fierce lady warriors

i know daisy’s talked about it in interviews before but like…can you imagine how utterly INTIMIDATING it must be to film those scenes w adam? when i went to disney world and met kylo ren (obviously not adam) i was fearful as fuck and almost backed out even though i love the character. but just…she had to fight him, , and he was this 6'5 giant wearing all black with a red lightsaber,, not to mention he was IN CHARACTER as this warlord of wrath and destruction and she just,,, had to be this fierce little warrior lady and act like she wasn’t TERRIFIED and merely just pissed. i’d shit myself, probably.

honestly fuck anyone who says they aren’t at least a little intimidated by his physical appearance. how??? how could you not be at least slightly terrified?? i love adam driver and kylo ren and tbh,,,, that’s scary,,, (in a…hot way?)

My favorite thing right now is contemplating the Summer Society, aka monster-hunting club half-assedly masquerading as rec sports club even though everybody knows that they’re supposed to be the ones protecting campus.

I mean, on one hand they are absolutely a fierce band of warrior ladies with a proud old tradition and mysterious solstice rituals and like passed-down runic scrolls and weapons and shit, but on the other hand they are absolutely a gaggle of dumb puppy half-hungover girljock college kids flailing around in racerback tanks and sporty sunglasses.

Case in point:

“…do you even know what that thing is” *furious page flipping*“WHAT OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT IT IS I’VE GOT THIS” ggrrrrAAARRRGGHHH “IT’S COOL EVERYTHING’S UNDER CONTROL IT’S FINE”

“The west dorms are on fire.” “We  totally planned that.”

“Are those tentacles coming out of the ground?” “NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!” /shoves a spear in the sewer grate

“Stacey please I have midterm tomorrow!” “Jennifer there is a kelpie in this golf course pond and you are NOT going home until you put on that snorkel and FIND it, sO HELP ME GOD.”

anonymous asked:

Hey BK! Are you tired of the "Lend Me Some Sugar" universe? If so, please ignore, but if not -- I was wondering if you ever thought Emma would come to meet Mary-Margaret and David in that world?

I am absolutely never tired of that universe

Maybe Mary Margaret is another doctor at the hospital Killian works at - and on nights when Emma is up late working on a case or when she falls asleep face down on the table again and forgets to eat, Mary Margaret feeds Killian after his shift and gives him a little tupperware container for Emma as well. And Emma loves it because David makes the best freaking tomato soup on the planet and sometimes they babysit the little nugget so Emma and Killian can go and have a date night, aka go back to their apartment and have a lot of slow, soft, languid sex that lasts for hours. And they show up at David and MM’s with big grins and crazy hair and probably hickeys on their necks and scoop up the baby and take him home and read stories about pirates and adventures and fierce warrior ladies that save the world. 

Ooh or maybe they live in the apartment beneath them, and they have been silently shipping it for years, listening to them climb out on the fire escape and dance to Ella in the kitchen and yell at each other about stupid shit - and then that one day they hear a thump and the bed a rocking and they cackle and exchange cash because David was totally right and there was no way they were making it to after the holiday to finally bang.