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My first test animation of Wheatley finally jeez

I did this in pretty much a week before I took off to CTN haha oops. He’s pretty rough, but after a year of not being able to animate, I’m just happy that I finally got to animate him!  

I want to work on GLaDOS next, very excited~!
A First-of-Its-Kind HIV Vaccine Will Move to Phase II Trials in 2017
This is progress.
By Fiona MacDonald

A brand new type of HIV vaccine will move onto phase II clinical trials in 2017, after phase I trials showed that it was safe to use in humans.

The potential new vaccine will be tested on 600 people in North America, to see how well it can prevent them from getting the virus.

Before we get too excited, the phase I trials were only set up to show that the vaccine was tolerated well by the human body - they didn’t demonstrate if it actually works as a preventative treatment.

But the team saw promising results, with the vaccine triggering an immune response in the HIV-positive patients it was tested on.

“We were very excited with the phase I results,” said team leader Chil-Yong Kang, from Western University in Canada.

“The trial demonstrated that our vaccine stimulates broadly neutralising antibodies that will neutralise not only single sub-types of HIV, but other sub-types, which means that you can have the vaccine cover many different strains of the virus.”

The results of that trial have been published this week in the journal Retrovirology, and the researchers have announced that they’ve received regulatory approval to take the vaccine development to the next level as early as September next year.

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Return | The Last of Us PT II [Pre]

Gearing up for The Last of Us PT II.

[Done via Twitch livestream]

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who wants 


finally got around to doing something to the withered animatronics. woohoo!
Say hello to grandpa Freddy and foxy and grandma Bonnie and chica
a wonderful bunch they are. 

Animating on my Nintendo 3DS!

Over the Thanksgiving break I started playing with the new Nintendo 3DS app, “Butterfly: Inchworm Animation 2,” which is the “sequel” to the fun DSi animation app I had fun with a few years ago (See here and here).

It’s pretty amazing what this new app can do, even with the limitations of the 3DS.  The overall drawing/image creation tools are pretty good. You can customize brushes and save out your favorite settings. There’s the ability to record video and now audio, and there’s a library of sound effects you can use as well.  

Currently there’s only enough memory for 100 drawings, but there’s a multi-layer timeline with key commands that allow you to tweak the timing, hold images, loop a range, and repeat drawings.  It kind of reminded me of how the Etch-a-Sketch Animator (the animation toy from 1986) only had 12 drawings you could make but if you were clever with the re-timing and ordering you could make it seem like it had more.  I didn’t really mind the image limit… it reminded me of writing an efficient tweet. :)

Not sure if I’ll continue using this app because of the scope of the projects I have brewing in my head, but it was nice to do simple and short animation that doesn’t take a year to complete.  After all, the original goal of this blog was to animate more frequently.  Perhaps I’ll do a mix of animation with “higher end”  renders using TV Paint, and quick “tweet” animation with the 3DS.  :)

For an app costing only $5, I definitely recommend it for kids or students wanting to practice animation.