Theory about Rurukas death+ who might be the traitor (and why kyoko is probably alive){i really hope the grammar mistakes dont kill you,my laptop has an autocorection and my mother tongue is not english but you should understand everything}

ok before the Timer hits Ruruka layys on her stomach an fell asleep.After rewatching the episode i noticed that she didnt mve fro the spot but was flipped.Proof is this big stone and the TV. Ok now look at her body: we all noticed that rurukas death is almost more brutal than leons but look at her chest. The critical hit was her chest not her stomach. My theory is that the Traitor doesnt necessary has a grude on her,more like he/she is angry in general,less people alive= more likly that their identiy is revealed because remember the Traitor is only allowed to kill one person.BNack to ruruka: The Tv was ok before she went to sleep but after her body is revealed the monitor has a little scratch. I have no idea why they did this but we know that nothing in Danganronpa is random (Seikos death kinda revealed that they are underwater).Ruruka was probably awake when she die. Look at her Figernails:all bloody and broken this is proof for a struggle. Ok now about Kirigiri:

ok the FF fell 4 times asleep: Chisa was murdered,Great Gozu was murdered, Seiko was murdered and now the fourth time with Ruruka dying. ok now we settled this,look at Kyokos ng code: Passing the fourth TIME LIMIT. The sleeping bomb doesnt count as time limit since they didnt have the bracelets.

As Asahina runs to her we see a little bottle rolling away which could be Seikos Medicine. Rewatching the Scene where they eat we see Sardines in a red juice (probably tomatoe). Munakata probably drank all of Seikos bottle making it empty (duh).Kyoko probably found the bottle during her investigations. Waking up as the SECOUND person in the room she runs to the food;applies the tomatoe sauce onto her left eye and cheek,lets the bottle out of her pocket and pretends to be dead so she would be out of the attackers radius. Now to my theory who the traitor is:

Why would Tengan be surpried to see the Leader of the 10th Divison during an important meeting with all the other leaders and later dropped the topic? : Because Tengan had a theory that it was him but he kept quiet. This would also explain why munakata was so shocke,because no one would suspect a little,sweet yet antisocial man who fights for hope? There is this proverb about telling you to keep your friends close and enemies closesr; this´would explain why he decided to stick with Kyoko since she was the only one who tried to find out whats happening to them

Mitarai is very gullible,I mean he changed his room to a secret cellar which has only two doors (btw they are all hidden) and didnt notice that Junko listened carefully to his explanation about his brainwashing methods. She probably used his brainwashing methods in the recordings of the Student council murder trying to make him despair. With the tragedy and all the fights he sooner or later fell into despair BUT something similiar to Nagito: Creating despair will make an bigger hope. And what isnt more despair inducing than the FF heads all dying? But yeah thats just my thoughts~