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is lups partner in torch it up for the swap greg grimmaldis?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my go d……………..holy shit thats amazing. no, in this au its only the members of ipre that are swapped and noone else, tho somtimes i draw other swaps bc its rly fun??? but jesus thats a good one. can u imagine taako at the press conference yellin SAZED YOU OWE ME FIFT

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Honestly, as an armature/practicing artist, Bendy and the Ink Machine has been such a blessing to me. Simple, cartoony characters in terms of general design have let me flourish a bit, especially since I already had a pretty cartoonist style already. And while I'm still afraid to post the artwork, I've been increasingly proud of it.

Heck, I’m going to art school and it’s a blessing to me too. Gives me a chance to practice a more cartoony style while also allowing me to draw in my usual realistic style, not to mention IRL Bendy’s just fun to draw in general.

Caged [23]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2715 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 22  Part 24

Jin considered himself a simple man.

When he was a child, he had enjoyed books and cartoons. He had never gotten into trouble with teachers or fellow students; most people considered him a quiet and intelligent child, maybe even a bit wise beyond his years. He had enjoyed heavy stories about politics and history, about wars and tensions, and he had been fascinated by the men who had fought to resolve conflict in their countries.

Almost as much as by the men who had caused it.

As a teenager, Jin had excelled at math and sciences at school, and taught himself everything there was to know about computers in his pastime. He had learned about hardware and software, and all the useful things computers could do, and he had been excited by how much information he could easily access.

Almost as much as by his sudden ability to get information that was not easy to access.

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The curious circle of Mirage III derivatives and copies.

First, the French machines:

On top we have the original Mirage III, one hell of an interceptor and fighter, the living proof that a delta wing was the perfect solution for supersonic flight (instead of that god-awful wing used by the F-104), an overall and outstanding export success, effectively the west’s MiG-21, only superior.

The second is her first major upgrade, the Mirage V, a version almost tailor-made for Israel (but more of that in a sec), that sacrificed all-weather interception capacity for better ground-attack capabilities, with an stretched fuselaje, better payload, better range, more hard-points, and a nose cone designed to improve ground view. Another export success.

Third is the ultimate version, the Mirage 50, a throwback to the original all-weather interception capabilities, with a set of fixed canards to improve flying characteristics, a new radar and engine, not as successful as her predecessors, but still an aircraft to behold.

Now we get to the international copies and variants:

The fourth one is effectively an unlicensed Israeli version of the Mirage V, the IAI Nesher (Vulture). Build after France denied delivery of the V’s the Israelis both helped to make and payed in full, where, Israel being Israel, decided that fuck the french, they were getting their Mirages, so what they did was STEAL her blueprints using the Mossad, and effectively build them themselves, the only differences being the american ejection seats and some israeli-made avionics, quickly passed out and sold to Argentina following our next contender.

The fifth variant was a improvement over the Nesher, replacing the french-made engine with an american-made one, the same that powered the F-4 already in service with the IAF, the General Electric J79, giving birth to the IAI Kfir (Lion’s cub, a colombian C10 version is pictured), a superior variant with better avionics, higher payload and all-around performance, although with a reduced range.

And the final variant, the South African Atlas Cheetah, which is essentially a mix between a Kfir and a Mirage III, with a more powerful french-made engine (the same equipping the Mirage 50), much better avionics, improvements of dogfighting ability, and overall the ultimate version of the Mirage III, which in turn, curiously enough, would lead to the development of the upgraded Kfir C10 (seen on the fift pic), completing the circle. 

With the Cheetah died the development of this remarkable aircraft, as the French moved on to the far superior but far less successful Mirage 2000, the Israelis would try and fail to make their own fighter based on the lessons from the Nesher and Kfir, culminating in the cancelled (thanks to america) IAI Lavi, and the South Africans gave up on aircraft-making after the end of Apartheid brought an end to their military complex, the most advance in Africa.

moving lips to breathe her name

Bellamy Blake is destined for great things, including a successful senior year and a future at the Ivy League school of his choice. But what happens when he meets Clarke Griffin, Hamilton High’s newest bad girl, a girl with an affinity for leather, ripped jeans, and bad decisions?

Clarke Griffin is angry. Still coping with her father’s recent death and a move to a new town the summer before senior year, she’s ready to fight. Enter a new best friend and a bad boy boyfriend and she thinks she’s got everything under control. Until her history teacher’s TA catches her eye. Now she’s thinking life in Hamilton just got a little more interesting.

Full Story: Tumblr | AO3

chapter 4 - clarke

She wakes up Saturday morning with the hangover from hell and her hand throbbing from punching the shit out of Murphy the night before.

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Convince Me: Luke Hemmings Imagine (Hockey!5sos)

hockey player luke is giving me chest pains i can’t even think straight 


also soz i’ve been super inactive i’ve just had a lot of things to do x

Warning: smut (obvi)


“What the hell is Ashton doing talking to Luke Hemmings?” your friend whispered to you, causing you to shift your attention to the two of them. Ashton, your older brother, was in a heated argument with the captain of the rival hockey team Luke Hemmings during their warm-up. Judging by the way things looked, this was only going to end with blood and bruises everywhere. 

Luke Hemmings was the guy every girl wanted; the guy you’d be honoured to have your heart broken by. His perfectly quaffed hair and dazzling blue eyes had girls swooning every time they heard his name and going nuts when they saw him on the ice. However, with his drop dead good looks came a cocky attitude. He knew the affect his presence had on girls and didn’t waste a second trying to charm anyones pants off. He had a notorious record of having sex with girls who’s hearts were leaping out of their chest for him, give them a quick glimpse of hope in a relationship but then kicking them to the curb, never speaking to them again.

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