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hi idk if you know but celty6 is extremely racist and has done disgusting things and you follow them

Sorry to break it to you but Fifel and I are buds and if you’re going to try to pull this shit, you should at least know who the fuck you’re lying to first ☺️🔪

celty6があなたの投稿に返信しました “i really want to unfollow some blogs but i feel anxiety for breaking…”

unfollow and follow whoever u want. its ur blog. i dont think most ppl have hard feelings about it :-0

thank you fifel;; this means a lot. I got some trauma from before that i unfollowed this person and spammed mean comments to me for a whole month so i became really scared. but i’ll do this later yes yes. i actually got this idea from you !! 

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celty6!!! :3c

nice mutual!!!!! :0 i really like fifel theyre really good looking and seems really nice!