fify lmao


So ,,,, Otayuri Beauty & the Beast AU ,,,, I really have no way to make sense of this since the Beast suits Yurio more, but…I really just wanted to draw Yuri being impressed when he sees Beka in beast form lmao

  • Fiona: *repeating a fan's question* Why no Kendall Jenner or Taylor Swift [on the heart monitor thing]?
  • Nick: I don't know...
  • Fiona: You didn't want to do it, did you?
  • Nick: No, I bottled it.
  • Fiona: You should've done it cause it would've skyrocketed.
  • Nick: Or plummeted, we don't know.
  • Fiona: I think it would've gone up for Kendall and he might've passed out for Taylor.
  • Nick: D'you think? Well, next time he's in- Just kidding he's never coming back after that.
  • Fiona: Just show him a picture of a suitcase.
  • Nick: [laughing] Yeah! There she is in there.