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jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!

If u genderbend characters for the sole purpose of hettifying a gay ship ur gross


In a time where to be different was to be condemned, and to be condemned was to die, one man chose to question his god


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You were curled up in a ball in the bedroom which you shared with your husband Loki. You’d gotten into another fight where you screamed pointless obscenities at one another, slamming doors, making empty threats. Somehow the subject of you breaking up always got brought up. Both of you new though that neither of you could manage being apart. You were perfect for each other. Sometimes you and Loki would joke and say that you’d been made for each other. But in your defence, sometimes it seemed true.

Well, it seemed true until hurt feelings lead to high running emotions. Which lead to high running emotions. Which lead to a fight, which lead to an ending with the two of you hating each other from separate rooms.

The door suddenly slammed open and Loki stormed in, beginning to strip off his clothing. He ignored the looks you were sending him and climbed on topp of the bed beside you. Without words, he began to strip you of your clothing, adjusting you as he needed. His hands wandered, putting pressure on your sensitive spots all the way down your spine .Soon you began to tingle all over, becoming jelly in his hands.

“I’m still mad at you…” you grumbled, trying to hold onto your anger in spite of the pleasure. It wasn’t working. He bit and kissed your neck, squeezed your ass, and grabbed your hair. His grip gave him the control to yank your head back and go for your throat.

His teeth on your neck drove you wild. You’re still angry, but more turned o. He striped you naked with your reluctant assistance and turned you around. Now you faced the wall, hands bracing yourself in front of you, while his restless fingers began to explore you. He started with one finger, adding another finger son after and making you gasp loudly. And when he started finger fucking you mercilessly, shock wave after wave of forbidden pleasure rolled over you.

But you simply couldn’t allow yourself to cum yet, that would be giving in way too easily. You move away, turning and pushing him down onto the bed. You laid on top of hi, lining his cock up with your pussy. His eyes closed and he let out a slight gasp, making it clear to you that he wanted this as much as you do. “Apologise.”

“What?” His voice came out desperate, making you smile slightly.

“Say that you’re sorry, to me.” He was simply silent and so you began to move your hips and allowed his dick to slide in half way. You had to stop yourself from moaning but Loki did, quickly you drew back and he whined like a child who’d had his candy taken.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He grunted. Finally you feel down onto his cock, it slid in easy considering how wet you were. Not a few minutes passed - those minutes filled with moans from earth-shattering pleasure - before you felt the pull of an orgasm forming from deep within the foldsof your pussy. After that, Loki rolled you over, him on his knees and you bent with your ass in the air. He pumped hard and fast and strong, bringing himself to an orgasm that rocked his soul.

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Oh, I actually didn't point to the song as an example of Iroh being sexist. For example, I love La Marseillaise, but its lyrics could at best be described as outdated. My point was that he came from a sexist, colonialist society, where singing about invading cities and kissing girls was almost as acceptable as jokes about burning cities. So the fandom shouldn't be surprised when he is accused of being sexist: sometimes, he simply is.

Also, about the Iroh song: my original post didn’t make it clear but I’m 100% sure it’s not his invention! He probably heard it somewhere… 

Soooo sorry I took ten thousand years to answer, but I get you now :) I wasn’t sure in which sense you meant the example to be interpreted, but I get it. You’re definitely right, and it’s still messed up to no end that there would be such a song about Ba Sing Se women, and that it would likely be of Fire Nation invention (I don’t know if Iroh was that big on nation integration before his redemption, even his “picking up skills from waterbenders” could have happened as he traveled through the world after Lu Ten’s death).

And yep, I agree, sometimes Iroh has behavior that looks sexist enough in many eyes. Not a lot of people will agree on it, but if anything, it’s an interpretation of Iroh’s behavior that probably could use more attention by the fandom.