fierce heels

I’m alive! Boy it took a long time. Sorry about that. I want to thank everyone who has stuck with me and encouraged me, especially @dianaflynn22 for poking me. I’m not even close to finish with this story (or the rest) and will getting down to it. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks!

Chapter 9 - Reality Check

“Bastian!” Echoed across the vast grand room from the ornate doorway. The man at the head of the conference table visibly cringed at the sound of her piercing voice. She may not have said it loudly, but all the same, it commanded everyone’s attention. Next came the sound of her sharp heels, clicking fiercely on the marble floor as she marched towards him. She stopped abruptly in front of his Highness Bastian Frederic Mellark the III and threw a pile of newspapers and magazines in front of him.

“Your son is a complete disgrace. He’s a stain on the family name and this is all your fault for being so indulgent with his whims. You need to fix this now.”

“Well darling, he’s your son too if you can recall. Why don’t you go and deal with it. If you haven’t noticed, I’m busy a the moment so I can’t just go off looking for our prodigal son. Besides, let the boy be a boy. He needs to work it out of his system,” her husband answered her, calm as could be. Clearly he was used to her many outbursts.

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  • someone: how'd you sprain your ankle?
  • me: six straight hours of antm inspired me to put on my highest heels and practice my runway walk then i tripped over a cat toy.