fifa 12

Going Bronze

I play FIFA 12. And by play, I mean I’m addicted to it.

Seriously since I first got it a couple of months ago I haven’t stopped playing it. I love ultimate team. It’s the perfect mix of strategy and football and even has some RPG elements to it. To show my dedication, I managed to rack up 132,000 match coins. That’s right, 132,000 coins in two months. That’s pretty good considering you earn about 500 coins from a twelve minute match.

I had created a LIGA BBVA team. A pretty noobish and well known team I admit, but it was amazing. With Nilmar upfront and inform Borja Valero supporting him in the midfield, things where perfect. I won most matches by a dominant threat of an 8 goal lead. But that’s when things turned boring.

As you may know, when things go well life gets boring. That’s why it’s good to make mistakes.

I decided in a late and drastic decision at 11:46 in the night that I would go for a gamble. Go for a risk. Take one final step toward Ultimate Team completion. I sold my team all at a low buy now price in a desperate attempt for cash. And did something completely stupid.

I bought a whole load of Bronze players. That’s right. Gold for bronze. But what was so good about these Bronze players? They all (or at least most of them) had 85+ pace. PACE. SO MUCH PACE.

And they where all English and most of them where in the same low league! Meaning 9 CHEMISTRY!

Everything seemed to look perfect. My inform actually paid for three of my Bronze stars such as Ainsworth (90 pace), Taylor (91 pace) and Weston (an ultimate 93 pace). Everything was looking good. I’d never played with a Bronze team before, so I was looking forward to my first match.

I pressed start. This was it. I was pitched against a 42 chemistry opponent so I was feeling optimistic. My 93 chemistry made his look like a joke.

So I started playing. And I soon realized that Bronze players, whether or no they had pace, where still Bronze players. They where absolutely shit.

Even if they did have a large amount of pace, they couldn’t run in a straight line. Their agility was pretty shit. Their passing and shooting was pretty shit. Overall, they where pretty shit. And as I sat their, losing 2-1 to somebody with 42 chemistry and a Bronze team with 3 golds and a silver, at one in the morning, I soon realized how much of an idiot I was.

I missed the way the silky Spanish league players could split the defence with clean passes. I missed the way my team could actually do step overs without falling over. I missed the way Nilmar would sprint onto any through ball that would be created by Borja Valero.

I missed my team.

So now I was stuck with a shitty English team that couldn’t pass a ball but could sprint the length of the pitch. But what use was that? I had been an idiot. A fool. I felt that pace would beat all other attributes. And in some cases it does, but not this time. I was, dare I say it, a noob.

They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. I can one day tell my children that I was the only person in Ultimate Team history to spend 60,000 coins on 11 Bronze players.


All I want for christmas… the ball