Spoiler Room: Scoop on Supergirl

Is there anything you can share about Winn’s new relationship on Supergirl? — Gaia

As I teased on Superhero Insider, it sounds like Winn and Lyra are in it for the long haul. After all, Winn does have a tendency to be drawn strong fierce femmes, which comes with its drawbacks. “In our world strong-willed women and women who are powerful in their own ways tend to have other things going on, so we find out that there are secrets,” Jeremy Jordan teases. “But for the first few episodes that we see Winn and Lyra, it’s more about discovering how their relationship fits into this new world that we’re discovering on Supergirl.”

books i’ve read in 2017 (jan-march)

documenting again!

1. whatever happened to interracial love by kathleen collins

2. manual for a cleaning lady by lucia berlin

3. a jar of wild flowers, a tribute to john berger

4. paterson by william carlos williams

5. night sky with exit wounds by ocean vuong

6. the tongue of adam by abdel kilito

7. fierce femmes and notorious liars by kai cheng thom

8. something bright, then holes by maggie nelson

9. a little life by hanya yanagihara 

10. community garden for lonely girls by christine shan shan hou

11. writing by marguerite duras

12. ways of seeing john berger

tell me what you’re reading and what i should be reading!

“Masculinity continues to hold power, even in queer women’s spaces. But butch and femme have never been simple binary categories. Hollibaugh writes about how it is impossible to desire things one is unable to imagine. More femme visibility as imagined by new generations of femmes raise the possibility of breaking through lazy short-cuts about femininity and masculinity, making space for a fierce femme future.” -anonymous

“The basic narrative outlines femme lesbians as the feminine counterpart to the masculine butch lesbian, performing a mimicry of heterosexual relation dynamics. To put it bluntly, it’s a simple construction to answer the question, “So, who is the guy in your relationship?””

 sorry I forgot that my butch/femme relationship was only a mimicry of a Real Rwelaionship

BOLD what applies to your muse
I’ve italicized the things that pertain to her modern verse.


Long legs.  Short legs.   Average legs.   Slender thighs.  Thick thighs.   Muscular thighs.   Skinny arms.   Soft arms.   Muscular arms.   Toned stomach.   Flat stomach.   Flabby Stomach.   Soft stomach.   Six-pack.   Beer belly.   Lean frame.   Beefy/muscular frame.   Voluptuous frame  . Petite frame ( 5 ft 4 or shorter ).   Lanky frame.   Short nails.   Long nails.   Manicured nails.   Dirty nails.   Flat butt.   Toned butt.   Bubble butt.   Thick butt.   Small waist.   Thick waist.   Narrow hips.   Average hips.   Wide hips.   Big feet.   Average feet.   Small feet.   Soft feet.   Slender feet.   Calloused hands.   Soft hands.   Big hands.   Average hands.   Small hands.   Long fingers.   Short fingers.   Average fingers.   Broad shoulder.   Underweight.   Average weight.   Overweight.

HEIGHT  ( click here to convert to feet ).

Shorter than 140 cm.   141 cm-150 cm.   151 cm to 160 cm.   161 cm to 170 cm.   171 cm to 180cm.   181 cm to 190 cm.   191 cm to 2m.   Taller than 2 m.


Pale.   Rosy.   Olive.   Dark.   Tanned. Freckles.  Blotchy.   Smooth.   Acne.   Dry.   Greasy.   Soft.


Small.   Large.   Average.   Grey.   Brown.   Blue.   Green.   Gold.   Hazel.   Doe-eyed.   Almond.   Close-set.   Wide-set.   Squinty.   Monolid.   Heavy eyelids.   Upturned.   Downturned.


Thin.   Thick.   Fine.   Normal.   Greasy.   Dry.   Soft.   Shiny.   Curly.   Frizzy.   Wild.   Unruly.   Straight.   Smooth.   Wavy.   Floppy.   Cropped.   Pixie-cut.   Shoulder length.   Back length.   Waist length.   Buzz cut.   Bald.   Jaw length.   Mohawk.   White.   Platinum blonde.   Golden blonde.   Dirty blonde.   Blondette.   Ombre.   Light brown.   Mouse brown.   Chestnut brown.   Chocolate brown.   Dark brown.   Jet black.   Ginger.   Auburn.   Dyed red.   Dyed any “unnatural color”.   Thin eyebrows.  Average eyebrows.   Thick eyebrows.


Half Sleeve. Full sleeve.   Thigh tattoo.   Neck tattoo.   Chest tattoo. Back tattoo.  One tattoo.   A few here and there.   Multiple.  No tattoo.   Monroe piercing.   Nose piercing.   Septum.   Nipple piercing(s).   Genital piercing(s).   Industrial piercings.   Earlobe piercing.   Prince Albert piercing.   Eyebrow piercing(s).   Tongue piercing(s).   Lip piercing(s).   Tragus piercing.   Angelbites.   Labret.   Stretches out ears.   Navel piercing.   Inverse navel piercing.   Cheek piercing(s).   Smiley.   Nape piercing(s).


Eyeliner.   Light eyeliner.   Heavy eyeliner.   Cat eyes.   Mascara.   Fake eyelashes.   Matte lipstick.   Regular lipstick.   Lipgloss.   Red lips.   Pink lips.   Dark lips.   Bronzer.   Highlighter.   Eyeshadow.   Neutral eyeshadow.   Smoky eyes.   Colorful eyeshadow.   Blush.   Lipliner.   Light contouring.   Heavy contouring.   Powder.   Matte foundation.   Shiny foundation.   Concealer.   Wears make up regularly.  Wears it from time to time.   Never wears make-up.    


Essential Oils. Floral.   Fruity.   Perfumes (  if you go into lush and smell their lust scent, that’s what lira smells like ).  Aftershave.   Cocoa.   Shampoo.   Cigarettes.   Leather.   Sweat.   Food.   Incense.   Marijuana.   Cologne. Earth.   Whiskey.   Wine.   Fried food.   Blood.


Jeans.   Tight pants.   Overknee socks.   Tights.   Leggings.   Yogapants.   Pencil skirt.   Tight skirt.  Loose skirt.   Tight/formfitting dress.   Cardigans.   Blouse.   Button up shirt.   Band-T-shirt.   Sports t-shirt.  Sweatpants.   Tank-top.   Fur.   Faux fur.   Leather.   Designer.   High street.   Online stores.  Thrift.   Lingerie.   Long skirt.   Miniskirt.   Maxi dress.   Sundress.   Tie.   Tuxedo.   Cocktail dress.   High slit dress/skitr.   T-shirt.   Loose clothing.   Tight clothing.   Jean shorts.   Sweater.   Sweater vest.   Khaki pants.   Suit.   Hoodie.   Harlem pants.   Basketball shorts.   Boxers.   Briefs.   Thong.   Shorts.  Hipster panties.   Bra.   Sportsbra.   Crop top.   Corset.   Ballerina skirt.   Leotard.   Polka dot.   Stripes.   Glitter.   Silk.   Lace.   Leather.   Velvet.   Chemise.   Patterns.   Florals.   Neon colors.   Pastels.   Black.   Dark colors.


Sneakers.   Slip-ons.   Flats.   Slippers.   Sandals.   High heels.   Kitten heels.   Ankle boots.   Combat boots.   Knee-high boots.   Platforms.   Stripper heels.   Bare feet.   Loafers.   Oxfords.   Gladiator shoes.   Neon colors.   Pastels.   Black.  Dark colors.   Nike.   Adidas.

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naofa-geimhreadh  asked:

So if your wife was sexually dominant, would you be down for that? And I don't mean a little, I mean full on, fierce, femme fatale, absolute control, "You're my bitch and you exist to serve me and you will love it" dominant. Would you like that?

Is it a Roleplay or she like that 24/7?
The Truth About Femmephobia
"I’ve come to realize something: there is intense femmephobia within queer communities.."

July Westhale, femme lesbian,  argues eloquently for the right of anyone to express their “femme” side:

“Fierce femme identity, to me, is a purposefully blurry entity unto itself, and I think there is something gorgeously radical in that ambiguity. I can tell you what femme does not mean with a bit more ease: femme identity is not especially rooted in physical appearance—to qualify as a glorious femme, you do not need to wear heels, glittery eye shadow, garters, or stockings, nor do you need to date butches or masculine-of-center folks, or any other such limiting nonsense. Though glitter, dresses, makeup, bowties, and thigh-high cheetah print boots are my current fierce femme M.O., one of the wonderful aspects of femme identity is that it is inclusive and embracing of femmes with all kinds of styles, abilities, desires, tastes, backgrounds, and preferences.”

I would add that you will find femmes among straight cis women as well, among cis men, and – of course – among trans women. I have even been in touch with femme trans men.  It is time for us all to open our minds to the diversity of gender expressions.


Mikasa Ackerman - Sailor Mars/Mikasa

Cosplayer: Jenna K.

Designed by: Kim B. & Kayla M.

Our Mikasa is played by the incredible Jenna.  For our Beyond the Northern Wall set we wanted to take Mikasa out of her comfort zone a little but keep her the fierce femme fatale that she is.  you’ll notice that some of the 3D maneuvering gear straps are painted on.  This is to make it easier for our dancers to move around unhindered.  As many AoT cosplayers know, those straps can make it really difficult to do certain things and we wanted to avoid any mishaps on stage.  

Our take on Sailor Mars is vintage and ready to wear.  We kept Mikasa’s iconic scarf color as her sailor scout color.  Some home sewn bows, simple knee highs, and painted character shoes tied this sailor scout look together.

If you’ve seen our Beyond the Northern Wall performance from Anime Expo 2015 (click here if you haven’t) you’ll notice that at one point Mikasa realizes she is wearing gloves and is just disgusted.  We gave Jenna the freedom to perform Mikasa’s abduction into the Sailor Scouts as she thought Mikasa would and she nailed it.