like doin what sum other dude tells me.

So he started tellin me to do stuff. Like he decided i need to go to the gym 6 times a week…now i do that. An he picks out exactly wat exercises i do while im there.

After we did that for a while he started picking out my clothes. today im wearing a green henley an brown chinos with my black UA boxerjock cause he told me to. ill workout wearing my blue baller shorts an my long sleeve compression shirt cuz he told me to

I like how i dont have to think about any of this stuff anymore…its so much easier to do then to think.

I also need to tell u about @arandomtist. A few tists got in touch with me an now im exclusive wit this guy. Hes a great tist an he helps me learn how to focus for work an how to focus for the gym.

everyday wen i go to the gym i go into beast mode cuz he put sumthing in my head… i mean i asked him to an its excellent. i push so much harder now that i got beast mode.

he also plays games with me. Sometimes he puts me in trance an wen i come out i get to be someone else for a while. its kinda roleplay but it feels more real yknow?

@arandomtist isnt my bro tho…hes my boss. Hes gotta be becuz hes got so much power over me. I think it makes him happy wen I call him boss so i make sure to do it lots.

between those 2 guys plus my boyfriend…i got lots of people helping me out an making sure i dont have to make any decisions.

its a great life.