LADY ASHFORD: Then let me be clear that I have understood. Your charge - your mulatto charge… LADY MANSFIELD: (fiercely protective) That is enough! DIDO sits staring at the floor. OLIVER cuts in, aggrieved. OLIVER: (to Lady Mansfield) Is it not true enough, your ladyship? LADY ASHFORD: whose unfortunate circumstances of birth, we chose to forgive - has decided she no longer wishes the match with my son - a gentleman and an officer. OLIVER stares across at DIDO. He speaks quietly. OLIVER: Why, Miss Lindsay? DIDO is silent. LADY ASHFORD: (poignant and pained) Do you feel I have any lesser need to ensure my child’s wellbeing and future than you?…(beat)…Does she still have a tongue?
― Excerpt taken from script

I am Mickey a FIERCE lady from teh wild streets. Humaine spend years pretend to be frien and then BETRAY by trapping inside with door close. I am thank becuz is cold but is also opreshun. Humaine not respec fredom. In return I SCREM but also rub legs and purr.

  • “I should have thought that heat ill suits you Starks,” Littlefinger said. “Here in the south, they say you are all made of ice, and melt when you ride below the Neck.”
  • Littlefinger led him into a tower, down a stair, across a small sunken courtyard, and along a deserted corridor where empty suits of armor stood sentinel along the walls. They were relics of the Targaryens, black steel with dragon scales cresting their helms, now dusty and forgotten. “ This is not the way to my chambers,” Ned said.“Did I say it was? I’m leading you to the dungeons to slit your throat and seal your corpse up behind a wall,” Littlefinger replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
  • Petyr Baelish lifted the crossbar and gestured Ned through. They stepped out into the ruddy glow of dusk, on a rocky bluff high above the river. “We’re outside the castle,” Ned said.“You are a hard man to fool, Stark,” Littlefinger said with a smirk. “Was it the sun that gave it away, or the sky? Follow me. There are niches cut in the rock. Try not to fall to your death, Catelyn would never understand.”
  • “Follow me, and try to look a shade more lecherous and a shade less like the King’s Hand. It would not do to have you recognized. Perhaps you could fondle a breast or two, just in passing.”
  • Inside, Catelyn was waiting. She cried out when she saw him, ran to him, and embraced him fiercely “My lady,” Ned whispered in wonderment.“Oh, very good,” said Littlefinger, closing the door. “You recognized her.”
  • Catelyn lifted her face, and Ned kissed her. Her maimed fingers clutched against his back with a desperate strength, as if to hold him safe forever in the shelter of her arms.“Would the lord and lady like the use of a bedchamber?” asked Littlefinger. “I should warn you, Stark, we usually charge for that sort of thing around here.”
  • “You have my thanks as well, Lord Baelish.”“Oh, now there’s a treasure,” Littlefinger said, exiting.
  • Littlefinger took his time saying his farewells. He kissed the black woman’s hand, whispered some joke that made her laugh aloud, and sauntered over to Ned. “Your business,” he said lightly, “or Robert’s? They say the Hand dreams the king’s dreams, speaks with the king’s voice, and rules with the king’s sword. Does that also mean you fuck with the king's—”“Lord Baelish,” Ned interrupted
  • “I know the secret Jon Arryn was murdered to protect. Robert will leave no trueborn son behind him. Joffrey and Tommen are Jaime Lannister’s bastards, born of his incestuous union with the queen.” Littlefinger lifted an eyebrow. “Shocking,” he said in a tone that suggested he was not shocked at all
  • Ned frowned. “You sit in council and talk of ugly women and steel kisses, and now you expect me to believe that you tried to protect the girl? How big a fool do you take me for?” “Well, quite an enormous one, actually,” said Littlefinger.

- Petyr being a smartass to Ned

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do you think ned loved catelyn? that was the impression i very much got from the books and the show. my friend disagrees though and says while cat clearly loves ned, ned doesn't love her as much as she does him in the books.

Ned loves Catelyn very much. He’s a family man through and through (well beyond the point of political utility), and his relationship with Catelyn is absolutely essential to that.

Cut for length.

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Why all the redheads in Jon’s life?

Now, the first two pictures we have Jon, who himself is staring ahead, looking at Sansa. His eyes were on Catelyn, now they’re on Sansa, because she’s asking Sansa where Arya is.

The third picture is Jon staring up at Cat as she glowers down at him. (I couldn’t find that picture of her.)

Now, moving on to my point.

Jon grew up in Winterfell, under the glowering gaze of Catelyn Stark. He always wanted her love, her affection. He hated that she looked down on him, because he was a bastard.

In the books, Jon detests ladies, women who wait for prince charming to rescue them. However, with Ygritte, he fell in love with her because of her soft side, but also because she was fierce. He liked her song singing, and her stories.

Sound familiar.

Jumping ahead, we’re talking about show only here.

When we get to castle black with Jon and Sam, discussing sex, Jon brings up a whore named Ros, that he almost had sex with. But, he didn’t, because he didn’t want to put a bastard in her belly. Sam asked what color hair she had. Jon said, “Red.”

Next, Yrgritte, of course. Jon’s wildling love. Red, fiery hair. What’s to say? He loved her spirit, but also, in the books, their relationship is different. He doesn’t like her at first, but, she worms her way into his heart. He is drawn to both her fierce personality, but also her soft side. The balance.

Next, Mel. She tried to seduce Jon in season 5. He turned her down because the memory of Ygritte was still potent, and fresh. So, he turned her away.

Last, Sansa.

Now, when Sansa first meets Jon at the wall, us who ship Jon and Sansa saw the instant spark between them. When they were sitting by the fire after coming in, we saw Jon staring at her. He stared at her A LOT in season 6.

Backtracking: Jon leaves Winterfell to make something of himself in the Nights Watch. I think to make Cat proud. To be something other than…’bastard.’ The ‘bastard’ of Winterfell. 

Also, Sansa only called him ‘half’ brother. That also used to wound him. 

In the books he detests ladies. Why? Well, because they’re something Jon knows he’ll never have. A bastard like him wouldn’t get a ‘lady’ from a great house. That wounds his pride. His ‘bastard’ status causes a rift between him and Sansa, and him and Cat. Sansa knows her mothers disdain for Jon, and copies it, thinking its the way she SHOULD view him.

Why redheads then? 

It’s because they remind him of the two women he couldn’t get to notice him. Cat only harbored feelings of contempt for Jon. Sansa ignored him. 

They are both ladies. 

Two people Jon knows he’ll never be ‘allowed’ to have.

In the first photo, Jon is staring at Sansa. Looking on as Cat asks her about Arya. 

Sansa is never around Jon. The first scene of her and Jon is in season 6. 

Jon is attracted to redheads, intimately, and sexually. Could the bastard of Winterfell have harbored ‘other’ feelings for his sister Sansa?

I don’t think so. 

Jon wanted respect and love from Cat. He also wants love and respect from Sansa. He already has respect, how about love? What love are you seeking, Jon Snow?

In season 6 we got a lot of staring at Sansa from Jon. I think it was a mix of figuring her out, and awe of how much she had changed. She had gone from lady Sansa, her nose stuck up at everybody… to, being hardened, fiery, passionate, steel. 

Jon I think, realizes what he wanted before. The love and respect of Sansa and Cat. Two ladies. Now, Sansa is back in his life, acting a lot like a duller version of Ygritte. A woman who fights with words, instead of a bow. 

Season 7: And he is looking at Sansa like this ^ almost wearily. 

Now, we saw this in Season 6 as well. Sansa grabbed Jon’s hand to get his attention, to get him to look at her, and listen. 

Season 7, when Sansa grabs Jon by his arm, and spins him to face her. He looks at her with an odd expression. Then, he looks down at her hand still on his arm. She’s also close, talking to him in an almost intimate fashion. 

He seems weary…almost like he wants to back away from her hold. 


Then, the crypts with LF. Jon seems on edge the entire time. He does not like Baelish. Not only for what Sansa told him about LF selling her to the Boltons. But, I think it’s something else as well. Something..I overlooked. I think Jon notices the way this man stares at his sister. LF doesn’t exactly do his best to hide it.

He hates Baelish, the look he gives him, is that of pure disdain. Could this all come from Sansa telling Jon about LF selling her to the Boltons? Well, good question. If it effected Jon THIS greatly, wouldn’t he have confronted Baelish about it at some point?

Baelish told him they had never spoken. 


I think it’s a mix of him selling Sansa, and Jon KNOWING what Baelish wants. 

He wants Sansa.

Baelish tells Jon he wants Sansa. That he loved her, as he loved Catelyn. That entails he wants to fuck her as well. He loves her as a man loves a woman. Needless to say, this enrages Jon. When he says he loves Sansa, we see the click of Jon’s head, as if he is really trying hard not to snap at Baelish. 



Now, coming to the end here. I think Jon might harbor some sort of ‘unbrotherly’ feelings towards Sansa. This reaction ^ was very over the top. Especially for Jon Snow. It takes a lot for him to snap. 

So, why redheads?

They symbolize everything he can’t have. Two ladies that ignored him. One is dead. The other, back in his life. Fierce. Forgiving. By his side. Protective of him. And he…well, he seems odd around her now, since Season 6. He’s a lot more aloof, closed off, doesn’t look at her for too long. Looks like he wants to cringe when she touches him. 

Let’s not forget this..

The lip look. I think this is where it clicked for Jon. The woman (one of them) that he wanted to show he was important to…is acknowledging his importance. Standing by his side. A lady. A fierce lady now. 

What I’m saying here…is that Jon always wanted to be Lord of Winterfell, he wants a wife as fierce, and loyal as Cat. Sansa. When he finds out his Targaryen lineage, he can have Sansa. Cause I also feel like she is starting to see Jon for who he is…

Brave, gentle, and strong.

We saw her hearteyes when she told him that he is good at ruling. We also saw her almost cry while seeing him off. Which Baelish noticed.

In conclusion:

Jon has always wanted to be a Stark, hes always wanted a strong, fierce, loyal woman. Someone like Cat. All his women stem from Cat. From wanting her respect and affection. 

Who could he marry?


Sansa- the woman who is his weakness. He said as much when he reacted to LF’s words. Sansa, a woman who tests him, gets under his skin, treats him as her equal, as he treats her. Sansa, who shares his values, especially in the books. They dream of children in Winterfell, of having kids that have the names of their lost siblings.

And…that is it.

Hope you enjoyed!

Maybe she managed to hide herself… She survived Crastor, and he was the worst shit I’ve ever met. She survived the long march to the Wall. She survived a White Walker for fuck’s sake!
She might have got out.

~Men of the Night’s Watch talking about Gilly’s odds of surviving the wildling sack of Mole’s Town.

For some reason this little talk the guys at Castle Black (which is turning into the zombie movie wrapped inside the fantasy film that is Game of Thrones) made me really happy.

Maybe because it’s one of the only times I recall the men in the show discussing a woman that didn’t involve sex. Not just that, but acknowledging that Gilly, soft spoken as she is, is tough as nails and resourceful.

Or maybe it was because it shut up Sam, who was busy making the probable death of a very nice girl and her infant son at the hands of cannibals all about him, and how he felt responsible.


Reason #11: Tyrion is “special” to Sansa — Why is it that Jon “didn’t ask!” 

Now, though we compared it (jokingly) to the other instances when men mention Sansa and Jon flips, Jon’s reaction to Tyrion isn’t *exactly* rage — what is more, his disposition towards Tyrion is quite positive *before* Tyrion unwittingly takes it one step too far in his talk about Sansa. 

When they first meet at the beach, Jon actually breaks out in a smile and shakes Tyrion’s hand, genuinely happy to see him. We can be sure that Jon knows all about Tyrion at that moment, at least everything that Sansa had shared about him and we know that she characterized Tyrion as “not like the others” and praised how kind he was. Even if she never said it out loud, she also implied to Jon that his being “kind” means he *never* touched her.

That alone makes Tyrion a good guy in Jon’s eyes. 

The scene with Theon next episode confirmed that Sansa’s safety and well-being takes such center stage in Jon’s ‘good books’ that he immediately forgave Theon’s betrayal of his brother, his entire family and the North. Due to that, we can assume that Jon *would* feel gratitude towards Tyrion for treating his sister well when he would have had every opportunity (and the legal right) to do the opposite.

So…when Tyrion does broach the “subject” - hoping to resolve whatever doubt Jon might have about his honourable treatment of Sansa - he is rebuffed with something that can only be described as ‘gruff rudeness’ by Jon. 

“I didn’t ask.” 

And this only broke out of Jon the moment Tyrion showed a little *too* much interest in Sansa. 

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