fiesta food fight fiesta!

Autumn. Why is it spelled with the ‘n’ at the end? I’m pretty sure it’s because the consonants felt outnumbered. Can’t have marauding gangs of vowels, running around, willy-nilly, changing their pronunciation every other word…

Sorry, I almost let my emotions get in the way of announcing a new classyfoodmofo recipe contest!

Fiesta Food Fight Fiesta!

We’re over a month into football season, or “snack season.” The holidays are hot on our tails, colder weather is creeping in and indoor gatherings are more common. So let’s share our favorite original-ish recipe snacks.


  • You must have a tumblr
  • Recipe must involve cooking (no meth!)
  • Recipe must contain at least 5 edible ingredients
  • You must photograph the ingredients, cooking process and finished product
  • You must post the photos, recipe and amusing commentary on your tumblr
  • Send your post permalink to classyfoodmofo at gmail - we’ll reblog

The recipes don’t have to be entirely original, but use your immagination. I’m sure you make an awesome Lipton French Onion Dip…ZZZzzzzzZZZZ. Be creative! Don’t Sandra Fucking Lee your way through your pantry.

The winner will receive a $20 Williams Sonoma gift card and a permanent link in the sidebar of classyfoodmofo to your winning blog entry.

Contest begins today 10/10 and entries must be received by November 1st. Get cooking, motherfuckers, because it’s time to party!