Maybe you should go buy a tote bag and support our amazing presenters.

And plan on joining us for workshops like Looking Fly at My Size: Fashion Re-Design, Dapper Masculinity Does Not = Dominance, Movements that Keep Us Safe: Autonets, plus many more


YAY! Had such a great first day of fundraising!

Thank you to my day one donors and all of those that shared my campaign on your various social media sites for your kindness and generosity. I can’t do this without the support of my community!

Can one of you lovely people in tumblr-landia keep the momentum going and make a donation to go towards my weekend goal of $50?

Short info:

Dear Community,

I am coming to you to ask for support to make it to the Allied Media Conference next month in June. This is my first time attending the conference and I am so excited. Not only will I be attending, but I’m also 1/3rd of the organizing crew for the Fierce Fashion Futures track and the co-organizer/producer for the Open Runway Show. I am so so excited to spread the gospel of Fierce Fashion with a social justice twist for everyBODY at such an amazing conference such as The Allied Media Conference, I just need some help to get there to make it happen <3

For more detailed info, click on the link that goes to my fundraising page.


Thank you! <3 <3 <3

Help us raise some funds to help support the folks that are part of the Fierce Fashion Futures track at this year’s AMC by purchasing a Fierce Fashion Futures tote!

Fierce Fashion Futures tote bag, designed by Nickey Robare - Sometimes the future looks a little like the past… Our tote bag features our queer femme T-Rex mascot looking hella fierce in hot pink and black.

Please consider following the new tumblr for the next big project I'm co-working on with some amazing folks for the 2013 AMC <3

Fierce Fashion Futures is a track currently being organized for the 2013 Allied Media Conference. This blog is a collection of things that inspire us. Our call for session proposals will be going out soon! Please follow us for all the latest news.