Should have posted this yesterday, but oh well! #FifthHarmonymemories2013 can’t fuckin believe that they’ve comethis far, all i can see is a bright future coming from them! #FifthHarmony my favorite girl group of all times, the best; i love you so much, and i just really want to share my appreciation for you. Words cannot explain how much you’ve all moved me, i am so thankful and proud to call myself a harmonizer! I can’t wait to see you live and meet you guise! Ilysm! @allybrookeofficial @laurenjauregui @dinahjane97 @normanikordei @camila_cabello

#FifthHarmonyMemories2013 follow @ohmysixhharmony this is like my most favorite cover by them. It’s like every time the do a new cover i fall in love with it. Its a crazy feeling but I kinda like it. #FifthHarmony #boyceavenue #FifthAvenue #ohmyfifthharmonyedits @allybrookeofficial @normanikordei @laurenjauregui @BoyceAvenue @camila_cabello @dinahjane97 this was pure beauty, ur voices were flamazing I floved this indeed.

#FifthHarmonyMemories2013 #ohmyfifthharmonyedits follow my back up @normallyshake and my confessions page @5hconfessions please. Omg THIS COVER WAS FLAMAZING IT WAS OUTSTANDING! THIS IS MY FAV SONG BY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND THE KILLED IT. #FifthHarmony #BoyceAvenue #JustinTimberlake @camila_cabello @laurenjauregui @dinahjane97 @boyceavenue @normanikordei @allybrookeofficial

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Recap on last year starting from December. #fifthharmonymemories2013 #fifthharmony

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My life spent on instagram. I was a little unsure about posting still b my pics were blurry but i tricked the fucking system and im back bitches. I just want to say a beautiful thank you to the ppl i met over 2013 let’s get to it this year bitches! #FifthHarmony #fifthharmonymemories2013 @FifthHarmony @allybrookeofficial @camila_cabello @dinahjane97 @laurenjauregui @normanikordei