fifty ways to say goodbye


        He’s been here for… What, a week now? Lila watching the house, Tony off… God knows where. For the time being they told him no visitors; he’s only allowed to see anyone today for the first time since he came. Pepper was the first to visit, with open arms and tears in her eyes. Bringing him chocolate. Were thy allowed that, in rehab? Ah, he’d ask later.

        Shit, he didn’t deserve these people, really. And even if he wanted to see Tony, seeing him was the thing he also dreaded the most - almost made him want to go back to not seeing anyone at all. It was something his psychologist had told him to be possible, too. Denying seeing anyone until he got out.

        But no, he just… He needed to see. That he was still here.That he hadn’t goddamn left him again.

        So he waited.


Train: “Fifty Ways to Say Goodbye”

Pat is such a hottie <3 I love this song and the music video never fails to leave me grinning. 4:05 is the best. xD