fiftyshadesofstilinski replied to your post “do you guys actually like jackson from teen wolf or no”

Nope. I like the actor but I just could rarely sympathize with that character. I never fully bought into his and Lydia’s love, he was such a douche canoe.

mystillnotginger replied to your post “do you guys actually like jackson from teen wolf or no”

nop :(

omg i’m relieved, i really want to punch him in the face sometimes?? like they just showed isaac getting beaten up by his dad and then they asked jackson if he knew and he said yes but it was not “his business” ugh aren’t you a real douchebag

and i was talking about that to two of my irl friends and they were like “omg no he’s just misunderstood he’s my babyy” and then i told them i loved allison and they said she was useless uhm excuse u 

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well they acknowledged Freemas past part by saying it was her “cousin" who died in the cybermens take over. but they never brought up Karen, so who knows.

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karen was in the same episode before amy existed omg

tbh i still have some episodes to catch up on for dw so i may not have seen that one but omg

i wonder who wins at the recycled actors game–the uk or canada?

fiftyshadesofstilinski asked:

1, 2 & 5 (:

What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

uhhh dallison?? idk i dont ship a lot but i get why people ship things? i think dallison is the one im most like what about

Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?

is sciles popular? i can’t get into it.

Do you have a NoTP in [insert fandom here]?

teen wolf, dallison

back when i was in the glee fandom i knew some people who were very into romantic brittany and blaine and it just lksdhffsd no