Was at the HR Giger Museum today, as in the film Alien, and the extent to which Bolaji Badejo has been erased was astonishing to me. The museum has so much about the movie, costume sketches, the Oscar it won, and absolutely nothing about the man who wore the suit, who brought it to life. When I asked around, people said it was a puppet and gave me the name of the man who operated it. But I knew Tumblr had told me this before so I found some wifi and pulled up Bolaji’s picture, then went around showing it to other people in my excursion because education #staywoke #naijaforlife


Cannes Film Festival | Palme d'Or Winners | The 2000’s

“The final image is the end of the film and the beginning of the debate.”

The Palme d'Or, being the film industry’s most prestigious accolade, has without question been awarded to a selection of some of the finest filmmakers in recent history. It is with this in mind that, in the first of a series of ongoing posts, we focus on the films that were awarded the honor within the 2000’s. 

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A comiXologist recommends:
Secret Wars: Secret Love #1

by: Michael Crowe

Doctor Doom may have taken over the universe and become God to all…but life goes on. And where there is life, there is love. Even those blessed with extraordinary powers can’t escape the tangles of relationships or the burning of desire. Secret Wars: Secret Love #1, the newest title to come out of Marvel’s Battleworld event, showcases the many forms love can take and the troubles that come with it. This book contains five stand-alone stories, by a host of talented creators, featuring some of the most popular heroes in the Marvel Universe.

First up, we find out if the love between Daredevil and Karen Page can survive the end of the world in Guilty Pleasure, written and illustrated by Michel Fiffe. The art for this story is vivid and loose, capturing an indie feeling not typical of Marvel house style. It’s a nice break and fits the narrative perfectly. Next comes the cover story, Fan of A Fan written and illustrated by Felipe Smith. This story features two of the newest and most well received heroes of Marvel’s all-new initiative: Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel and Robbie Reyes aka Ghost Rider. Fans of either series are sure to love this crossover. Felipe’s art is as dynamic and colorful as ever and his narrative style is well rounded, finding room for action, romance and humor in a few short pages. So, do sparks fly between these two sweet and ultra-powerful heroes? You’ll just have to read it to find out. Our third story, Misty and Danny Forever examines the turbulence of marriage and what it takes to stay together. Jeremy Whitley spins a sweet story that shows these heroes for hire are no different than you or me. The art, by Gurihiru, channels a familiar Disney art style that adds to the familial nature of this narrative. The fourth story, Squirrel Girl Wins A Date with Thor is…just what it promises to be. Marguerite Bennett delivers a story with equal parts heart and laughter with Kris Anka’s art supporting and capitalizing on all the best scenes. The final story in this book, Happy Ant-iversary, is a quick short about the love between an ant and wasp. Written and illustrated by Katie Cook, this clever narrative features a number of charming bug puns playing off various members of the Marvel Universe.

All the stories in this title capture the various ways love can find and affect us. The stories styles, narratively and artistically couldn’t be different, yet the theme of the overall book is never lost. Here’s hoping a few of these narratives are picked up in #2 and perhaps beyond. If you loved what you read and want more content from any of these creators be sure to check out the following titles. All-New Ultimates (2014-2015) written by Michel Fiffe, Ghost Racers, written by Felipe Smith, Princeless written by Jeremy Whitley, Thor and the Warriors Four art by Gurihiru, Max Ride: First Flight by Marguerite Bennett, Uncanny X-Men (2013-2015) #23 by Kris Anka, and Gronk: A Monster’s Story Vol. 1 written by Katie Cook.

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Michael Crowe is a member of the digital assets/launch team. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching and writing science fiction and horror.

Copra #23 (August 2015)

There are always many reasons to enjoy an issue of Copra (it’s like caramel AND chocolate, in comic book form), and this time one big reason is color.

Check out the introduction of a new nemesis:

Those are some gorgeous shades of pink and orange, working together on the page.

And you also get to see him in action:

But whet really caught my eye this time was a sequence of pages, each divided into sets of six panels each, with very powerful color work in each panel.

Here are two facing pages:

See what I mean? 

I almost want to call it simple because it’s not a bunch of well-organized little bits of color jammed into a single panel. 

But it’s not simple, it’s subtle. There are only a few shades in each panel but their combination and harmony makes for an amazing effect individually and across the page.

Two or more things.

I can’t figure out a name for my FIFF into Camelot!  I’ve written more than twenty-five pages of it but no name!

And Gwen’s new dress…I would wear that in public.  It’s SO pretty.  And I hate dresses.  Unless I cut them up, then they’re okay because I have the satisfaction of cutting up a dress. 

And of course, more fanservice pics.  THAT look.  Everyone ships Arthur and Merlin but these pics are sparking some hope for Gwaine Arthur shipping.  I mean, good Lord. 


Animation réalisée pour le Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur
Animation FIFF 2014 / Cadavre exquis / 2014 /© Bruno tondeur