fiesta agents


Today I met David Bromstad, my number one interior design inspiration, and got to shoot videos with him for HGTV Handmade as well as my own channel. I’ve been watching him on TV since I was in high school, so it ranks up there with being a Fiesta Agent and designing the John Green Box Set as things I still can’t believe actually happened to me. Just hoping I didn’t fangirl too hard <3

(And if you’re going to VidCon, David will be at the HGTV booth on Thursday!)


This was my favorite moment at the South Texas Comic Con.

I had met a deadpool cosplayer who was pretty cool on the first day. Well on the following day I caught him and another deadpool and I knew I had to double my fun.

Then the deadpools wouldnt stop coming…followed by my favorite furry and then robin was pulled into our fiesta time..

By the time u knew it we had all sorts of other characters as we cheered ” hail hydra” till big boss did the unforgivable ..we all mourned…