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Sebastian Stan x reader

Word count:1149

A.n: I now this is starting out slow but it will get better trust me, this was Introduction I would say. Just bare with me, I hope you enjoy it. Oh and your last name in this story is Pearson because thats the name of the CEO that is your father.The address is real if anyone is wondering, it’s a very gorgeous two floor amparment which cost 120 million, I think it’s the most expensive apartment in NY.  


“Chris just get me whatever you get.” You told Chris again.
“Are you sure?I eat quite a lot.” He asked as you geared some shuffling at his end.
“Chris, bud I haven’t eaten anything besides a green smoothie. Just order me food.” You say on the stairs of the gym.
“Alright, are you picking it up or is it delivery?”
“Pick up I have to start to know where the places are,where’s a Costco around here?” But the line went dead.
“There’s a Costco at E and 117th street.” A very built and handsome guy walked over to you.
“Thank you, you a life saver.” You smiled and took his hand that he offered for you help.
“No problem, I’m Don.” He smiled at you.
“Nice to meet you Don I’m Y/n.” Staring at him for a moment it clicked “ You’re the owner of the gym.”
“Yeah I am, tell me did you have a nice experience. Do I have to fix anything?”
“No everything is great, I wish I had one like this back home.” You answered truthfully.
“Are you new to city?” Don asked.
“Yeah I just moved here like five days a go.”
“You’re going to love it here it’s a great cit-”
“Don your next client is here.” A brown haired woman called him.
“Sorry I have to go.” He apologize.
“Oh go ahead.”
“If you need something you can just call and ask for Don, I basically live here.” He joked.
“Thanks, I will.” And you head to the door, as you were walking out you bumped into someone.
“I’m sorry.” The both of you apologized.
“Should of been looking where I was going.” He mumbled.
“Your fine honestly.” You finally looked up at the man and was met by a pair of the most gorgeous blue eyes “Sorry, I hope you have a nice work out.” You smiled at him and walked away. Man did he look familiar.
“Chris it’s fine you go and hang out with your friend I’ll see you tomorrow.” You placed your phone against your cheek.
“Are you sure?” He asked again.
“Christopher Robert Evans go, I’m sure I can live another day without you.” You placed the food in the plate.
“Alright, don’t forget to send me the address okay.”
“I won’t now go and now go enjoy yourself.”
“Alright, alright I love you babe.”
“I love you too.” You blew a kiss into the phone and hung up.
You had just moved to New York to open up your own bakery job and you knew no one other than Don and the door man, you hadn’t even met your neighbor you only knew that it was a man and that he was super nice and quiet so you wouldn’t have a problem with him. Your childhood best friend Chris had decided on visiting you this week which you were super excited to see him since you haven’t seen him in six months.
“Alright here we go.” You mumbled to yourself as you sat on your brand new white sofa, you had decided on re watching Gossip Girl and it wasn’t until the second episode when you realized the man you had bumped into at the gym was none other than Carter Baizen or rather Sebastian Stan.
You were woken up by the sound of your phone ring.
“Hello.” You groggily said into the phone.
“Y/n what the hell you never sent me your address.” Chris’s voice was heard thru the phone.
“Crap, sorry do you have a pen or something to write it down in something.” You got up from bed and tried to look for a paper that had an address since you still didn’t know it.
“Hey man let me borrow your phone.” You headed Chris asked “Okay I’m ready.” He announced.
“Alright here it is,834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10065.” You told him.
“Alright I’ll be there in a second, oh and by the way I’m bring a friend so I hope you at least brush your teeth.” He teased.
“Only for you babe.” You hung up the phone and went into your massive bathroom to brush your teeth. You were about to rinse when the doorbell rang on the second floor, you quickly rinsed and washed your face and went to answer it as you were putting on you moisturizer.
“Chris!” You screamed and hugged him and he soon lifted you up so your legs were wrapped around his waist.
“Surprises.” He chuckled.
“What are you doing here. I just gave you the address like a minute ago”
“Well as it turned out you and my friend are neighbors.” He set you down and placed an arm around his friend.
“It’s you.” The both of spoke up.
“You guys know each other.” Chris was confused and he stepped inside to look around you apartment.
“Yeah sure come right in.” You said sarcastically then you turned to his friend “Come in, oh by the way “I’m Y/n Pearson.” You extended your hand for him to shake which he gladly accepted.
“Sebastian Stan.” His smile lit the room.
“Babe this place is a amazing, how much did you pay for it?"Chris yelled from the kitchen.
You chuckled and walked threw the gallery and down the stairs.
"Is he always hungry?” Sebastian asked.
“I can never get that man to stop eating not even when we were kids.”
“How do you know him?” He asked.
“We were neighbors when we were kids his mom practically raised me, he’s like the big brother I never had.” You smiled at him.
“You’re the only child?” He asked again.
“Only child of two CEO’s.” You turned into the kitchen.
“What do they do?” He kept asking questions which caused you to chuckle from all the questions he was asking.
“My dad is the CEO of Valeant pharmaceutical incorporation and my stepmom is CEO of Yahoo she’s the chief executive officer.”
“Wow.” Sebastian mumbled under his breath.
“So how much did you pay?” Chris was leaning against the  counter with a apple in his hand.
“120 million.” You answered causing him to choke on the apple.
“What the hell! I payed like 300 thousand for my house.”
“You can always come live with me, there seven rooms and nine bathrooms. It’s going to get pretty lonely even with the the staff.”
“I could imagine, I’ll see about the offer. Do you have any pastry?” He asks as he looked around.
“No I don’t, do you guys want breakfast?” You turned to Sebastian only to see he was already staring at you,he smiled and nodded.
“Y/n makes the best food ever, she’s actually opening up a bakery not that far away from here.” Chris explained to Sebastian.
“Can’t wait to try it.” Sebastian smiled which could cause any girl to melt.