“Please don’t ever tell the Aphrodite kids I said this, but I’ve been alive for a very long time, and there’s one thing I can tell you for sure: Love isn’t about fate, or magic, or destiny. It’s about finding someone you can stand to be around for ten minutes at a time.”

-Juniper, helping a fifteeen year old Annabeth work out her feelings for Percy

you know what elves i like the most

like, terrifying wood-people who will put your head on a pike if you tresspass

they don’t have much in the way of ancient wisdom or sophistication but they can skin a moose in less than fifteeen minutes if you give them that bone knife.

they aren’t automatically evil, but try to tell that to people that are on the wrong side of their weapons.

My professor once told me that the problem with being in love is that you do not know when to stop.

You used to be that normal boy in school who isn’t famous like the jocks. You used to be a stranger, someone I just bump into along the corridors; until one morning when I woke up, everything has changed.

You are now the person I look forward to seeing everyday; the person whom I’d choose over sleep on any day; the person who could make my day just by hearing his voice; the person who is the centre of my world.

Somewhere along the way, you became the person I saw myself with, fifteen years from now— enjoying our exquisite life together despite our colossal differences and barricades that came along our way.

As I looked into your eyes, I thought to myself: seeing my future with you fifteeen, thirty-five years from now— along with the little versions of us running around— is enough to apprehend that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with; you are THE ONE for me.

I hope you feel the same way about me; I hope you see us together the same.

—  I do not know when to stop even if you leave me