fiesta park

we’ve all been blessed with a jm x jk cover and honestly idk what to do im sitting on my dads bed with it on repeat crying like WOW. JIMINS ENGLISH. JUNGKOOKS VOICE. JIMIN X JUNGKOOK. JUST THEIR VOICES GO SO WELL WITH THE SONG. tHEIR VOICES GO SO WELL TOGETHER!!! THEY ARE LITERAL ANGELS. aND THE HIGH NTOES. theeEE HARMONYS. jUST JUNGKOOKS VOICE. AND jUSt. WOWW. JIKOOK. IM juNGSHOOK tBH. how jimIn sAys must. wowza. kms. IM. jUST. WOW. THANK YOU GOD. AHD HOWTHEY SWITCH LINES OOO SHI  TcrAP. :). stan fucking talent, stan bangtan sonyeondan amirite.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade by Jeremy Wong


@tatiannagram snatched my wig, killed me, brought me back to life but left me scared to remember her #thankyou #outinthepark #sameparts (at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Amusement Park)

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