fiercest queen


Is that monstrous nature inherent? Are we born with it? Do we become it, or does it become us?


Marianne wearing some of the dresses she wears in the latest chapter of Between the Shadow and the Soul, and generally being a stunningly beautiful Fairy Queen and bewitching a certain Bog King. Dear God, can you blame him for being such a smitten nerd? 

I absolutely adore the maple leaf dress she has here - I’m both outrageously pleased with how it turned out, and I desperately want to wear it. I also finally figured out the best way to color her wings! I love the soft iridescence and shimmering changes of color the movie gives us, and I feel like primsacolor pencils capture that so much more than primsamarkers.  

God, she is just hands down the prettiest.  

The Xeril’s Bane is a relatively obscure ship from the Second Era, often claimed to have arrived upon Tamriel’s shores due to events happening centuries before during the Reman Dynasty. Though many restless sailors have made claims of their ancestors sighting such a ship, there has not been a single shred of evidence of its existence, even less of its home country.

It has been said that its captain, Captain Yori ut-Salumeht, was the fiercest pirate-queen of Lyg, clashing with legendary forces such as the All-Flags Navy and dueling Tiber Septim to a stalemate. The story with the most credence, judging strictly from multiple accounts, is the legend of the Crown Jewels of the Noormoqh Hegemony. The details of that legend are still being uncovered but the legend says that even Tiber Septim, blessed be his names, envied the jewels and coveted them for his own personal collection. An addendum to this addition to the library is forthcoming pending further vivisection of Hiaûŗochian myth-writs.

[Art by @zhirfrox / @mishapabor]


Part Two of my fan art for my fanfic Coronationalthough technically this is for my fanfic Regalia - that is finally ready to be shared! 

(Part One can be found right here! ) 

Presenting Queen Marianne of the Fairy Kingdom, first of her name, Adventurer and Warrior who braved the Dark Forest and fought the fearsome Bog King, thus gaining his respect, his trust and his love, all of which inspired this gift to her, armor forged from both Dark and Light, capturing the beauty of each…  

I am so incredibly pleased with how this turned out! Armor is an absolute devil to draw, but man, I am so thrilled with the end result here! The shading, the texture of the metal and Marianne’s wings, the coloring (done with both markers and pencils)…everything is just how I wanted it. So damn pleased. 

Marianne once again makes the fiercest, loveliest Fairy Queen, and you are free to imagine this as the royal portrait commissioned for her reign. Look at my Badass Beautiful Butterfly Girl!

(Not pictured is the King of the Dark Forest being an absolute hot mess over his Tough Girl looking smokin’ hot in his gift…)



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Part One of my fan art for my fanfic Coronation, in all its royal splendor! 

Presenting Queen Marianne of the Fairy Kingdom, first of her name, ruler and protector of the Light Fields. Gowned by her sister, armed by her father, bejeweled by her mother, and crowned in her own right…

I had so much fun with all this this - Marianne’s gown, her sword, her jewelry, her makeup, her wings - and I am so incredibly pleased with how this turned out! Marianne makes the fiercest, loveliest Fairy Queen. My butterfly baby girl is the prettiest. Bog quite agrees.

Part Two shall be on its way, as soon as I finish up this drabble! 

so to recap the second semifinal

  • georgia was high and thought the stage was a mountain top and had to have a parachute to get down
  • poland being really into boobs
  • The fiercest drag queen of them all from austria
  • Lithuania being an attention whore
  • Latvia taught us how to bake in the first semifinal so Belarus made a cheesecake for today
  • Switzerland whistled their way to inbetween every woman and gay guys legs in europe
  • Romania thought it was a miracle that they entered the eurovision this year