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Secret Remedy

mcreyes day two -  s e c r e t s

Gabriel looks out the window—through the clear bullet holes more likely since the rest of the class is too tainted with dirt and blood to see through. He looks over the others facades of Eichenwalde houses and buildings, destroyed and hunted with ghosts. Doors off hinges and burnt furniture. His eyelids threatened to close on him and he shuts them hard for a few seconds, telling himself to stay awake. When he snaps his eyes open, they burn with desire to rest. They ache for darkness, but he fears for what he will see in the void.

Gabriel turns around when he hears muffled grumbling from the old, abandoned couch in the room. Jesse McCree sits up as his hat falls from his face where it was bringing him cover.

“My shift, boss,” Jesse says as he stretches and groans.

“It’s fine.” Gabriel walks towards him. “Things seem to be calm so far.”

“Exactly, which means we could be ambushed at any moment. And you need to rest.” He points at his boss as he grabs his tablet from the coffee table Jesse had brought from another room earlier.

Blackwatch had been sent to Eichenwalde after sightings of gangs collecting old parts of the omnics and using them to create their own weapons. At first, no one believed it would work, but then other gangs started showing up with weapons similar to how the Bastions work. Once Blackwatch captured one of the thieves, they spilled the next raid.

Gabriel and Jesse were set in the south, near the pub. Kimura and Rainer were watching from above in the tower before the first gates towards the castle. Taylor, Velez and more Blackwatch agents had spread out after the gates, setting themselves on corners and the castle itself.

“I’ll be fine,” Gabriel says as he grabs his own tablet to check in the footage of some of the cameras. He shuffles through the channels until he captures Velez, working on the wires of a destroyed Bastion. Gabriel watches closely how his agent fidgets with the robotic parts while chewing on her bottom lip. Sparks flash and she pulls her hands with a hiss.

“Velez, what the hell are you doing?” Gabriel ask through the comm.

“I noticed a few of these have potential to still work, sir. Figured if I found them, I could bust them out good. Delay the gang from finding the good ones.”

Gabriel curls his lips. “Keep the working ones on the bridge, we can trap them there from both sides.”

“Roger, sir.”

“Think you could build a suit from the good parts, jefe?” Jesse asks.

“I sow, I’m not Tony Stark.” Gabriel sits beside Jesse with enough space to spread his legs and give them a nice stretch.

Jesse chuckles before they fall on a comfortable silence. Gabriel can see Jesse also checking the cameras and listening in on conversations his teammates are having near them. Gabriel closes his eyes, trying to ignore the voices. He doesn’t need to know every bit of information on his agents. He can find out what he needs or wants whenever he wants easily. Besides, most of what Jesse is snooping on is gossip.

Gabriel crosses his arms and leans back into the couch to try and rest his eyes. He doesn’t know how much time passes, but his body gives up and leans to the side as he drifts into darkness and stays there floating in the void.

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words: 1600

summary: Steph and Damian go to the aquarium. Minor chaos ensues.

So it turned out that “normal days” didn’t exist. That’s how Steph had pitched it to him— Hey, come on we’ll go have fun. You’re ten, and you haven’t been to any of the nice places in the city yet. (Yes, there are nice places. No, the children’s museum doesn’t count. We were on a case.) It’ll be great, just a normal day. I mean, if you ever want to go under cover effectively, you’ll have to learn how to blend in, right?

Normal wasn’t going so well. 

It really had been going fabulously at first. Steph pulled up at the manor at noon— exactly on time for once. Damian was still grumpy about the whole deal, but she’d expected that. They went to get lunch at one of Stephanie’s favorite diners, the one that served breakfast until two in the afternoon. Delicious. Damian griped about the decor a bit, but he hadn’t said anything about the food. Totally a good sign. Steph had really enjoyed herself.

After lunch, they went to the aquarium. Steph liked it in there— one of the exhibits was built like a giant glass cave. You walked through a tunnel, and there was water all around you, and you could see the undersides of the stingrays swimming above your head. Damian was fascinated. She could tell. Okay, so he never stopped complaining,— “Blah blah blah something about the league of assassins blah blah I killed a shark like that when I was six—” but he never stopped watching the fish either, so Steph was feeling pretty pleased with herself.

Of course, then it got complicated.

They were walking out of the aquarium. There was this room at the end, with one door leading to the gift shop and another one that went outside. It was kind of like a hallway, decorated with the cute kind of arts and crafts kids make during field trips. When they walked in, it was empty. Then these two guys stepped out from the gift shop.

“Stephanie Brown?”

Right, that wasn’t suspicious at all. “Yes?”

“Arthur Brown’s daughter?”

Ohhhh great, that really wasn’t good. Steph’s dad was kind of a supervillain. He was lame, sure, but sometimes he had powerful friends. Or you know, enemies. 


One of the men pulled a gun out of his coat. “I need you to come with me.”

Well. That answered her question. She looked down at Damian. He was starting to get that look on his face, the one that reminded her of the shark he’d been talking about back in the exhibit. She should probably reign that in while she had the chance.

“Okay, but… can my friend leave?”

Damian glared at her and raised his hands in a “what are you doing?” kind of motion. The gunmen considered it.

“If he goes now, fine.”

Steph hoped Damian was feeling cooperative today. Miracles happen, right? 

“Okay, hold on. He doesn’t speak English.”

She turned back to Damian. “Just follow me on this one, deal?”

He looked confused for a few seconds. Maybe he was admiring her Arabic. (It was getting really good, thank you very much.)

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m handling the situation. So what are we going to do?”

“What do you mean handling the situation? This isn’t even a situation. This is like, two punches. Maybe three.”

“We’re not attacking them. They know my name.”


“So some of us leave the house on a regular basis, and we have these things called ‘secret identities’ to protect.”

“You’re hilarious. I’m punching them.”

“No, you’re not.” Stephanie threw a glance back at the gunmen. They were starting to look suspicious.  “Sorry, I have to explain…”

“Get him out of here now.”

“Yeah I’m— okay seriously leave.”



“No way.”

“Yes way, child, go now.”

“Look, if they know your father, don’t you think they already know about the night job thing? We should just attack them.”

“If they knew about the ‘night job thing’  don’t you think they would be pointing something bigger than a gun at me? “

“Well with your particular reputation, I kind of doubt it.”

“See if I ever take you anywhere nice again. Hold on, ignore this next bit— Damian, just go! Leave now!

“You call that acting?”

“Seriously, you’re criticizing me? I’m about to get shot! You could try and look a little more upset.”

“Alright, that’s enough. If he’s not out of here in three seconds—“

“I’m trying, I’m trying! Just— Damian, come on. Go get Dick or Bruce or whoever. I don’t care. You leave. I go with them. Come back with a batman. Okay?”

“How about I just go change?”

“Right, because that isn’t shady at all. Pint-sized Arab kid shows up in a yellow… um…?


“Yeah, that. Pint-sized Arab kid in a yellow cape five minutes after the other one walks out the door. Completely innocent.”

“So just let me take them now.”

“I told you no.”

“Or what?”

“Or I’m calling Tim. And I’m telling him about the camera you put in his room yesterday.”

Damian glared at her. “How do you even know about that?”

It took a lot of effort not to smile. “Leave.”

“Fine,” he snapped, and he walked out the door. The man with the gun gestured her towards the gift shop. 

“I’m going. No need to point that thing at me… Uh, where are we headed? Because, dunno if you’ve heard this, my dad’s actually in Arkhman right now, so…”  

“Shut up.”

“Okay then.” No-gun man held open the door. Steph stepped through. 

“There’s a van out back. You’re going to get in it.”

“Whatever you say, I guess.” They passed through the shop. The van was parked right outside the door— just your typical large, white kidnapper car. Real creative. 

No-gun man offered her a hand. Perfect gentleman, this one. Steph took it and climbed in the back. They shut the doors behind her. 

So how long would it take a ten year old ninja to find a parental figure? Stephanie figured maybe fifteen minutes. Twenty, tops? It wasn’t like she was in a huge rush or anything, but she actually did have a french paper to write, and the vehicle was in motion.  Steph sat on the floor. 

On the plus size, the last time something like this had happened, she’d been wearing a floor length dress. The jeans were an improvement. She’d been with Tim that time— really, she should just stop taking Waynes out in public. That was probably the simple solution. Speaking of, any minute now Damian. Any minute would be good.

Well. Guess there was nothing to do but wait it out. Stephanie took out the pen she’d stolen from the gift shop (decorated with dolphins) and started poking a hole through the metal. It didn’t take very long. It was half-rusted anyway. She put her eyes up to the hole.

Oh, they were moving east. That was good: closer to the Bunker. Steph hummed to herself. This shouldn’t take much longer. She stuck her pen through the gap and carved out a message— “Yo over here.”

That ought to take care of it. Steph lay back on the floor, staring at the ceiling, waiting for the inevitable—


Whoops, there it was—“It” being a large dent in the roof of the van. The yelling started a few seconds later. Stephanie rolled to the left as the van swerved erratically, bumping some kind of building. She stuck her head out of the hole she’d made long enough to see the gentleman kidnapper get thrown from the shotgun seat. Then another head poked out the window, this one wearing a cowl.

“Everything okay?” Dick yelled back at her. She knew it was Dick because he was grinning excitedly.

“Um, yeah? Quick question? Who’s driving?”

“He’s kind of pissed at you. Something about blackmail?”

“Yeah, that rings a bell. So are we done here?”

“Yep. Pulling over now.”

The van skidded to a stop so hard that Stephanie was yanked back inside the car, across the floor, and into the other wall. She peeled her head off the metal and sighed.

“Was that really necessary?”

The doors swung open to reveal an extremely grumpy pre-teen in a cape. He mock-bowed at her and gestured towards Dick, who was coming up the side. 

“A batman, your majesty. As you requested.”

Dick nudged him out of the way. “Chill.” He offered Steph an arm.

“So is there anyone left I can punch, or…?”

Dick grimaced. “Nobody conscious. Sorry.” He leaned in closer. “So what do you have on Damian? ‘Cause honestly, I would love to know.”

Steph shook her head. “Nice try.” She was still mad at Tim, so the camera could stay for at least a couple of days.

“Worth a shot,” he muttered. Damian rolled his eyes.

“Great day,” he told her. “Very normal. So glad I finally got to experience the civilian life.”

“Oh, come on, you had fun. Admit it.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you that I don’t do fun. That was not fun. Except for the part where I got to kick a petty criminal through a window.”

“It’s a start, I guess,” Stephanie groaned, massaging her head. “Want to do it again next week?”

“No,” Damian said. He started to walk away. “Maybe. I can’t guarantee I’ll be available.”

“Uh huh. I’ll call your people.”

He kept walking. Dick nodded at her appreciatively. “Nice. I think you got him hooked.”

“Hell yeah,” she told him. “See you next week.”

TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”



It was going to be a long night.

Even if the Avengers all came back from their current mission in one piece, Cass would still be required to meet them in the hangar upon their return. As the medical officer on duty, she would have to give them all the once-over and clear them to proceed to de-brief.

Apparently they were responding to a crisis in San Francisco. Sounded like they were in for one hell of a fight. They even took the trickster with them. Cass called him the trickster because the other titles she had for him weren’t exactly suitable for her to say in polite company.

She figured even if they got back before midnight, and no one was banged up too badly, she’d still be up till two or three filing post-mission medical reports. Nights like these, she wondered why she even took the damned job. Then she thought back to the day Pepper Potts recruited her, promising state-of-the-art medical facilities and all the research funding she could ever ask for. Work on the Avengers when they needed medical attention, work on her genetics research the rest of the time. Her research had made great advances since agreeing to Pepper’s proposition, but sometimes Cass missed her tiny, dark office in her outdated little lab at the university.

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cakemakethme  asked:

3 or 7 for past kent and jack story cause I apparently love pain! :D

I did both! This started off sweet and then got a little sad and bittersweet? Just, Jack and Parse used to be happy together, you guys. They used to be in so almost-love and nice to each other. Kent was Jack’s first best friend, Jack was Kent’s first love and with how toxic everything ended up between them, I wanted to write about one of those “perfect” days before the draft that was actually more of a warning flag that both men pretended not to notice. Ahhh angst! Enjoy!

(Also, this works best if you imagine Kent says “McCrêpes” in the worst Anglophone accent ever – btw, those are “McGriddles” in English)

3. It’s nothing McDonald’s breakfast can’t fix. AND 7. I don’t want to get out of bed.

“I don’t want to get out of bed. I’m too hungover…” Jack groaned and covered his head with Kent’s pillow.

Kent grinned. “Aw, come on. It’s nothing a McDonald’s breakfast won’t fix.”


“It’s a thing – McDonald’s breakfast is like the perfect hangover cure. I’ll prove it.” Kent rolled out of bed and quickly got dressed. “You sure you don’t want to come? It’s just on the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Papineau. It’s like a five minute walk.”

“If I walk right now I’ll puke everywhere. All over your precious apartment,” Jack warned.

“Fine. Wait here. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes, twenty tops. Please don’t throw up everywhere. You get points for holding it till you reach the bathroom.”

“Points?” Jack asked groggily.

“Boyfriend points. You know, like-” Kent bit his tongue. “Shit.”


“Shit. Uh, forget I said anything. I’m going to grab us some breakfast and Gatorade and you’re going to feel so much better when you’re done, I promise.”

Kent returned twenty minutes later to find Jack still in bed, but sitting up at least. “I threw up,” Jack confessed immediately. “In the toilet, though, so don’t worry.”

“Good. Did it help?”

“A little. I brushed my teeth, too.”

“Is that an invitation for a good morning kiss?”

“Yeah,” Jack said with a smile. Kent happily obliged. “How did you carry all of that by yourself?” Jack asked as his eyes finally focused on the coffee table where Kent had set down the food and drinks.

“Um, I’m fucking fantastic, that’s how. Come on, Zimms. Do you even have to ask?” Kent sat down on the floor beside the coffee table and grinned at him. “You gonna eat or what?”

(More after the cut)

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Again this title sucks but whatever. I haven’t been writing because of finals but I got some inspiration (and time!) and wrote this. Hope you like this, let me know what you think! 

Y/N had never felt more uncomfortable in her entire life. She had told Harry she didn’t want to go to this big fancy party he’d been invited to. It was the middle of her university’s finals and she’d just gotten her period, making her cranky and bloated – two things that were not fun to be when around a room full of gorgeous models.

But Harry had done his puppy eyes, nosing at her neck and murmuring, “Please, Y/N,” against her skin. He knew what he was doing, knew she was weak to the feeling of him so close to her. So she’d agreed, figuring it would give her the opportunity to spend some time with him on a night when she normally wouldn’t have been able to.

How wrong she was.

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of temper tantrums and bad words

for prompt 1 at todaydreambelievers: “(AU or Canon Compliant) Kurt and/or Blaine as young children (preferably under 5).  For example, could possibly be a family story or the two of them meeting as young children.” Mainly Anderbro’s shenanigans, with Blaine being a little monster and Cooper being the worst brother in the world. This is also a fill for my klainebingo prompt ‘mechanic’. Also, warning for young children (5 years old) using the word ‘fuck’ quite liberally. Hope you enjoy :)

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Cooper Anderson cannot believe his luck.

First all of his awesome new car plans get totally dashed when his parents tell him that the only condition on having his own car is he has to pick Blaine up from kindergarten every day. Like, seriously, how is he supposed to give Jane Hayward rides home and then make out with her in the back seat if his stupid little brother is also in that backseat?

Secondly, because of this new responsibility, Cooper will literally never be able to hang out with his friends after school. Blaine’s kindergarten gets out exactly fifteen minutes after Cooper’s high school does, and he needs five of those minutes to collect what he needs from his locker and the other ten to make the drive to Blaine’s school. Plus there’s that little thing where he can’t be even a second late to pick Blaine up, ever, because if there isn’t somebody waiting for Blaine the second he exits the school doors he bursts into tears and won’t stop crying for at least an hour.

Third, Jane Hayward actually talked to him on his way out of their shared Calculus class, and she looked like she wanted to keep talking to him, except he had to book it out of there to make sure his little brother didn’t cry. Girls like Jane don’t like being blown off, and he’s pretty sure that this is going to be the last time she ever talks to him, so that’s great.

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