fierce gladiator award winner



Girl you are indeed a fierce Gladiator because of all that you do on your blog to keep we Gladiators and Sister Wives in the know regarding all things Scandal. We love the way you keep us up to date on everything from cast interviews, promos and sneek peaks, Olivia Pope’s designer fashions, and we love how you create such thoughtful and inquisitive posts on Scandal plots and story lines and then encourage the Gladiators to sound off and to always remember that…

Our girl Chioma, was born and raised in the boogie down Bronx, just like our beloved Kerry. She still resides in NYC because the city has her heart, it’s her better half and the energy and vibe of NYC is where it’s at (as a fellow NYC native, I gots to agree with you Chioma girl).

Outside of Scandal Chioma’s other obsession is reading and is a self professed bookworm, who loves to hang in Barnes and Noble. As a young Nigerian-American woman who has much passion and pride for her roots, Chioma aspires to someday  be at the helm of a non-profit organization spearheading change in education and lifestyle in West Africa.  

I was lucky enough to be able to pick lovely Chioma’s brain and chit chat all things SCANDAL…enjoy the read.

1. What or who led you to watch Scandal?

This is such a great question. This is like where you were when Scandal aired, right? I remember buying Essence magazine with Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes and Judy Smith on the cover going yes, Shonda has a new show…and Kerry Washington is in it! Then I remember watching the TV Guide YouTube video with the cast thinking to myself, “I must watch this show!” But I have to give credit glory to my amazing sister who started going on and on about how fast the characters talk, the chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, and the swag that is Columbus Short! True story! I was like damn work for making me miss out on the first episode live but praise DVR. I watched and I realized this was it! My first live episode that I saw was “Hell Hath No Fury” and I haven’t looked back since.

2. When did you know that you were not just a fan of Scandal but that you were in fact a Gladiator?

What pushed me to create my tumblr page was what Harrison said to Olivia in Hell Hath No Fury - I love my job. I was like I love this show! This is a great Scandal moment! True story! 

Then I discovered the magical place that is Tumblr (where you and many great Gladiators reached out to me) and Twitter (where Josie and Veronica reached out to me). It felt good to have people to talk to who also shared the same love for Scandal. I loved every Gladiator out there because you all made the experience fun and memorable from the gifs to the insightful analysis. I’m much appreciative of how Scandal allows me to escape for just a little bit from my day to day grind. And I haven’t looked back since!

3. Who is your favorite character on Scandal?

Olivia Pope hands down is my favorite Scandal character. It’s an Olivia Pope world and we all just live in it. I love how she rules in her professional life -she’s strong, she’s assertive, her swag, her confidence, her persona, and then in her personal life it’s just sighs. Her connection with Fitz is mind blowing. It’s so deep. That moment in the Oval Office from “Sweet Baby” had me going on about that there’s much more going on here that meets the eye. Then when “The Trail” came on and “Hi” happened and all the amazing flashbacks occurred, I said this woman is IT! I love how Lyn Paolo has used clothes to add onto Olivia from her Gladiator Armor - the white jacket - to her Prada bags. I just love how clothes tell a story not just with Olivia but with every character from Harrison’s suits to Fitz’s pin to Abby’s scarf fetish to Huck’s plaid shirts to Mellie’s pearls to Olivia’s heels. That strut with “It’s handled” is a definite memorable Olivia Pope moment. I love how when Olivia wears her hair with bangs it means flashbacks. So long story short, Olivia Pope gets my vote on favorite Scandal character!

4. We all love Scandal for its juicy dialogue, one liners and monologues, what is your favorite one liner or monologue from the show and why?

“Hi” resonates with me each time. I loved how it has become an Olitz thing. I loved the meaning, the depth, and warmth behind “Hi.” The last “Hi” from “A Woman Scorned” was a fresh start. It was so honest and open. I’ll never forget when Josie tweeted “Don’t start that mess again” last season when “Hi” happened during live tweeting. I love when “Hi” was a top trend THIS season.

Favorite monologue goes to Cyrus Rutherford Beene’s epic “You’re ticking sir” moment in the Oval. Jeff Perry simply owns it as Cyrus Beene each and every time. 

Favorite one-liner goes to to Harrison Wright’s “You do want to be a Gladiator in a suit? You gotta say it.” (I love how this line has become what we all call ourselves. I love how Gladiator has become a thing at OPA. Not even David Rosen could get it right - “Gladiators in Helmets, right?”) This is why I had it in my blog’s banner which was what created by the amazingly creative genius Amira! Love her craft!

5. Olitz…what are your thoughts?

I want Olitz to be. They’re IT for each other. Things get resolved and handled when they’re on the same page. I want Olitz to be a team and conquer everything head on. When they’re apart it’s a mess for everyone all around but when they’re together, things get shut down with ease. I’m ready for all the writers and Shonda has in store for us.

6. Who do you think is the mole?

Since there’s a spoiler that we will get shocked by who the mole is associated with I wanted to say that person is Harrison based off what Columbus Short had said in an interview with Windy City. Naw what am I thinking? Harrison isn’t that type of person. He’s been loyal to Olivia like no other. So nope to that speculation! LOL! I want the mole to be Sally and she’s working with Billy who’s not really dead…and Hollis! Hollis has been missing in action. Where is this man?? I could be wrong. I could be right. I’m prepared to have my mind blown completely!

7. Do you have a favorite Olivia Pope ensemble?

Lyn Paolo and Kerry Washington have such a great love and appreciation for fashion. One thing I loved from day one is how Olivia didn’t dress that part as a female power player in Washington, D.C. She wore soft colors and she wore a lot of white. I love what Lyn and Kerry bring to Olivia Pope. I have THREE favorite Olivia Pope ensembles. I LOVE her Tory Burch white trench coat for the strut she does as she says “It’s handled.” That amazing white Calvin Klein gown she wore in “Hell Hath No Fury” and that look Fitz gave her gets me each time. Her black and white Escada dress she wore in “Boom Goes The Dynamite.” But since you want me to pick just ONE, I’ll go back to the white Tory Burch trench. It’s her Gladiator Armor, her call to gladiate piece. I loved when it reappeared in season two. This jacket started it all for Olivia Pope fashion as we all know it.

8. What are your predictions for season 3 story lines?

Harrison’s back story is going to blow us all away. There’s a reason much hasn’t been said about Harrison right? That is what I am most looking forward to in season 

I’m ready for Columbus Short to shut it down in season, I’m ready for what will happen for Olitz, OPA, and the White House., will we ever see more of Alissa, Tom, Morris, James and Mary in season 3? I’m looking forward to seeing more of Baby Ella and James scenes. I want to know more about Olivia especially from the moment she meet Cyrus. There’s something there, right?