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How did your mum take you liking the same sex? :) x

She was alright with it and stuff! Luckily my sister came out before I did and she’s pretty fiesty and speaks her mind so she sorta stuck up for me and helped with it because my mom was so used to her being bisexual that when I “came out” she was just like ‘coooooool’. I’ve known I’ve liked girls since I was about 13/14 but I’m so glad I waited those years until I fully told the people closest to me because I’ve grew so confident in my sexuality and had all that time to come to terms with the way I feel etc so that when I did come out it was just “normal” and a big relief! But yeah my mom’s completely okay with it as long as I’m happy. 😊

I am Merida, first born descendant of Clan DunBroch.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, or if this belongs here(though I am fairly certain it does), nor do I know if he is Korean, but shisus fucking kaist, I wanted to share him.

This cutie’s (artist) name is Jhameel, and I just happened to stumble upon his fineness a couple of minutes ago.
Thought that I’d share this hot AND awkward MV, which really, is a feat in itself.

My hands will not remain above the belt area tonight.


I dunno if he’s Korean either (I searched the webernets and came up empty) but apparently he speaks Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and to my private parts.