Katrina Caliente: Huh? Who are you?
Alex: I’m Alex, I moved here from Monte Vista!
Katrina: WELL, who do you think  you are walking around here? Don’t sit with me!
Alex: Excuse.. f*ckn me? I did nothing to offend you, so you can either slap on a smile and have a conversation or stick your attitude up your frog hole. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC DAY.

Fat, fit, and fiesty!  This adult male Rufous Hummingbird arrived from Mexico at the beginning of March and has been defending my backyard feeder near the Oregon border. ~ Eileen Kitayama 2017


Salim: …. What? Do I have something on my face??

Mila: :,)

Salim:… Mila? What’s wrong? You’re just staring off into space…….

Mila: Nothing’s wrong… It’s just…. this place brings back a lot of memories.

Salim: -looks around and laughs a bit- Yeah. I’m sure it does. This is where I had the balls to ask you out…Fiesty little purple haired fire cracker that you were.


So I’m reading the manga. I read the first 6 ones (the ones before DM) before and I ran into this scene with Bandit Keith and Jounouchi recently. Jounouchi gets pissed at Bandit Keith because of his boots on the table. And it automatically made me think of this scene in the first volume when Yugi, Honda, and Anzu visit Jounouchi’s home and see his dad. It just made me think of how many times he has gone home and his dad is like that, all drunk. And it’s a constant reminder of how much debt they’re in and how he has to take care of everything.

Aquarius, who was pretty much in love with the world. She never really feared or had any uncertain doubts about the future, and it was always that attitude of her getting what she wanted, or die trying type. What ever you needed, she would. No questions asked. She was there at your every call. And yet, Aquarius didn’t hesitate to push me out of her life. The constant repitition of doing the same promises and telling her that I’ll change became an old tune to her that she had nothing else to do but lose it and throw profanities and leave. She deserves more than words. She needed actions.

Aries, who looked at the world with passion. Her favorite motto was: ‘Go big or get the fuck out’ Her emotions were huge defense in terms of protecting herself from unecessary vibes. She was also a strong and passionate love, and how she would always take the lead and make sure she has her way with you. And yet Aries cried to me, grabbing me by the throat, and gritted her teeth telling me how much I was the worst, how I was a big mistake. She said it as if it were poison, and I watched as she said it with strong hate only to find her later outside, holding herself and holding back tears.

Cancer, who loved to kiss her teeth when she was feeling some type of way. What I loved her the most was when she was feeling needy and she would come up from behind, all her hair would fall on my and she would kiss me the whole time. The laugh she does would echo through the room, and her emotions would flow out of her. She was like a child, she loved the attention. She craved our passion. And yet, Cancer threw a fit. Threw things at me and yelled at me. The pain in her voice, the laughter no longer heard. She left.

Capricorn, who loved the smell of cinnamon. The moment you stepped in her house, a cinnamon scented candle would greet you. She loved nothing more than to stay home after a long day and read nothing but books, I mean any philosophical ones. She would ask for my input about an idea, or a theory she would read. She scowls when I tell her “I don’t know..” and she’d tell me to open more and dive into her world. Explore every possibility and never question the outcome. To grow was her motto. And yet, I walked into an empty room. A letter by the table and there was a letter, written: Your beauty is transcendent, yes, but painfully abstract. - Plato.

Gemini, who loved the arts. If there was a performance in town she would pull me with her, drag me out of bed and bring her to the place. She loved movies the most, and she had collections of black and white movies, movies I have never heard of. Photography was her escape. A part of her room was covered of pictures of people, scenaries and things. She was amazing, but her personality was her flaw. She loved you today, and she wants to be free the next. But she always comes back, falling more and more each day.. and yet, as she grew to love me, she too grew to be distant. The time we spent were falling and finally she looked at me and said goodbye.

Leo, who was a perfectionist. She knew what she wanted and what she craved and her pride was her favorite thing. No meant nothing to her. Everybody knew her, and she was wild. She was free. She was fiesty. She was rough. She was life. And yet, because of her pride, she would not settle. She wanted more than just as it was, and I was not able to provide.

Libra, a long distance lover. Loved to call and text every chance she can to be with me, and it went on for months as we grew and loved one another. Her smile on our first video chat, and we slept for hours and we laughed when we woke. We talked about dreams, the future and the possibility of having a family and shared deep secrets, secrets untold. And yet, she picked up a video chat one day and she was with another. She frowned and stared at me. No words needed.

Pisces, loved the idea of love. She made our lives a beginning of a world of wonder and dreams. We were both stuck in lala land, and she showered and cared for our love like no other. And yet, as she loved and loved she slowly began to see the flaws and faults. The fighting and the arguements, non-stop anxiety and jealousy feelings came and she began to wonder if our love was more than a chapter than the whole book of love itself. And for that, she left.

Sagittarius, adored me so much that everything asked was given with no hesitation. She was never to quick to think it through, and she was eager to pull a plan through. And yet, she started to realize her worth. She knew what she was capable of and who she was, and admitted that she was lost before and found herself in the process of being with me. She thanked me for my purpose and we haven’t talked since.

Scorpio, who loved to be dominant. She meant every thing she says, and she expect me to keep myself in check. She wanted nothing more than just to be real and accept our flaws. To love it, respect it. She loved the fact that she was above me, and I succumbed to her. And yet, she later on confessed her true colors and she was not prepared to open up, and she needed time to explore more of herself in order for her to settle down.

Taurus, she was the kind of person that loved to create small things into adventures. Who loved taking trips to stores and various places that made her mind wander. I watched her grow and grow each time we’re together, that slowly she’s out of my reach. She was the epitome of a person that the universe gives you at a young age, and she blossoms into something you couldn’t handle yet.

Virgo, who valued love as much as I. The opposite of, and yet the same as me. She loved nothing more than to be loved, and loved we did. Her voice, her laugh, the moments we shared were the typical romantic scenes you see in movies. She would come home and slowly make her way to me, wrapping herself to me. And complain and talked about her day. She doesn’t even need to speak to me and it was a very strong connection we had that made us in sync with another. She was simple. She was the definition of love. She was mine. And yet, we slowly faded and stopped. The red thread disappeared and our time ended. She was gone. I became lost.

—  Beginning and End
Small and Tall | Clony Headcannon

• So its kinda common knowledge that Tony is tiny and Clay absolutely loves it.

• “You know, if you weren’t so small our relationship would be totally boring” Clay mutters one day when the two were standing in the kitchen of the Jensen’s house.

• “What, because you wouldn’t be able to mock me all the time? I may be short but i am one fiesty man, Clay.”

• Tony pulled a pan out of the cupboard and placed it into the hob. “Are we thinking chili?”

• “Mmm, definitely.” Clay moves to wrap his arms around Tony’s waist and rest his chin onto of Tony’s head. “Your chili is the greatest.”

• Tony whacks Clay off of him as he moves to grab a can of stewed tomatoes from the cupboard. He stretches up and his fingers brush the bottom of the middle shelf.

• “Babe, you’re hilarious,” Clay chuckles as he moves Tony out of the way to grab the tin with ease. “All you gotta do is ask me to help your short ass.”

• “Clay, move outta the way and let me cook before i whoop your ass with this tea towel. I want it finished before your mom comes home.”

• Clay sighed but moved from the way and sat down at the kitchen to table to watch his boyfriend cook.

It’s About to go Down. || Jughead Jones

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word count : 796

pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

warnings : A handsy Reggie and a very upset Juggie.

summary : Reggie and you used to have a thing and now it is over but Reggie can’t seem to get that through his head. Then Jughead sees him getting a little to close and touchy with you in a class room and he goes to stop it.

a/n : no means no. 

     Reggie and you were never suppose to happen. It was just one of those things were you went on a few dates to feel out if there could be something, but for you there was nothing. You didn’t feel that oh-so-cliche spark with him, though he seemed to think you were lying or just was trying to get into your pants; both were very viable options. Reggie also seemed to hold a really thick skull, considering no matter how many times you said no and it various different other ways to be said. You didn’t think Reggie was a bad guy, just not for you and his not understanding you didn’t want him was honestly getting you so angry. 

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-Everyone didn’t expect Cheryl to be Bisexual

-Except Kevin, he knows when someone’s in the closet about their sexuality

-You’d met Cheryl through Josie, since you were her cousin

-When you saw how close Josie and Cheryl were you got super jealous, you thought they’d be endgame

-So you went to one of Cheryl’s parties one night, got super drunk, and kissed Reggie

-Then Cheryl got pissed, ripped you away from the dude

-”The only person going to be kissing your oblivious ass, drunk or sober, is me.”

-The only thing you remember for the rest of the night is that you guys laid together on her bed with your head resting on her boobies chest

-The next morning she goes up to you in school and kisses you

-”I had a feeling you wouldn’t remember our confessions last night, so I’ll do it for both of us. I like you, you like me. We’re dating now.”

-It’s not like you had much choice

-But you’re fine with that

-So Cheryl’s bitchy to everyone but you and Josie

-She’s actually quite protective of you

-She punched Reggie when he tried calling you a “Bitchy Dyke.”

-You’re the one having to drag her off of everyone that even looks at you wrong

-She’s the fiesty red head, your the calm and collected (h/c)

-She honestly doesn’t know where she’d be without you

-You’re the only one who truly knows what happened July 4th

-Or at least Cheryl’s experience

-She’s protective and possessive in public, but clingy and fluffy in private

-For example, your homescreen, your lockscreen, your locker, and your bedroom all have Cheryl’s little marks on it

-And by little marks I mean it’s 85% Cheryl Blossom

-She won’t let go of you two when you’re alone

-She’s like a monkey

-You don’t mind

-You’re actually the one constantly marking her

-”These bitches need to know your mine.”

-”(Y/N), I mostly get hit on by guys anyway.”

-”Isn’t that what I just meant?”

-You have to plan all the dates and stuff because she’s actually really uncoordinated

-She only knows how to plan school events

-With you she gets a lot more nervous about every little detail and making sure it’s perfect

-You try to assure her that you don’t care

-”But (Y/N) I DO! You deserve the best, and only the best. Anything short of perfection is unacceptable!”

-And you always have a smooth comeback

-”But Baby, you are perfection.”

-She always jumps you after a smooth comeback

-You both constantly watch each other’s back

-Because you’re both booty people

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