fiery background

sebastian: *brushes against ciel’s arm*

ciel: *blushes*

ciel: *thump thump* w-why is my heart beating so fast?

ciel: *grabs chest* what is t-this feeling..?

ciel: is it lo-….

ciel: *looks at sebastian*


Playing with Fire cover comparisons

Annnnd we’re back! This time with PWF, which in my opinion is rather underrated? Definitely not the best book in the series, but I like it better than the other middle books. YEAH, GET READY FOR UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Also, apparently almost every country universally decided the main character gets to appear, so this time there’s lot of Val! Yay!

Anyway, this list has some weird mixups. Let’s go.


Indonesian Cover

In my opinion? The best Skulduggery Pleasant cover, ever. It’s beautifully drawn, the compositions great, the PERSONALITY!! the font is not the greatest (that blue is… out of nowhere) but good god I will forgive for that BEAUTIFUL val. this is the only official art i’ve ever seen that actually looks like a pretty teenage girl, so, props. I also love the hand tucked into her jacket. “yeah, im shooting fire, but it’s not a big deal.”

also, indonesian artist learned to draw skeletons!! it is kinda weird to see him standing far back not doing anything, but it works better here than other places…


UK Hardcover

This and #3 are really close, but this is probably one of my favorites of the original hardcovers. I like the lemon/lime color scheme, and the composition is great - maybe the best of all of them. The hands popping up out of the frame really work, and the splatter effects actually look good here! Yay! I … kinda suspect someone else did the composition here, lol. Not sure how I feel about the bats, but. Eh. 


Thai Cover

im sorry about the sticker/website, this is the biggest I could find :,(

ANYWAY! DAMN! Once again, love the framing, and especially love the hand creeping out! The chains are great, the fiery background is great … also the grotesquery is creepy as fuck, much scary then any of the art Percival’s done of it. thoo…. why put the villain on the front cover, is my question? 


UK paperback.

It’s okay. Playing wirth fire, so… Skulduggery plays with fire. Composition is good, colors are good. Not much to say.


Bulgarian Cover

Yay, Val!! And Skul lurking protectively in the background. This one mostly comes down to me not liking the art style much. Also val’s weird very ooc (and age inappropriate??) top. Aight.


US Ebook

You know how I said the Indonesian/Bulgarian covers with Skul standing back worked? Yeah, this is an example of one that.. doesn’t. Seriously, there are vampires coming at them and Skulduggery is … actually, I’m not sure what Skulduggery is doing. What is he looking at? … SKULDUGGERY, SHE’S 13.

Speaking of that background, it’s awful. I can’t believe we’re only about halfway down the list and it’s already this dismal. Oy vey.

This is a cute Val, though. Yay. Why does Val never age in Percival’s covers? Questions, questions.


US Hardcover

this is hilariously awful to me in the way the czech cover of book 1 is. it’s just so HIDEOUS, I LOVE IT. i bought a copy of this in powell’s and it’s my ugly baby

people do not run like this. I mean, for one, they do not hover off the ground like this, but the arms should be opposite the legs (so right leg forward, right arm back). Both of them are wearing brown, for some reason? Val’s coat is super short? i don’t know, man. I don’t know. 


Serbian Cover

It’s a massive improvement over the last cover, though it’s still a mess. Their photoshopping is a bit more coherent, at least. Look at val’s emo bangs. And I’m sure she’s very proud to be 2 inches taller than Skulduggery.

Also, the bats return. Were there bats in this book??


Czech Cover


I’m impressed that they did worse.

it’s like Skulduggery cosplaying billy-ray sanguine, I don’t even KNOW. 


American Paperback

Exec #1: “well, the skeleton cover really didn’t work here… We think it might have been too scary. What should we do for this reboot?”

Exec #2: “what’s the title?”

exec #1: “Playing with Fire.”

Exec #2: “Hand. Fire. DONE, BOOM”

at least they TRIED with the first one by making a scepter. ths is just… utter laziness. 

“Vampires are just part of the problem!” what was wrong with don’t try this at home?? IT MAKES EVEN MORE SENSE HERE. it’s the only one of these covers with a tagline, too. lord. 

remipup  asked:

Character: Anabel Barnes, a fire wizard who knows what she wants and tends to "tunnel vision" her goals. There's a door in the way? Burn it! No more problem! She doesn't spend much time thinking about the consequences of her actions - just that what she does solves the immediate problem. She is also in the process of cross-classing into artificer to use guns; perhaps she can craft magic bolts using her wizarding background!

Bright fiery red and shining metals, with a bit of magic.


This video explores the similarities and differences between two of Miyazaki’s most well known works: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. How are they similar? How are they different? What can we learn from that?

Thanks for watching my first video!

For a text transcript, look below. 

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Review: “Film Crew Levi & Eren” Tapestry Scroll & Illustration Card

Original Release Date: March 18th, 2015
Retail Price: N/A (Bonus Rewards)
Dimensions: Tapestry Scroll - B2 (500 x 707 mm or 19.68 x 27.83 in); Illustration Card - A5 (148 x 210 mm or 5.8 x 8.3 in)

Review by @fuku-shuu

These items feature a rare official image of Levi and Eren as directors of a movie, as both the tapestry scroll and illustration card are bonus rewards for purchasers of the first SnK compilation film, Shingeki no Kyojin Zenpen: Guren no Yumiya, on Blu-Ray/DVD. The tapestry, a much larger size, was exclusive to buyers from online vendor Animate Japan, while the illustration card was exclusive to buyers from HMV. The last image in the photoset provides a size comparison between the two!

Apparently “fired up,” Eren shouts orders from a megaphone with a Survey Corps emblem on its speaker while he grips the script. Meanwhile, Levi seems grumpy while handling a standard clapperboard and a director’s cone, AKA the less sophisticated version of a megaphone. Strangely, the clapperboard actually reads "KODANSHA STUDIO” (Kodansha being the publisher of the SnK manga) rather than “WIT STUDIO” (WIT being the actual production team of the SnK anime/compilation films). It’s also apparently “Take 203″ of an unknown scene, so it’s no wonder Levi and Eren look even more tired/frustrated than usual…

From the first moment I saw this item I knew I had to have it. Great artwork aside, it showcases a fun alternate universe that I wish we could get even more parody images of. While Armin and Mikasa are kind of given roles in the second image of the set, I would’ve loved to see other characters in more positions within the film production context (e.g. Annie as martial arts trainer, Erwin as producer, Hanji as special effects team leader, etc.).

Also, Levi’s in a newsboy hat - you probably won’t see that anywhere else!

Almost none - this is just a great item to have! The fiery background might seem a little out of place at first, but once you see that it’s “Take 203,” the “flames of fury” make a lot more sense ;) 

If you have additional questions about this item, please inquire here!

Is it just me or did you guys also think that Allen/Neah was gonna kill/hurt the Earl for a second there? I swear it looked like Allen/Neah was planning to kill/hurt Earl, but something Earl said/reminded Allen/Neah of stopped Allen/Neah from doing harm. (I can’t read Japanese though so I may be wrong but…)

I mean look how ready Allen/Neah looks now that his innocence isn’t going berserk and malfunctioning. And the bottom panel doesn’t look so friendly.

Look at them eyes Neah has and the fiery background. Bruh he looks ready to kill. 

And look at his eyes right here when he’s about to “hug” Earl…








Throughout this whole thing I think Neah is the one in control of Allen’s body, but I’m not 100% sure so I may be wrong…maybe Allen is conscious and aware…maybe not.

Either this is only the first half of the 65 pages to be released so I’m looking foward to the rest!!!