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I bet T'challa really likes scratches, like someone lightly running their figernails over his scalp or back. Not in a sexual way or anthing, but maybe while cuddling.


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How do you draw hands? Could you give me (and everyone else suffering) a tutorial? I-If it's not too much!! /)\\\(\

try other shapes and just draw boxex for fingers. round them between the joints and add details like figernails and palm lines etc etc.

and that’s it.
Side note: i tried. im not the best. sorry.

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Nino saw them. Her to be more exact, he was in a café when he noticed his barista for the first time while ordering coffee. Her damn eyes, they were the exact same. He held back rage and pain and it looked like she held back fear. She knew what he had turned into and she knew it was her fault. The greens and golds the brown, the same and damnit if he wasn't going to talk to her.

She was older than him, by a handful of years it seemed like. He approached in a straight line but she was looking down and away from him as she untied her apron. She only looked up when it seemed like he was about to speak, and she met his eyes calmly, though hesitantly, and silently asked him to wait.
He isnt sure why he did, he should scream it, shout it. Reveal her for what she was
For what they both were.
But he didnt.
It was a few more moments before they were alone, in the cool musty air of a back alley. She stood almost a full foot shorter than him, and though he carried such aged pain and rage she still seemed older.
He tried to build up words he didnt have, his figernails digging into the skin of palms. When suddenly she looked up at him and he saw so much pain. So much sadness and guilt weathered down into two hardened windows into a burdened soul.
“I’m sorry”