My movie holy trinity: The Fifth Element; Pacific Rim; Jupiter Ascending

- screwball plots that everyone just rolls with, doesn’t pretend to be meta to justify themselves, yet with consistent internal logic

- female protagonists–they’re all very different from each other but they get to be weak, strong, kick-ass, cry, all in the same plot. femininity doesn’t take just a single form.

- male protagonists who look at them like they’re made of gold, male protagonists who stand up for them and try to help them to the best of their ability

- UNAPOLOGETIC AESTHETIC EVERYWHERE: flying cars and bright colours in 5thE; giant robots and monsters in PacRim; all the fucking fashion in JA–sure, the future is fucking horrible, but it will look cool nonetheless

- alternate models of masculinity alongside the range of femininity

- amazing soundtracks

- no gratuitous objectification of female protags

- gratuitous objectification of male protags

- really nifty side characters with amazing aesthetic that I can care about (I only wish 5thE and PacRim had more side female characters who were kickass)

- people of colour in the future, in space, in leadership positions

2nd highest scoring American ace (38 Victories) Thomas McGuire with his wife Marilynn “Pudgy” Giesler who he married in December 1942.

All of McGuire’s P-38s were named Pudgy after his wife.

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I’ve seen a lot of posts hailing Pacific Rim, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Mad Max: Fury Road as awesome feminist action movies. Which I agree with! But also a loooot of posts calling them the “holy trinity” as if they’re the only feminist action movies to have come out in the past 20 years. You’re forgetting a very, very important movie here. The originator of the modern “badass female action hero protagonist and her golden retriever narrator” trope we love so much.