fifties art

~ ( // VALENTINE’S DAY \(*3*)/ !!!! \ ) ~

same day as Misono’s birthdaaay >w>)/ !
but yeah… couldn’t draw anything for him until now ._. truly sorry…

at least have Kuro for valentine’s day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!
where are you, KuroFangirls, I wanna hear you screaaammm ( 9òwó)9!!
ok jokes, but still.. Servamps ‘n Co look so handsome in those costumes >w>)~ <3

enjoy your day with people you adore >w>) <3 !!
I’m gonna watch fifty shades of Jumin Han with my friends later… :’D ! what a day ~

wip, guilty desire would be bunny hasubando

sCREE CONGRATS ON 100K!!!! Here’s a really crappy fan art of Blanka I did when I was out and only had a pen ;-; (I’ll draw a better one soon). Anyways, oh my gosh you’re one of my favorite artists and such an inspiration, I cried so hard at your soulmates animatic. I appreciate your art so much and you’re such a big inspiration because you’re a year older than me but you’re like 5000 times better than me??? I love you and your art so much thank you so much for drawing!! @juuria