fiestas 2013

I will be the first to tell any one that this year has been extremely difficult for both my Daddy and I. (As well as those around me). However, today could not have gone any more perfectly and it was JUST what I needed.
I woke up this morning as usual. Fed my daughter, got Daddy and I breakfast. Fed the dogs. Took the dogs out. Relaxed in bed for a bit and napped. However, today was a little different. My parents came and picked up my car (that Daddy so nicely and awesomely cleaned out for me) and took it to the dealership to see what could be done about it. (For those of you who don’t know, I had a 2013 Ford Fiesta with CONSTANT clutch and transmission issues. Since I got the car four years ago, it’s been nothing but problems. It has a lot of road noise, constantly stutters when shifting gears, and after the fifth time in the shop in four years, it started to shake too. That’s just examples. Plain and simple, this BRAND NEW car my parents got for me to get our daughter around that was supposed to keep us safe, was anything BUT safe. Keep in mind this car had literally 17,000 miles on it. So none of this should have been an issue AT ALL. It was and is literal bullshit). After the fifth time in the shop, the car was a legal lemon, but it really didn’t seem that Ford gave a shit (considering that was a common issue with thousands of cars from that year and beyond). So, my parents took it this morning to try to see what they could do. 
After about 3 hours they came back and blew my mind. They bought me (yes bought me) a BRAND NEW 2017 Ford Focus SE Hatchback in Cobalt Grey. I literally couldn’t stop myself from tearing up. The car has 34 miles on it. It has sirius satellite radio, pandora streaming, message reading, all digital read out display, more room, and a flipping back up camera. I about shit myself. I took it out to drive it and I just couldn’t believe it. There was NO road noise. No stuttering. No shaking. It was just smooth and so easy to drive. There’s more leg room and the seats are incredibly comfortable. I really think this car could even possibly help the pain I have from my fibro while driving. (I’m just obviously not used to driving a bigger car just yet). That said, Daddy said he had never felt so safe in the car with me because I was driving so well. I think part of that is because for the first time in a long time, I feel safe in my car and driving it and because I can see better and it drives so wonderfully. I think this car will work wonderfully for our family and I couldn’t be any happier or more thankful. This truly a wonderful gift and I cannot thank my parents enough for doing something so incredible and thoughtful for our family. I am in love with my car and I really cannot wait to find excuses to drive it around some more. (My parents also added a card inside. Which to my surprise contained 500 bucks. I’m really truly not sure what I did to deserve so much from my family, but I’m lucky and always thankful. I really have loving and caring people surrounding me and I don’t know what i would do without their love and support).  
After that, my parents surprised us by taking our daughter over night for us to have a much needed date night. So, Daddy and I walked around the mall a little bit. He got a sweatshirt he really needed and I was over the moon to find a Rainbow Dash onesie that I just had to have. After that, we picked up my meds at the pharmacy and grabbed a latte. After that we went to the store for some beers, candy, breakfast food, and a few other things. We grabbed a cheese pizza and some breadsticks on the way out and headed home. 
When we got home, we relaxed for a little bit (I texted and drank my coffee while Daddy gamed) and I made the dogs dinner while Daddy did the dishes. Afterwards, we started a fire in the fireplace, laid out some blankets on the floor, got the pizza out, cracked open some beers, and cuddled watching Queen of the Damned. (Which I had never seen before). It was so romantic, so sweet, and so fun. It was totally Daddy’s idea for celebrating me making it two years self harm free and it only cost us like 20 bucks. The movie was good, his company was good, and the pizza was delicious. After the movie, we fed the dogs and took them out, I showered, and he gamed a little more. Now, we’re relaxing in bed and I’m still over the moon. We still don’t have much money and we still are struggling, but our marriage couldn’t be any better and I got a freaking brand new car. Even broke, my Daddy goes out of his way to make me feel good and make my accomplishments known. Things have been rough, but I am truly blessed. There is only one thing that could make this day better and I’m getting that. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. lol.
Today was tiring, but so needed. I can’t wait for some football tomorrow and one more day with Daddy and possible pumpkin carving with our daughter. I haven’t been this happy in awhile and it feels really really good :)