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|| Hello there!! Okay basically every manga of Owari no Seraph has on the last pages an introduction of some characters made by Kagami sensei and since my last post got so many notes and it seemed to be appreaciated, I am not sure if there is somewhere on the web the translation of these three pages too, but in Owari no Seraph vol.8 I found these and I wanna share once again with you all the introductions of these three characters: Guren, Sayuri and Shigure with the partecipation of Shinya and Goshi as guests who keep butting in and Guren is so done I JUST LOVE THE CRACK INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THEM.

I am not a pro translator but I have much fun translating things and I did my best to translate them from Italian, only changing some words because of course some things that in Italian sounds good in English it didn’t sound as well. I apologise in advance for any mistake you might find in here!

P.s. thank you again @littlxlamb for the help with English!!


Guren Icinonse

How come Guren Ichinose’s career- a man who should be considered the hero who saved humanity- only reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel?

Shinya: “Isn’t that because he has a bad personality?”

Guren: “Eh?”

Goshi: “He also has a threatening look.”

Guren: “I’m warning you, I don’t have time to waste to keep up with your nonsense…”

Shinya: “Aside from everything else, apparently he cannot move up because he was caught stealing high school girls’ panties…”

Goshi: “Eh?! Really?! Guren you idiot, are you trying to make me envious?! When you go to steal, invite me too next time!”

Guren: “That’s enough! Go away you two!”

Goshi: “But in the end what’s your rank now?”

Guren: “Eh?”

Goshi: “Rank! Your rank!”

Guren: “If you look at the badge(pin) you can get it:”

Goshi: “Come on! Tell me!”

Guren: “Lieutenant…”

Goshi: “I’m a colonel!”

Shinya: “I’m a Major General!”

Guren: “So what?”

Goshi: “Be polite with me!”

Shinya: “Get me some coffee man!”

Guren: “Do you want me to kill you?”

Anyways, Guren will never move up from his current rank. After the world’s destruction the Japanese Imperial Demon Army wouldn’t have survived without his help, but he is mistreated because of the centuries-old relationship which connetcs the Hiiragi and Ichinose - that are respectively the main branch and the cadet one of the family - of the two big religious organizations.

Sayuri Hanayori

Actually Sayuri is one of the heroines in the novels who appears in the cover dressed as a high school girl. Right now she’s 24, like Guren. In the story, before the destruction of the world she goes to Shibuya, commanded by the Hiragii family and she makes every possible effort to protect Guren -her Master- as his bodyguard. She’s a member of the prestigious Hanayori family, at the service of the Ichinose clan. 

She’s described as a brave sixteen-year-old girl in love, but in the manga she has matured to the point of taking care of Yuu and the others’ education. However, I have the impression that in front of Guren she shows her usual expression of a little girl. Cooking is her speciality. In the drawings made by Yamamoto sensei she has a big chest. When you think about it she’s the perfect girl, yet in the story of the novels the most terrible of the heroines comes on scene - that is Mahiru Hiiragi, Shinoa’s big sister - therefore for Sayuri it’s really hard. Who knows if in the end her love is not going to pay her off?

Goshi: “Exactly, forget about that idiot Guren and choose me!”

Sayuri: “Yesterday you told Yuki the same or am I wrong?”

Goshi: “Ah maybe… But actually you’d better all choose me! I don’t have strange ideas about saving the world like Guren.”

Sayuri: “…”

Goshi: “In addition to that, he’s possessed by a demon and he’s always at the mercy of his frightful ex.”

Sayuri: “…”

Goshi: “Anyways don’t you think it’s ridiculous Guren is still at the mercy of his first love? Basically he’s like a virgin. He got back to be a virgin. Actually, from now on I’ll call him cherry boy…”

Guren: “Oi Goshi! You again?! This is not your introduction!”
Goshi: “Oh! Here it is the cherry boy”
Sayuri: “Ah Guren-sama! I well, I think Guren-sama is pretty even if he’s a cherry boy.”
Guren: “Shut up you!”

Since they faced many adventures together even before the end of the world, the members of Guren’s squad are all very close.

Shigure Yukimi

She’s part of Guren’s personnel body guard, just like Sayuri. She’s a member of the prestigious Yukimi family, at the service of the Ichinose clan. Sayuri calls her “Yuki”. Both of them were raised in the view to become Guren’s bodyguards since they were children. She loves Guren fiercely just like Sayuri and she would kill anyone who would offend her Master without blinking an eye. Born in a family specialised in magic used for secret weapons, she carries some of them with her even though the cursed gears have been improved. Like Sayuri she’s one of the worthy people who tried her hardest to found the Japanese Imperial Demon Army after the end of the world, but since she’s part of the entourage of the Ichinose clan, she has a low rank.

Goshi: “But if you became my bodyguard you could make a career right away…”

Shigure: “I’m not interested…”

Goshi: “But if you made a career…”

Shigure: “I’m not interested in a career; nor you.“

Goshi: “And Guren?”

Shigure: “Guren-sama?!”

Goshi: “Guren is too spoiled from his bodyguards!!”

Shinya: “It’s fine, I don’t spoil him. Well then, Guren…”

Guren: “…”

Shinya: “My coffee…”

Guren: “That’s enough! Get lost you two!”

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