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aren’t we all just “a crazy person with internet” :P

True, but there are crazy persons with internet like me and there are crazy persons with internet that are awesome follow material like you lol You’re sexy and you know it

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I fangirled too when you followed me, Olivia! xD

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you serious? I think I ran around the house for about an hour when you followed me!!

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Im still not over that you Olivia were one of the first people to follow me! I’m still teary-eyed.

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okay that gif killed me for the second time and your kindness for the third… ARE YOU HAPPY NOW

You guys need to stop, I already drunk too much today

If I drink more before dinner I’ll start to take off my clothes and make love declarations for you all and harass you guys on your ask boxes

The sobs are already here ILY <3

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♡ btw omg somerbucks coffee i'm dying xD

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haaawh! <3


Merry Christmas everyone! The holidays are soon approaching so I thought I would make a Christmas follow forever (that and they’ve been all over my dash so why not). My year has had its ups and downs, but a lot of the ups had to with of all of you: the tumblr community. You’ve all made my tumblr experience an amazing one and i’m extremely thankful to have all of you in my life, whether I talk to you on a daily basis or admire you from afar All of the blogs listed here are absolutely AMAZING and deserve a follow if you’re not following them. Thank you all for making my dash a lovely place and I hope 2014 will be a great year for each and every one of you!

Shoutout to the Homies (hover over your name for a cute message!):

 Dawn ❅ Julie ❅ Kirsty ❅ Laura ❅ Lynne ❅ Mari ❅ Nick ❅ Pascale ❅ Tay ❅ Vicki ❅ Zsó

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