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Some love for the Glee guys! Finn, Puck, Artie, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Mike, Matt, Jake, Ryder, Spencer, Mason, Roderick, Joe, Rory, Will, Figgins, Burt, Sebastian, Hunter, Adam, Elliot, Brody, Dave, we love you all!

Glee Goodbye: Counting down the 10 Best Glee Characters of All Time!

Six years have gone by in the halls of McKinley High. Countless moments of singing, countless moments of laughing and most importantly, countless moments of crying. The characters from Glee, despite their generic outlook, do hold a sense of creativity within them. So between Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez and plenty more, we chose our top ten characters that have been appeared in the show – going all the way back to the first episode! So between 

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