Naughty November Masterlist

American Horror Story:

Lesson Learned (Tate x Reader x Violet)

The Secret Of A Frat Boy (Kyle x Reader)

Criminal Minds:

Fights Lead To Something (Aaron x Reader)

Stubborn And Reckless (Spencer x Reader)

Two Days, But Who’s Counting (Derek x Reader)


Under The Waves (Jake x Reader)

Suicide Squad:

Blow Me Up The River (Joker x Reader)

Misses j (Harley x Reader)

Puddin’ Wants To Play (Harley x Reader x  Joker)

Teen Wolf:

A Little Fun In The Locker Room (Lydia x Reader)

Deer In Headlights (Liam x  Reader)

Not Until I Cum (Lydia x Reader)

“Oh! Alpha, My Alpha!” (Scott x Reader)

The Sister Of My Alpha (Liam x Reader)

Why Does Everyone Sneak Around With Stilinski’s Sister? (Isaac x Reader)

Would You Rather… (Lydia x Reader x Allison)

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals:

A Heated Scene (Klaus x Reader)

A True Gentleman (Elijah x Reder)

All Is  Forgiven (Klaus x Reader)

By All Means Daddy (Klaus x Reader)

First Time On Top (Kol x Reader)

It’s Been 400 Years Since.. (Kol x Reader)

Kai’s Daddy Kink (Kai x Reader)

Resourceful Tools (Hayley x Reader)

Sleeping With My Professor (Elijah x Reader)

Such A Tease (Klaus x Reader)

The Walking Dead:

Let Me Show You Something (Ron x Reader x Carl)

There’s No Cheating In Hide & Seek (Ron x Reader)


Harder Ro, Harder! (Roman x Reader)

“How’s The Saying Go?” (Dean x Reader x Roman)

On The Road Without Baby Girl (Roman x Reader)

Rigged (Dean x Reader)

Such A Jackass (Seth x Reader)

Two Time Virgin (Dean x Reader)


Since I’m bored here are my favorite gifs I’ve made from Sanders Sides videos. You can tell I like making gifs of Virgil. He moves slowly and predictably and wears dark colors. That’s why. Logan is jerky in his movements and Morality and Princey are unpredictable and their color palates make my headaches worse if I have one.

I have so many gifs of Virgil, you guys. Its not even funny. My favorite Anxiety gifs would be a completely different post altogether.




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Title: Always (MOC!Dean. Part 1)

Summary: Dean didn’t really know what being in love felt like until he met her; the girl with the soulful eyes and the brilliant smile that waltzed into his life when he was twenty-four and ended up being his entire world. So, he stood by her through thick and thin, until one day, he realized that the only way to keep her safe was to keep her away from him. But would he really be able to let her go?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: MOC!Dean x reader, Castiel (briefly), Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Metatron (all briefly mentioned)

Word count: 4849

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Very light smut (trust me guys, it’s very light). Language. Mentions of death, loss of parents, grief, mentions of tortures and blood (nothing graphic). 

Author’s Notes: This is my sumbission for @thevioletthourr Fif’s Milestone Challenge. Fif, thank you so much for letting me participate and for granting me the extension I needed, I fell in love with this story and wanted to do it justice. 

Special thank you to @ravengirl94 for reading parts of it over for me and being such an amazing friend. If it weren’t for her support, I wouldn’t have finished this story.. 

My prompt for this fic was Save Yourself by Kaleo (which is the most beautiful song ever and has Dean’s name all over it). The story is set during S10 (right after ep.10, “The Hunter Games”). Original flashbacks and some Metatron lines from the show are included in italics. (Oh, and part 2 wil be posted in late September).

Again, thank you all for bearing with me. Enjoy <3

Dean had always loved moments like this.

He loved holding Y/N close, loved the way their heartbeats vibrated in each other’s bones, the way he could trace veins and scars and freckles with his fingertips or his mouth or his tongue, the way her skin felt against his, solid muscles blending with softness.

He loved the quietness of the room, how it was painted in even breaths and dusty promises, the dim-light of the star-freckled sky sneaking through the open windows and skating down Y/N’s form, just smudges of glow on bare skin.

“So,” Y/N’s voice interrupted his train of thoughts as Dean kept her tucked against him, all fingers and thumbs and lips, “are you going to tell me why you’re looking at me like that?”

“Like what exactly, sweetheart?”

Turning to look at him, she perched herself on one elbow, big, wide eyes sweeping over every feature of his face gingerly.

“Like I’m…” Deep breath. “Like I’m going to vanish into thin air.”

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You Drive Me Crazy (but it feels alright)
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By Organization for Transformative Works

by MrsStylinson

Length: 102k

Rating: 10/10

Bridget Jones’ Diary AU.

“Harry is not short for Harold,” he corrects, his voice as thick as molasses. He lowers his eyes to Louis’ sequined lapels, rubbing one between two fingers. “Is this small or extra small? It looks lovely.”

Louis breaks away from his grip with a petulant huff and pushes him back with two fingers.

“You’re mocking me. Again.”

Harry smiles and it’s a real honest swoop of his lips this time. Louis’ stomach swoops with them.

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed, Must-Read


The White Prince & the Maiden of Prayers

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