fifa world cup

-“G” is the 7th letter of alphabet, and Germany starts with “G”

-The name Germany contains 7 letters.

-Germany was in Group “G” or Group “7.”

-Germany ended group stage with 7pts.

-Germany scored 7 goals in group stages (4 vs Portugal, 2 vs Ghana and 1 vs U.S.A).

-Germany scored 7 goals vs Brazil.

-We are in 7th month of year.

-The winning goal was scored 7 minutes to end of extra time.

Reasons Abby Wambach is Badass

You may have heard of Abby Wambach, a starting forward for the US Women’s National Team.

Yes, she is gay. But that only makes her even more amazing.

She’s been on the USWNT since 2001.

She is the top goal-scorer in international football for any male or female football player (beating even Mia Hamm).

She won the 2012 FIFA Women’s Player of the Year award (it was about time).

She is seen as an influential leader on her team, and makes sure everyone is doing their best. She’s also really good at doing impressions of her teammates.

She has also been very vocal about the mistreatment of women in her sport.

She is just generally badass. And since this is her last chance to win a World Cup title….

Those FIFA 16 gamer kids who think women can’t play football can just shut up now.


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