fifties art

henshin bee and civilian bee…. i have a few vague forms of my magical girl outfit laying around so i went about drawing a more finalized one.. (which is where my prompt drawing came from) self indulgent yes but I DO WHAT I WANT

i would love to find an angel aura quartz star pendant HENSHIN ITEM to complete my look someday!! and some properly ripped leggings/jeans tbh

~ ( // VALENTINE’S DAY \(*3*)/ !!!! \ ) ~

same day as Misono’s birthdaaay >w>)/ !
but yeah… couldn’t draw anything for him until now ._. truly sorry…

at least have Kuro for valentine’s day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!
where are you, KuroFangirls, I wanna hear you screaaammm ( 9òwó)9!!
ok jokes, but still.. Servamps ‘n Co look so handsome in those costumes >w>)~ <3

enjoy your day with people you adore >w>) <3 !!
I’m gonna watch fifty shades of Jumin Han with my friends later… :’D ! what a day ~