Finished it. Very happy with how this came out! Ghadius is easily one of my favorite villains. His design is just spooky enough in contrast to the happy-go-lucky world he inhabits. And his voice in the PS1 game is bone chilling. Anyways I deviated from the canonical design, and based it more on a specific concept art image of him. 

When they approached me about doing the poster for the Bee and Puppycat movie I said, “Shucks! Who da hell is gonna wanna watch a frilly film like dat? Da kids want ACTION I TELLS YA” I tells ‘em!

Needless to say when the film broke box office records, I realized that Bee and Puppycat wasn’t just the best space epic of our time, but that it was ALSO the best SPACE epic of our time.

Aw man. The new Homestar Runner update made me sad. The bonus scene at the end, where Homestar and Strongbad catch up with each other as if they hadn’t seen one another for years is just sort of a bummer. Homestar Runner was once one of the most influential things in my life, and is what inspired me to animate. Probably more sad cause I think of how long ago that was and how young I was, ha ha. Oh well. 

Enjoy this incredibly rushed color experiment/speed paint. 


Here is it! My calarts thesis film entirely about subway…… … … … .   .   .   .     .         .                .                      . 



NAME: Valie Finner


ALIAS: Murder Merchant, The Scam of the Sector, Our Lady of No Virtue, Madame Armory, Grade A Bitch


Wanted on 30 counts of distributing arms and illicit materials. Known association with black market Piranet. 1 count of distributing bootleg copies of Super Mario Bros. Move


Art Trade with the fabulous Jolly!


1.TIME HORSE: Belongs to eellie

Time horse claims he possessed time travel powers that activate when he is stabbed or dismembered. We tried stabbing him multiple times but all he does is moan and go “Aww yeah! Aww yeah! Hurt me SO GOOD- wait don’t stop it was almost working that time I promise, guys!

2. GRENADILLO:  Belongs to pansley

The egg explodes killing everyone within a 5 foot radius. Left in the smokey remains, Grenadillo stand solem. Constantly crying. When asked why he cries, "Life is so fragile… at any minute we could die… Literally. Like if someone even accidentally pulls my ringtail I’m GONNA DIE! I WAS JUST BORN I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!!!” and continues to sob openly

3. XXXX: Belongs to h-word

Well this is unfortunate… Whatever was in egg number 3 appears to have been ingested by a special Egg-parasite. The egg-parasite claims that what it did was for the good of the universe, as the egg was hatching an evil demon bent on torture… Of course he also recommended several urls that turned out to be spam, so his word is to be taken lightly.

4. GRAND EMPEROR SI: Belongs to rawmon

You’re egg was smashed during shipping. Our bad… To make it up to you we try to use the egg to make a nice lave-omelet, but to our surprise the yolk came to life screaming “I AM EMPEROR SI GRAND LEADER OF ALL THAT EXISTS.” He claims to have been a emperor in ancient China in a past life, and was reincarnated as the powerful monster we see before us, after tripping down the stairs of his throne and dying. The symbol on his egg corresponds to the Chinese symbol for 4 which is the unluckiest number. We tried explaining that in his current form he is not a powerful monster, but he just kept yelling at us to gather more butter and cheese to make him more powerful. He seems to be confused.



Characters are free to do with as you wish! Eggsellent Industries does reserve to create imperfect clones of these for company experiments, but these here are yours truly! Sell ‘em, kill 'em, fuck 'em, make a comic with 'em, marry 'em! The world is your egg, damn good judgement!

Designs by Figgs (themrfiggs) but now belong to those listed 

I’ve been doing some color experiments to push my color theory further and I decided to practice using this fun little critter by SHARPINGTON

Their designs are super fun! So check ‘em out.

If the colors haven’t completely seared you’re eyes, I’m having an issue where whatever I upload, the colors seem slightly different. Darker dingier.

These piece may be bright and tacky BUT IT CAN BE SO MUCH MORE BRIGHT AND TACKY.