Fifian submitted:

Hi Maggie!! (^u^)/ How are you doing?

It’s me, Fifian lol, I’m just here on this special day to wish you a great day, and year, and life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, buddy!!! Have a blessed one! LOVE YOU! <33*hugs*

(OMG, God dammit you super nerd I came to find your blog filled with Undertale you dooork! XDD um so I made you this draw. I tried ;_; I really hope you like it, your goat son ;3 )

i TEARED UP when i first saw this, i’m tearing up as im writing this iM SO EMOtiOnAL riGtH n Ow……

oh m y gOd fiFIAN this is absolutely GORGEOUS and bEA UtiFU L and my little heart can’t handle all these feelings…….

just…… thank you thank you sO muCH i jsut think it’s so wonderful of you to check on me every once in a while even if though you’re not around tumblr anymore, and i just…. gOsh i wish you all the best things, aLL the good things; you’re so sweet and considerate and you’re going to do a great job, no matter what you do ;v; <3

anonymous asked:

um h-Hi Maggie, hi dear! just wanted to check in and have best wishes for Christmas and the new year for you. you guys celebrate that huh hehe. I just remembered you now. miss you. I hope everything is great with your life. I wish you the best future ahead, dear. alright, take care, be safe and good, bye for now [this is Fifian (´ω`) ]

!!! Hello, Fifian! Oh gosh, thank you so much for checking in! :’D Thank you so much for your wishes and for this wonderful message; I also hope life’s treating you well, and may it continue to do so in the future!