He wanted to claw at her, make her feel what he felt inside. She made him ache for more time. It was always about time. The time of parting, the time of mating, the time of languishing. 

He had found something he had thought he lost. The cruelness of the world never made her stop smiling. Had they all wanted to protect her? Had the ones before ever known this love? Those thoughts would creep up, when he was alone. Alone, and dying. Those eyes that showed him the way always. 

The way her skin falls over her bones made him hungry. She knew what those eyes meant. She knew the courtship dance he would perform. 

His face was what always did her in, and the way he stood proud to show her what she did to him.

His bare chest called out for her hands. he wondered what ran through that mind of hers, the way she looked at him betrayed the complexity of her. Her face transformed into the lion. 

“you look so strong like that.”

She smiles up at him, laughs, eyes down, cheekbones flushed.

“No” he whispers, eyes wandering. 

Her tan skin, the new marks on her back… he could not help but ask. His hands take her into his arms, and those lips touch. 

How had this happened? The memories have started to fade, new stories taking over. But her mind would never forget. He counts on this. When someone is lost for as long as he was, once you find your mated, you will never let go. 

She knew she found what she searched for. That mind of his. He had long forgotten how invisibly angry he was when he realized she could see all of him. Now he knows. This creature before him will never break his heart. She will never incite the worst. She will never use him out of spite, never use that mind of hers to cause the deepest of pain. 

The way she clutches him, the way she takes in his skin, makes him loose all the memories. Every time has the urgency of the first times. Every year his love grows stronger. 

Even as her love is only for him, he knows. He knows she was not made just for him. He loves to watch her. Her smile. Her way of making anyone she meets melt.  She charms all who fall under her gaze. To have her on his arm, he still knows. He knows she was made for the world. That when she does weep, she weeps for them all. 

Her inner workings are his to discover. He discovered long ago that she was an angel. And angels keep no memories.