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Hi Fig! Fellow artist here; I have always wanted to try figure drawing at a rockclimbing gym if there are any in your area, or even a normal gym or work out area. I'm sure you could get some great dynamic poses there! Best of luck! 🎈

THATS A GOOD IDEA!! sadly i don’t have one available to me. maybe a playground


I recently had an (obviously heated) debate amongst friends regarding which foods are like sex. Not sexiest, mind you, but literally, in and of themselves, reminiscent of sex. It’s an important distinction (you feel me)—these foods are entities so lush and multivalent that they make you blush just thinking about them. I’ve written at length about figs many times before here on K&C (pizza and galette, in particular), and each year my love for the fruit reveals something new to me. 

This year, I realized that they’re at the top of that list for me. Figs are totally like sex.

I grew up with a huge fig tree about fifty feet from my bedroom window, and had the luxury of fighting the birds to get the first juicy orbs the moment they were ripe. Figs have always been elemental to me—not just a culinary pleasure, but a part of my identity. I get excited just thinking about different ways to use them.

Recipe and much more here.

‘Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu invited Adrian Stan, the coach that coordinated FIG’s Academy and led GB’s team into the elite world, to hold lectures to the coaches involved in the ‘Tara, tara, vrem campioane!’ program (B&B’s program meant to develop gymnastics by recruiting talented young girls). There were also club coaches attending the event in Bucharest. Questions and answers, a lot to learn and desire to keep up with new methods in order to do everything that needs to be done to help the young gymnasts become champions!’

If you want to know more about who Adrian Stan is, or what has he done for the FIG or the GB team, here is an article I translated a while ago.

Aphrodite walks the garden paths, on gravel that bites at her soft soles. On cobbles smooth and cool; finding the green moss with her toes. The breeze smells like lavender and lupine, purple cones nodding, nodding.

Through the privet mazes, short round leaves verdant and yellow in the sunlight. Lovingly cut and shaped into walls of living breath. Every stray cut, snipped, pinched.

She finds a statue in the centre of the pond, marble curves softened by rain and guarded by slips of orange, black spotted fish beneath the surface, and she smiles.

Dogwood shades the swinging bench, scattering pale petals on the neat grass, springy underfoot, as carpet. 

The rose garden riots with scent, an old perfume. Buff Beauty with its blooming skirt of frills, petal petticoats. Fantin and Felicia pink as blush.

Beyond the garden walls, the orchards lie. Rows and rows of Russet, Lambourne apple, Williams pear. Even figs and olives grow here, protected from the snow.

Aphrodite of the English garden.


yesterday my lovely neighbour gave me some awesome figs x)

here’s wholemeal vegan pancakes sweetened with truvia and cinnamon, topped with vanilla greek yogurt, banana, almonds, local raspberries and figs + detox iced lemon water ♡


The wedding seating is a very interesting topic to consider, particularly as Sherlock had a large part to play in the arrangement of family members

Example: fig 1 shows how the traditional marriage seating should be

Fig 1

Here is just a lil reminder of how the main four were seated in The Sign of Three:

This is so important!!