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the year is 1952. seventeen year old waylon park lives in colorado with his parents, is an only child. his parents are working as medical researchers in the murkoff hospital at mount massive, only for a freak accident to kill them. waylon’s only other living relative is his uncle residing in the sleepy town of black creek close to the same hospital. and so, against his better wishes, in february waylon officially makes the move to black creek and starts his new quiet life. or at least it seems as such. but nothing about black creek is quiet.


The new house of the owners of an international scope press office agency, in Milan.

Antonio Scolari and Cristian Pizzinini revamped a period house in a new trendy district in Milan, with their passion for art and historic design. Light-filled interiors, with classic parquet and very high ceilings with their plasterwork, brought to a new life thanks to the use of shadows of grey for the walls and stunning furniture, with rare and original Italian pieces since the fifties

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.
—  Rumi

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*plops on* I'm staying here until Lucifer takes Chloe as his bride and WE are ALL going to pile up here and wait it out as a FAMILY. A highly dysfunctional family with EXTREME daddy and mommy issues! - Old-scratch

Okay but, purely for the fluff and for the palliation of our bruised fangirl hearts after 2x13, just imagine a Deckerstar wedding.


Chloe probably had to take the devil by the horns and actually propose herself, half by accident, after Lucifer finally bought a ring but chickened on it and chickened on it and kept stammering and changing the subject whenever he tried. Post-a few exasperated chats with Maze, for both of them, Chloe is finally like “look, I know you have it, so… do you want to give it to me or not?”

And he gets this utter deer-in-the-headlights look and bumbles through an obliviously adorable speech about not deserving her and he knows she already did this once and he’s probably worse than Detective Douche – er, Dan, etc, etc, but Chloe shuts him up by kissing him. Because you know what? She wants to do this, with him. She wants to show him, again, that it’s real. That she doesn’t want anything less with him than she ever had with Dan.

Ella is astounded when they walk into work the next day, grinning like fools, because she always figured they had already been married for about five years. But she is very excited and bursting at the seams to help plan the wedding.

Dan claps Lucifer on the shoulder and tells him to do a better job with her than I did, man. He also congratulates Chloe later.

Trixie is of course OVER THE GODDAMN MOON. So is Penelope. They and Ella (and Maze, who has VERY INTERESTING IDEAS) take over planning Chloe’s bachelorette party.

Amenadiel and Dan get stuck planning Lucifer’s bachelor party, which they think can’t possibly be any more of a crazy party than Lucifer himself has already thrown. This ends up just being the three of them drinking beer in Lucifer’s penthouse and having surprisingly heartfelt conversations about life. Amenadiel reminds Dan at least three times that he looks like a cop.

Linda is equally over the moon but has to talk Lucifer out of at least a dozen wrong conclusions about marriage and what a wedding would be and his various comments on his parents’ marriage and how badly that went wrong and so on and so forth. This takes at least a few weeks.

Likewise, Lucifer panics and runs away for hours at least five times. They aren’t exactly doing anything Kardashian-fancy, but Lucifer’s pride (and sense of decor) will not allow him to proceed with any trashy low-rent affair. Nothing but the best for his detective. He gives her his black card and tells her to get whatever she likes, dress-shopping.

Chloe, being a frugal and sensible person, does not spend fifty grand on a designer dress, though she is briefly tempted. She gets something pretty, simple, and sensible. Trixie loves it. Maze is dismayed that it could be, like, at least ten times wilder.

(Maze’s idea of dressing the bridesmaids – her, Linda, and Ella – in matching white leather catsuits is resoundingly voted down.)

Amenadiel is the best man and keeps trying to find somewhere to practice his speech where Lucifer won’t overhear him. Trixie is, of course, the flower girl.

Obviously the Devil Himself is not going to get married in a church, and even “death do us part” is a bit silly as a wedding vow, because death has parted them twice now and that has been NBD. Linda does not get paid nearly enough to deal with all Lucifer’s existential crises over an angel marrying a human and one of them being immortal and the other mortal and all this. He just about calls the whole thing off again, but one look at Chloe’s face when he gets home that night, as she and Trixie and Maze are arguing about wedding cakes, and she looks up at him and just shines, and he doesn’t.

The big day finally gets there, everyone is panicking and running around, and Lucifer goes off to the beach, where they’re holding it, and terrifies the caterers and the setup people, until Maze drags him off to get dressed. Not without a few smacks upside the head.

Finally everyone gets sorted out and starts arriving, it’s just a small family-and-friends thing, there are chairs set up on the beach and it’s a perfect L.A. afternoon. Penelope is in her element and bustling around and greeting people, while Lucifer is having a heart attack over in one of the tents and Amenadiel is torn between patting him on the shoulder and whacking him.

Finally finally, however, they get going and it shouldn’t, it never should, it has been barely controlled chaos up until now, but it… works.

Lucifer appears in his tux and does not run away. Stands and waits until he sees Chloe, who is walking herself up the aisle (she wants to point out, again, that she is the only reason she’s coming to him, just her, just her choice, just them).

The expression on his face, just then, would light up a thousand stars and a thousand more. He is in absolute awe. He can barely remember his vows.

(Maze is determined not to cry. She fails. Linda doesn’t even bother trying not to.)

They hold the reception. They eat cake. They have a honeymoon booked for tomorrow, somewhere remote and tropical and quiet, but right now it’s just them and their family and that is all they care about. They can barely take their eyes off each other. It would be disgusting if it wasn’t so adorable.

Amenadiel gets sloshed on three Cosmos and destroys the dance floor.


Edea lee and Ringabel as jobmasters! 

Edea is a Warden! Her design is fifty percent less fantasy and fifty percent more police than the chibi but y’know what? I was tired and ok with that. Ringabel is a Technician. Cuz hes smart and drives ships and stuff.

*didn’t colour edeas chibi bc everyone knows police are blue.

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