fierce lady warriors

So I’m madly in love with Diana. Fierce powerful lady warrior who also loves ice cream and babies and cares SO MUCH and is so full of hope and idealism and then bad shit happens and makes her question all of her beliefs about the goodness of humanity. But does she become hard and cynical after she loses her innocence? Hell no!! She’s all the stronger for it! She’s still full of love and compassion! She still believes the world and humanity are worth saving!!!!

Aaaahhhh I love her so much

My favorite thing right now is contemplating the Summer Society, aka monster-hunting club half-assedly masquerading as rec sports club even though everybody knows that they’re supposed to be the ones protecting campus.

I mean, on one hand they are absolutely a fierce band of warrior ladies with a proud old tradition and mysterious solstice rituals and like passed-down runic scrolls and weapons and shit, but on the other hand they are absolutely a gaggle of dumb puppy half-hungover girljock college kids flailing around in racerback tanks and sporty sunglasses.

Case in point:

“…do you even know what that thing is” *furious page flipping*“WHAT OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT IT IS I’VE GOT THIS” ggrrrrAAARRRGGHHH “IT’S COOL EVERYTHING’S UNDER CONTROL IT’S FINE”

“The west dorms are on fire.” “We  totally planned that.”

“Are those tentacles coming out of the ground?” “NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!” /shoves a spear in the sewer grate

“Stacey please I have midterm tomorrow!” “Jennifer there is a kelpie in this golf course pond and you are NOT going home until you put on that snorkel and FIND it, sO HELP ME GOD.”